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Cady-NY-1 -- Elizabeth Cady (Stanton)

Calhoun-SC-1 -- John Caldwell Calhoun

Candler-GA-1 -- Asa Griggs Candler

Carnahan-MO-1 -- Robin Carpenter Carnahan

Carnegie-PA-1 -- Andrew Carnegie

Carow-NY-1-- Edith Kermit Carow (Roosevelt)

Carroll-MD-2 -- Charles Carroll III

Carroll-MD-3 -- Daniel Carroll, Daniel Carroll II, John Carroll

Carroll-TX-1 -- George Washington Carroll

Carson-IA-1 -- John William "Johnny" Carson

Carter-Heston-CA-1 -- Charlton Heston (born John Charles Carter)

Carter-GA-1 -- James Earl Carter II

Carter-VA-1 -- Robert “King” Carter I

Carver-AL-1 -- George Washington Carver

Cary-OH-1 -- Samuel Fenton Cary

Cass-MI-1 -- Lewis Cass I

Chamberlain-OR-1 -- George Earle Chamberlain

Chase-MD-1 -- Samuel Chase

Chase-OH-1 -- Salmon Portland Chase

Chavez-CA-1 -- Cesar Estrada Chavez

Cheney-WY-1 -- Richard Bruce Cheney II

Childress-TN-1 -- Sarah Childress (Polk)

Christian-VA-1 -- Letitia Christian (Tyler)

Christie-NJ-1 -- Christopher James Christie

Chu-CA-1 -- Steven Chu

Claiborne-LA-1 -- William Charles Cole Claiborne

Clark-NJ-1 -- Abraham Clark

Clay-KY-2 -- Henry Clay I

Clay-KY-3 -- Muhammad Ali (born Cassius Marcellus Clay II

Clark-MO-2 -- William Clark

Clemens-VA-1 -- Samuel Langhorne Clemens, a.k.a. Mark Twain

Cleveland-CT-1 -- Chauncey Fitch Cleveland

Cleveland-NY-1 -- Stephen Grover Cleveland

Clingan-PA-1 -- William Clingan

Clinton-NY-1 -- Admiral George Clinton, George Clinton, & Dewitt Clinton

Clymer-PA-1 -- George Clymer

Coakley-MA-1 -- Martha Mary Coakley

Cody-IA-1 -- William Frederick "Buffalo Bill" Cody

Coffin-MA-3 -- Lucretia Coffin (Mott)

Cohan-RI-1 -- George Michael Cohan

Colbath-Wilson-MA-1 -- Henry Wilson

Colcord-NV-1 -- Roswell Keyes Colcord

Cole-OH-2--Cornelia Cole (Fairbanks)

Colfax-IN-1 -- Schuyler Colfax II

Collins-RI-1 -- John Collins

Compton-OH-1 -- Arthur Holly Compton

Cook-NY-1 -- Frederick Albert Cook

Coolidge-MA-1 -- John Calvin Coolidge II

Cooper-NY-1 -- Peter Cooper

Cooper-NY-2 -- James Fenimore Cooper

Colt-RI-1 -- Samuel Colt

Cox-OH-1 -- James Middleton Cox I

Crawford-GA-1 -- William Harris Crawford & George Walker Crawford

Crosby-MT-1 -- John Schuyler Crosby

Crosby-WA-1 -- Harry Lillis "Bing" Crosby II

Curtis-KS-1 -- Charles Brent Curtis

Curtiss-NY-1 -- Glenn Curtiss