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PoliticalFamilyTree.com -- SAMPLE--U.S. Economic Leaders, Part II

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Bush, Vannevar of MA (inventor of S-tube gaseous rectifier; scientific advisor to US Presidents)

Carver, George Washington of AL (inventor of products from peanuts & other crops)

Colt, Samuel of RI (firearm inventor/manufactuer)

Cooper, Peter of NY (inventor of steam locomotive/cloth, glue, & iron manufacturer)

Curtiss, Glenn of NY (aeroplane designer/manufacturer)

Deere, John of IL (inventor/manufacturer of steel plow)

De Forest, Lee of IA (inventor of audion radio tube and Phonofilm; radio broadcasts)

Eastman II, George of NY (inventor/manufacturer of roll film, Kodak & Brownie cameras)

Fulton, Robert of NY (inventor of submarine & steamboat)

Goodyear, Charles of CT (inventor of vulcanized rubber)

Land, Edwin Herbert of CT (inventor/manufacturer of Polaroid film, Land Instant Camera, many optics advances)

Morse, Samuel Finley Breese of NY (inventor of wireless telegraph)

Pullman, George Mortimer of IL (inventor/manufacturer of Pullman Sleeper RR Cars)

Salk, Jonas Edward of NY (discovered polo vaccine)

Taylor, Frederick Winslow of PA (applied scientific management principles and system to factory floors)

Westinghouse II, George of NY/PA (inventor of RR air brake; manufacturer of alternating current power systems)

Wright, Orville & Wilbur of OH (inventors/manufacturers of first successful aeroplanes)