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PoliticalFamilyTree.com -- SAMPLE--U.S. Presidential Losing Candidates

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Adams II, John of MA 1789, 1792, 1800 (Federalist)

Clinton, George of NY 1792, 1808 (Old Republican)

Jefferson, Thomas of VA 1796 (Old Republican)

Pinckney I, Thomas of SC 1796 (Federalist)

Burr, Aaron of NY 1800 (Old Republican)

Pinckney II, Charles Cotesworth of SC 1800, 1804 (Federalist)

Jay, John of NY 1800 (Federalist)

Clinton, DeWitt of NY 1812 (Federalist)

King, Rufus of MA 1816 (Federalist)

Adams III, John Quincy of MA 1820, 1828 (National Republican)

Jackson II, Andrew of TN 1824 (Democrat Republican)

Crawford, William Harris of GA 1824 (Democrat Republican)

Clay I, Henry of KY 1824, 1832, 1844 (National Republican/Whig)

Floyd III, John of VA 1832 (National Republican)

Wirt, William of VA 1832 (Anti-Masonic)

Harrison, William Henry of IN 1836 (Whig)

White, Hugh Lawson of MS 1836 (Whig)

Webster, Daniel of NH 1836 (Whig)

Mangum II, Willie Person of NC 1836 (Whig)

Van Buren, Martin of NY 1840, 1848 (Democrat/Free Soil)

Birney II, James Gillespie of KY 1844 (Liberty)

Cass I, Lewis of MI 1848 (Democrat)

Smith, Gerrit of NY(1848, 1852, 1856 (Liberty)

Scott, Winfield Mason of VA 1852 (Whig)

Hale II, John Parker of NH 1852 (Free Soil)

Fremont, John Charles of CA 1856 (Whig)

Fillmore, Millard of NY 1856 (American-No Nothing)

Douglas II, Stephen Arnold of IL 1860 (Democrat)

Breckinridge, John Cabell of KY 1860 (Southern Democrat)

Bell, John of TN 1860 (Constitutional Union)

McClellan II, George Brinton of NJ 1864 (Democrat)

Seymour, Horatio of NY 1868 (Democrat)

Greeley, Horace of NY 1872 (Liberal Republican & Democrat)

O’Conor, Charles 1872 (Bourbon or Straight-Out Democrat)

Tilden, Samuel Jones of NY 1876 (Democrat)

Cooper, Peter of NY 1876 (Greenback-Labor)

Smith, Green Clay of KY 1876 (Prohibition)

Hancock, Winfield Scott of PA 1880 (Democrat)

Weaver, James Baird of IA 1880, 1892 (Greenback-Labor/Populist)

Dow, Neal S. of ME 1880 (Prohibition)

Blaine, James Gillespie of ME 1884 (Republican)

Butler, Benjamin Franklin 1884 (Greenback-Anti-Monopoly)

St. John, John Pierce of KS 1884 (Prohibition)

Cleveland, Stephen Grover of NY 1888

Fisk, Clinton Bowen of NY 1888 (Prohibition)

Harrison, Benjamin of OH 1892 (Republican)

Bidwell, John of CA 1892 (Prohibition)

Bryan, William Jennings of NE 1896, 1900 (Democrat)

Palmer I, John McAuley of IL 1896 (National Democrat)

Debs, Eugene Victor of IN 1900, 1904, 1908, 1912, 1920 (Socialist)

Barker, Wharton of PA 1900 (Populist)

Parker, Alton Brooks of NY 1904 (Democrat)

Watson, Thomas Edward of GA 1904 (Populist)

Taft, William Howard of OH 1912 (Republican)

Roosevelt II, Theodore of NY 1912 (Progressive/Bull Moose)

Hughes, Charles Evans of NY 1916 (Republican)

Hanly, James Franklin of IN 1916 (Prohibition)

Cox I, James Middleton of OH 1920 (Democrat)

Davis II, John William of WV 1924 (Democrat)

LaFollette I, Robert Marion of WI 1924 (Progressive)

Smith III, Alfred Emmanuel of NY 1928 (Democrat)

Hoover, Herbert Clark of IA 1932 (Republican)

Upshaw, William David of GA 1932 (Prohibition)

Landon, Alfred Mossman of KS 1936 (Republican)

Willkie, Lewis Wendell of IN 1940 (Republican)

Dewey, Thomas Edmund of NY 1944, 1948 (Republican)

Thurmond I, James Strom of SC 1948 (States Rights)

Wallace III, Henry Agard of IA 1948 (Progressive)

Stevenson I, Adlai Ewing of IL 1952, 1956 (Democrat)

Andrews I, Thomas Coleman 1956 (States Rights)

Nixon, Richard Milhous of CA 1960 (Republican)

Goldwater II, Barry Morris of AZ 1964 (Republican)

Humphrey, Hubert Horatio of MN 1968 (Democrat)

Wallace IV, George Corley of AL 1968 (American Independent)

McGovern, George Stanley of SD 1972 (Democrat)

Ford, Gerald Rudolph of MI 1976 (Republican)

McCarthy, Eugene Joseph of MN 1976 (Independent)

Carter II, James Earl of GA 1980 (Democrat)

Anderson, John Bayard of IL 1980 (Independent)

Mondale, Walter Frederick of MN 1984 (Democrat)

Dukakis, Michael Stanley of MA 1988 (Democrat)

Bush, George Herbert Walker of TX 1992 (Republican)

Perot I, Henry Ross of TX 1992, 1996 (Independent/Reform)

Dole, Robert Joseph of KS 1996 (Republican)

Gore II, Albert Arnold of TN 2000 (Democrat)

Nader, Ralph of CT 2000, 2004, 2008 (Green/Independent-Reform)

Buchanan, Patrick Joseph of DC 2000 (Reform)

Kerry, John Forbes of MA 2004 (Democrat)

McCain IV, John Sidney of AZ 2008 (Republican)