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PoliticalFamilyTree.com -- Subscription Information For High Schools

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Reasons to Subscribe:

PoliticalFamilyTree.com reveals the interconnections between families of political prominence from colonial times to the present day in a unique format

Most students like to do research on the web in addition to using books and other printed materials

With the information on PoliticalFamilyTree.com, professors can create new assignments for students to research topics related to history, political science, economics, and other subject areas

Professors can supplement their own research and generate new ideas for research and teaching

Quick and easy searching of the information you want is assured by general indexing as well as colonial/state indexing by name, family name, and type of office held for important politicians; see our Sample Web Site

Updates with new materials are provided every two weeks, creating an expanding research base of information



Summary Description of Content:

  • Family Trees of important American politicians and World Dynasties cross-referenced with hyperlinks for jumping quickly between trees, biographies, issue-and-event essays
  • Chronological biographies cross-referenced with hyperlinks to family trees and issue-and-event essays
  • Essays on major issues and events pertaining to a) Expansion, Conflict, & War; b) Politics; c) Economics; d) Social Movements; and other fields of study.
  • Maps with explanatory text
  • Stand-Alone Maps
  • Slideshow Presentations (on disc) on topics relevant to American, European, and World History advanced placement classes
  • Surname lists for further discovery of relationships to and between politicians


Pricing for High Schools

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