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PoliticalFamilyTree.com -- SAMPLE --American Religious Leaders, Part I

(Family trees as of March 2008)

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Marbury (Hutchinson), Anne of RI 1591-1643 (religious non-conformist; helped found Providence, Rhode Island)

Williams, Roger of RI 1603-1684 (religious dissenter; founder Providence, Rhode Island)

Mather, Increase of MA 1639-1723 (Puritan president of Harvard College)

Penn II, William of PA 1644-1717 (Quaker founder of Pennsylvania)

Edwards, Jonathan of CT 1703-1758 (theologian president of College of New Jersey; leader of Great Awakening)

Carroll, John of MD 1735-1815 (1st Catholic Bishop/Arch-Bishop in America; founder of Georgetown College)

Lee, Ann of NY 1736-1784 (founder, United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearance or Shakers)

Young, Brigham of UT 1801-1877 (led Mormons to Utah; president & prophet)

Smith II, Joseph of NY/IL 1806-1844 (founder, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints or Mormons)

Baker (Glover) (Patterson) (Eddy), Mary Anne Morse of NH 1821-1910 (founder of Christian Scientists)

Bryan, William Jennings of NE 1860-1925 (progressive political leader; US Secretary of State; fundamentalist opponent of evolution theory)

Sunday II, William Ashley "Billy" of IA 1862-1935 (evangelical Christian preacher; supporter of Prohibition; opponent of evolution theory)

Kennedy (Semple) (McPherson) (Hutton), Aimee Elizabeth of CA 1890-1944

Muhammed (born Poole), Elijah of GA (1897-1975) (founder, Nation of Islam sect or Black Muslims)

Hubbard, Lafayette Ron of NE 1911-86 (founder of Church of Scientology)

Graham III, William Franklin “Billy” of NC 1918- (evangelical preacher; spiritual advisor to U.S. Presidents)

Roberts, Granville Oral of OK 1918- (Pentacostal preacher in tents & on radio/TV; founder Oral Roberts University)

O’Connor, John of PA 1920-2000; (1st Catholic Cardinal in United States; social & political activist)

Robertson, Marion Gordon "Pat" (1930-); (founder Christian Broadcasting Network & Christian Coalition political group)

Falwell, Jerry Lamon of VA 1933-2007 (Baptist televangelist; founder of Liberty University & Moral Majority political movement)

King III, Martin Luther of GA 1929-1968 (Civil Rights leader; non-violent philosophy)