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Links Between Files Are NOT Active; File Name and Person Name are combined for convenience; most current family trees are available on our PoliticalFamilyTree.com members site


Adams-CT-1 -- Andrew Adams

Adams-CO-1 -- Alva Blanchard Adams I, Alva Blanchard Adams II, & William Herbert Adams

Adams-MA-1 -- John Adams II, Samuel Adams II, John Quincy Adams III, Charles Francis Adams III, & Henry AdamsI

Adams-VA-2 -- Thomas Adams

Addams-IL-1 -- Jane Addams

Agnew-MD-1 -- Spiro Theodore Agnew

Aitcheson-VA-1 -- Mary Elizabeth "Tipper" Aitcheson (Gore)

Aldrin-NJ-1 -- Edward Eugene "Buzz" Aldrin

Ammons-CO-1 -- Elias Milton Ammons & Teller Ammons

Anderson-IL-2 -- John Bayard Anderson

Anderson-IL-3 -- Mary Anderson

Andrews-CT-1 -- Charles Bartlett Andrews

Andrews-WI-1 -- Roy Chapman Andrews

Anthony-RI-1 -- Susan Brownell Anthony

Appleton-MA-1 -- Jane Means Appleton (Pierce)

Armstrong-OH-1 -- Neil Alden Armstrong

Arthur-NY-1 -- Chester Alan Arthur

Astaire-NE-1 -- Fred Astaire (born Frederick Austerlitz II)

Astor-NY-1 -- John Jacob of Astor

Axson-GA-1 -- Ellen Louise Axson (Wilson)

Ayotte-NH-1 -- Kelly A. Ayotte