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PoliticalFamilyTree.com -- SAMPLE--U.S. Vice Presidential Losing Candidates

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King, Rufus of MA, 1804, 1808 (Federalist)

Ingersoll, Charles Jared of PA. 1812 (Federalist)

Howard, John Eager of MD, 1816 (Federalist)

Stockton II, Richard of NJ, 1820 (Old Republican)

Sanford, Nathan of NY, 1824 (National Republican)

Rush, Richard of PA, 1828 (National Republican)

Ellmaker, Amos of PA, 1832 (Anti-Masonic)

Lee, Henry of MA, 1832 (National Republican)

Sergeant II, John of PA, 1832 (National Republican)

Granger, Francis P. of NY, 1836 (Whig)

Tyler IV, John of VA, 1836 (Whig)

Johnson, Richard Mentor of KY, 1840 (Democrat)

Frelinghuysen, Theodore of NJ, 1844 (Whig)

Butler, William Orlando of KY, 1848 (Democrat)

Graham I, William Alexander of NC, 1852 (Whig)

Donelson, Andrew Jackson of TN, 1856 (American/Know-Nothing)

Dayton I, William Lewis of NJ, 1856 (Republican)

Everett, Edward of MA, 1960 (Constitutional Union)

Johnson, Herschel Vespasian of GA, 1860 (Democrat)

Lane, Joseph of OR, 1860 (Southern Democrat)

Pendleton, George Hunt of OH, 1864 (Democrat)

Blair II, Francis Preston of MO, 1868 (Democrat)

Adams, John Quincy of MA, 1872 (Straight-Out Democrat)

Brown, Benjamin Gratz of MO, 1872 (Democrat)

Groesbeck, William Slocum 1872 (Independent Liberal Republican)

Cary, Samuel Fenton of OH, 1876 (Greenback Labor)

Hendricks, Thomas Andrews of IN, 1876 (Democrat)

Stewart, Gideon Tabor of OH 1876 (Prohibition)

Chambers, Benjamin J. of TX 1880 (Greenback Labor)

Thompson, Henry Adams of OH 1880 (Prohibition)

English, William Hayden of IN, 1880 (Democrat)

Daniel, William of MD 1884 (Prohibition)

Logan, John Alexander of IL, 1884 (Republican)

West, Absolom Madden of MS 1884 (Greenback Anti-Monopoly)

Brooks, John Anderson of MO 1888 (Prohibition)

Thurman, Allen Granberry of OH, 1888 (Democrat)

Cranfill, James Britton of TX 1892 (Prohibition)

Field, James Gavin of VA 1892 (Populist)

Reid, James Whitelaw of NY, 1892 (Republican)

Buckner I, Simon Bolivar of KY, 1896 (National Democrat)

Johnson, Hale of IL 1896 (Prohibition)

Sewall, Arthur of ME, 1896 (Democrat)

Watson, Thomas Edward of GA, 1896 (Populist)

Donnelly, Ignatius Loyola, 1900 (Populist)

Harriman, Job of CA 1900 (Socialist)

Metcalf, Henry B. of RI (Prohibition)

Stevenson I, Adlai Ewing, 1900 (Democrat)

Carroll, George Washington of TX 1904 (Prohibition)

Davis, Henry Gassaway of WV, 1904 (Democrat)

Hanford, Ben of NY, 1904, 1908 (Socialist)

Tibbles, Thomas Henry of NE, 1904 (Populist)

Kern I, John Worth of IN, 1908 (Democrat)

Johnson, Hiram Warren of CA, 1912 (Progressive)

Butler, Nicholas Murray of NY, 1912 (Republican)

Fairbanks, Charles Warren of OH, 1916 (Republican)

Landrith, Ira of TN, 1916 (Prohibition)

Roosevelt, Franklin Delano of NY, 1920 (Democrat)

Bryan, Charles Wayland of NE, 1924 (Democrat)

Wheeler, Burton Kendall of MT 1924 (Progressive)

Robinson, Joseph Taylor of AR, 1928 (Democrat)

Curtis, Charles Brent of KS, 1932 (Republican)

Regan, Frank Stewart of IL 1932 (Prohibition)

Knox, William Franklin “Frank” of IL, 1936 (Republican)

McNary, Charles Linza of OR, 1940 (Republican)

Bricker, John William of OH, 1944 (Republican)

Warren, Earl, 1948 (Republican)

Taylor, Glen Hearst of ID, 1948 (Progressive)

Sparkman, John Jackson of AL 1952 (Democrat)

Wright, Fielding Lewis of MS, 1952 (States Rights)

Kefauver, Cary Estes of TN, 1956 (Democrat)

Lodge, Henry Cabot of MA, 1960 (Republican)

Miller, William Edward of NY, 1964 (Republican)

LeMay, Curtis Emerson of OH 1968 (American Independent)

Muskie, Edmund of ME 1968 (Democrat)

Shriver II, Robert Sargent of MD, 1972 (Democrat)

Dole, Robert Joseph of KS, 1976 (Republican)

Mondale, Walter Frederick "Fritz" of MN, 1980 (Democrat)

Lucey, Patrick Joseph of WI (Independent)

Ferraro (Zaccaro), Geraldine Ann of NY, 1984 (Democrat)

Bentsen II, Lloyd Millard of TX 1988 (Democrat)

Quayle II, James Danforth of IN, 1992 (Republican)

Stockdale, James Bond of IL 1992 (Independent)

Choate, Patrick of TX 1996 (Reform)

Kemp, Jack French of NY 1996 (Republican)

LaDuke, Winona of CA 1996, 2000 (Green)

Foster, Ezola Broussard of CA 2000 (Reform)

Lieberman, Joseph Isadore of CT 2000 (Democrat)

Edwards, Johnny Reid “John” of NC, 2004 (Democrat)

Heath (Palin), Sarah Louise of AK 2008 (Republican)