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PoliticalFamilyTree.com -- SAMPLE--2007-08 Candidates for 2008 U.S President

(Family trees as of March 2008)

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Democratic Party

Republican Party

Biden III, Joseph Robinette of DE & VP CandidateBrownback, Samuel Dole of KSNader, Ralph
Clinton, Hilary Rodham of NYGilmore III, James Stuart of VA 
Dodd, Christopher John of CTGiuliani, Rudolph William Louis “Rudi” of NY 
Edwards, Johnny Reid “John” of NCHuckabee, Mike of AR 
Gravel, Maurice Robert “Mike” of AKHunter I, Duncan Lee of CA 
Kucinich, Dennis John of OHMcCain IV, John Sidney of AZ and his VP Running Mate Heath (Palin), Sarah Louise 
Obama II, Barack Hussein of IL, Paul, Ronald Ernest “Ron” of TX 
Richardson IV, William Blaine of NMRomney, Willard Mitt of MA 
Vilsack, Thomas James of IAThompson, Fred Dalton of TN 
 Thompson, Tommy George of WI