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Links Between Files Are NOT Active; File Name and Person Name are combined for convenience; most current family trees available on our PoliticalFamilyTree.com members site


Fairbanks-OH-1 -- Charles Warren Fairbanks

Falwell-VA-1 -- Jerry Lamon Falwell

Fanning-CT-1 -- Edmund Fanning

Farragut-LA-1 -- (James) David Glasgow

Fermi-IL-1 -- Enrico Fermi

Ferraro-NY-1 -- Geraldine Ferraro (Zaccaro)

Few-GA-1 -- William Few II

Feynman-NY-1 Richard Phillips Feynman

Field-CA-1 -- Cyrus West Field

Field-MA-1 -- Marshal Field

Fillmore-NY-1 -- Millard Fillmore

Fisher-OH-1 -- Lee Irwin Fisher

Fisk-NY-1 -- Clinton Bowen Fisk

Fitch-CT-1 -- Thomas Fitch V

Fitler-PA-1--Margarett Large "Happy" Fitler (Murphy) (Rockefeller)

FitzSimons-PA-1 -- Thomas FitzSimons

Floyd-NY-1 -- William Floyd

Floyd-VA-1 -- John Floyd II & John Buchanan Floyd III

Foley-CT -- Thomas Coleman Foley

Folsom-NH-1 -- Frances Folsom (Cleveland)

Foote-CT-1 -- Samuel Augustus Foote

Ford-MI-1 -- Gerald Rudolph Ford II

Ford-MI-2 -- Henry Ford

Foster-CT-1 -- Lafayette Sabine Foster

Franklin-PA-1 -- Franklin, Benjamin

Frelinghuysen-NJ-1 -- Theodore Frelinghuysen

Fremont-CA-1 -- Fremont, John Charles

Frost-NH-1 -- Robert Lee Frost

Fuller-IL-1 -- Melville Weston Fuller

Fuller-MA-1 -- Sarah Margaret Fuller (Ossoli)

Fulton-NY-1 -- Robert Fulton