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Kahanamoku-HI-1 -- Duke Paoa Kahanamoku

Kefauver-TN-1 -- Cary Estes Kefauver

Kellogg-MI-1 -- John Harvey Kellogg

Kennan-VT-1 -- George Kennan

Kennedy-CA-2 -- Aimee Elizabeth Kennedy (Semple) (McPherson) (Hutton)

Kennedy-MA-1 -- John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Robert Francis Kennedy, & Edward Moore "Ted" Kennedy

Kern-IN-1 -- John Worth Kern I

Kerry-MA-1 -- Kerry, John Forbes

Kimsey-IN-1--Louise Irene Kimsey (Marshall)

King-GA-3 -- Martin Luther King III

King-NY-6 -- Peter T. King II

King-MA-1 -- Rufus King, William King, & John Alsop King

King-NC-1 -- William Rufus Devane King

Kirk-IL-1 -- Mark Steven Kirk

Kirkland-SC-1 -- Joseph Lane Kirkland

Kling-OH-1 -- Florence Kling (DeWolf) (Harding)

Knox-IL-1 -- William Franklin "Frank" Knox

Korbel-CO-1 -- Madeleine Korbel (Albright)

Kortright-NY-1 -- Elizabeth Kortright (Monroe)

Kucinich-OH-1 -- Dennis John Kucinich