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PoliticalFamilyTree.com -- About the Biographies


Chronological biographies of key figures flesh out the genealogies and provide a better understanding of the rise (and in some cases fall) of political leaders. They contribute interesting information about the general political climate of the times and how greater and lesser issues were shaped. In aggregate, they demonstrate how the accomplishments of the most renowned American politicians and even military, economic, and social leaders were built on the previous experiences of forbearers and supported by the circumstances and positions of families, friends, and political allies. Rare is the leader who rose solely by his or her own lights to the highest political strata.

Basic Structure:

At top of the page, the person’s name and dates of birth are given as well as in most cases a picture. A link is provided to return to the genealogy. Thereafter, facts about the person’s life and career are listed in chronological order, date first. For the most part, partial sentences are used rather than flowing narrative to convey basic information and keep out conjecture.

No Copyright:

To the knowledge of CLP Research, pictures not created originally by CLP Research have no copyright but have been altered when necessary to fit the page. CLP Research claims no copyright on the written content of the chronological biographies.