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PoliticalFamilyTree.com -- About Searching the Site

How to Use Search PFT Site:
As you can see above, we are adding Custom Search by Google to pages in our site. Type inside the form and click the "Search PFT Site" button. A Results page will appear with links to html pages and PDF files. Then click on a link to go to one of these pages or files.

The Search PFT Site capability covers the Free Area. We are experimenting with searching the html pages and PDF files in our Members Area. Subscription will still be required to access this content.

Please go to Free Samples and click on the links to view indexes of our content. The html pages that appear mirror the Members Area but with only a few samples active.

PFT Policy on Advertisements:
Our current policy is to display Google ads on our free pages but not on any pages in the Members Area.