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Political Family Tree is

U.S. & Colonial American Studies


World Studies

Biographies & Quick Facts

Expansion, Conflict, & War (Narratives & Chronologies with Maps/Illustrations) Genealogies-Surnames

Socio-Political Issues & Events

American Economy

Biographies & Quick Facts

Chronologies & Narratives With MapsDynasties
Maps & Charts Genealogies-File Names Maps & Charts
U.S. PresidentsAncient Roman 
U.S. Vice PresidentsAnglo-Saxon England 
U.S. Government OfficialsByzantine, Medieval & Renaissance Europe 
Signers of U.S Founding DocumentsIslamic & Near East 
Colonial/State Governors & U.S. SenatorsSpain & New World 
Other American LeadersEarly Modern & Modern Europe & World 
Alphabetical Indexes of Major PoliticiansOttoman Empire 
Surname lists Far East  

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