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PoliticalFamilyTree.com -- SAMPLE--U.S Supreme Court Justices

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Wilson, James of PA 1789-98

Jay, John of NY 1789-95; chief justice, 1789-95

Cushing, William of MA 1790-1810

Blair, John of VA 1790-91

Rutledge, John of SC 1790-91; chief justice, August-December 1795

Iredell, James of NC 1790-99

Johnson III, Thomas of MD 1791-93

Paterson, William of NJ 1793-1806

Chase, Samuel of MD 1796-1811

Ellsworth, Oliver of CT 1796-1800; chief justice, 1796-1800

Washington, Bushrod of VA 1798-1829

Moore I, Alfred of NC 1799-1805

Marshall, John of VA 1801-35; chief justice, 1801-35

Johnson II, William of SC 1804-34

Livingston, Henry Brockholst of NJ 1807-23

Todd, Thomas of KY 1807-26

Duval, Gabriel of MD 1811-36

Story, Joseph of MA 1811-45

Thompson, Smith of NY 1823-43

Trimble, Robert of KY 1826-28

McLean, John of OH 1830-61

Baldwin, Henry of PA 1830-44

Wayne, James Moore of GA 1835-67

Taney, Roger Brooke of MD 1836-64; chief justice, 1836-64

Barbour, Philip Pendleton of VA 1836-41

Catron II, John of TN 1837-65

McKinley, John of AL 1838-52

Daniel I, Peter Vivian of VA 1842-60

Nelson, Samuel of NY 1845-72

Woodbury, Levi of NH 1845-51

Grier, Robert Cooper of PA 1846-70

Curtis V, Benjamin Robbins of MA 1851-57

Campbell, John Archibald of AL 1853-61

Clifford, Nathan of ME 1858-81

Swayne, Noah Haynes of OH 1862-81

Miller, Samuel Freeman of IA 1862-90

Davis II, David of IL 1862-77

Field, Stephen Johnson of CA 1863-97

Chase, Salmon Portland of OH 1864-73; chief justice, 1864-73

Strong II, William of PA 1870-80

Bradley, Joseph Philo of NJ 1870-92

Hunt, Ward of NY 1873-82

Waite, Morrison Remick of OH 1874-88; chief justice, 1874-88

Harlan I, John Marshall of KY 1877-1911

Woods, William Burnham of GA 1881-87

Matthews III, Thomas Stanley of OH 1881-89

Gray, Horace of MA 1882-1902

Blatchford, Samuel of NY 1882-93

Lamar II, Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus of MS 1888-93

Fuller, Melville Weston of IL 1888-1910; chief justice, 1888-1910

Brewer, David Josiah of KS 1890-1910

Brown, Henry Billings of MI 1891-1906

Shiras II, George of PA 1892-1903

Jackson, Howell Edmunds of TN 1893-95

White, Edward Douglass of LA 1894-1921; chief justice, 1910-21

Peckham, Rufus Wheeler of NY 1896-1906

McKenna, Joseph of CA 1898-1925

Holmes II, Oliver Wendell of MA 1902-32

Day, William R of OH 1903-22

Moody, William Henry of MA 1906-10

Lurton, Horace Harmon of TN 1910-14

Hughes, Charles Evans of NY 1910-16, chief justice, 1930-41

Van Devanter, Willis of WY 1911-37

Lamar, Joseph Rucker of GA 1911-16

Pitney, Mahlon of NJ 1912-22

McReynolds, James Clark of TN 1914-41

Brandeis, Louis of MA 1916-39

Clarke II, John Hessin of OH 1916-22

Taft, William Howard of OH 1921-30; chief justice, 1921-30

Sutherland, George of UT 1922-38

Butler, Pierce of MN 1923-39

Sanford, Edward Terry of TN 1923-30

Stone, Harlan Fiske of NH 1941-46; chief justice, 1941-46

Roberts, Owen Josephus of PA 1930-45

Cardozo, Benjamin N. of NY 1932-38

Black, Hugo of AL 1937-71

Reed, Stanley Forman of KY 1938-57

Frankfurther, Felix of MA 1939-62

Douglas, William O. of CT 1939-75

Murphy, Frank of MI 1940-49

Byrnes, James F. of SC 1941-42

Jackson, Robert H. of NY 1941-54

Rutledge, Wiley Blount of IA 1943-49

Burton, Harold Hitz of OH 1945-58

Vinson, Fred M. of KY 1946-53; chief justice, 1946-53

Clark, Tom C. of TX 1949-69

Minton, Sherman of IN 1949-56

Warren, Earl of CA 1953-69; chief justice, 1953-69

Harlan III, John Marshall of IL/NY 1955-71

Brennan, William J. of NJ 1956-90

Whittaker, Charles Evans of MO 1957-62

Steward, Potter of OH 1958-81

White, Byron of CO 1962-93

Goldberg, Arthur of IL 1962-65

Fortas, Abe of TN 1965-69

Marshall, Thurgood of NY 1967-91

Burger, Warren E. of VA 1969-86; chief justice, 1969-86

Blackmun, Harry of MN 1970-94

Powell II, Lewis Franklin of VA 1972-87

Rehnquist, William of AZ 1972-2005; chief justice, 1986-2005

Stevens, John Paul of IL 1975-at least 2006

O’Connor, Sandra Day of AZ 1981-2006

Scalia, Antonin of VA 1986-

Kennedy, Anthony of CA 1988-

Souter, David of NH 1990-

Thomas, Clarence of GA 1991-

Ginsburg, Ruth Bader of NY 1993-

Breyer, Stephen of MA 1994-

Roberts, John of MD 2005-; chief justice, 2005-

Alito II, Samuel of NJ 2006-