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PoliticalFamilyTree.com -- SAMPLE--U.S. Entertainment Leaders, Part I

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Barnum, Phineas Taylor of CT (showman/circus)

Cody, William Frederick "Buffalo Bil"l of IA (wild west show)

Cohan, George Michael of RI (actor/song-writer/Broadway producer)

Ruth II, George Herman "Babe" of MD (baseball player)

DeMille, Cecil Blount of NC (director)

Pickford, Mary (born Gladys Louise Smith) of CA (actress/co-founder of United Artists)

Thorpe, Jacobus Franciscus "Jim" of OK (Olympic athlete/professional football-baseball-basketball player)

Crosby II, Harry Lillis "Bing" of WA (singer/actor/producer/TV shows)

Hope, Leslie/Lester Townes "Bob" of OH (comedian/actor/TV shows)

Astaire, Fred (born Frederick Austerlitz II) of NE (dancer/actor)

Gable II, William Clark of OH (actor)

Wayne, John (born Marion Michael Morrison; changed to Marion Robert Morrison) of IA (movie actor/producer)

Temple (Agar) (Black); Shirley Jane of CA (actress/singer/dancer/diplomat)

Sinatra, Francis Albert "Frank" of NJ (singer/actor/nightclub entertainer)

Heston, Charlton (born John Charles Carter) of CA (movie actor/narrator)

Newman, Paul Leonard of OH (actor/race car driver)

Eastwood II, Clinton "Clint" of CA (actor/director/producer)

Carson, John William "Johnny" of IA (comedian/late night talk show host)

Presley, Elvis Aaron of TN (singer/actor/nightclub entertainer)

Ali, Muhammad (born Cassius Marcellus Clay II) of KY (boxer)

Schwarzenegger, Arnold Alois of CA (body-builder/actor/politician)

Jordan, Michael Jeffrey of NC (basketball player; commercial endorser)

Winfrey, Oprah of MS (TV talk show host/actress)