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Links Between Files Are NOT Active; File Name and Person Name are combined for convenience; most current family trees available on our PoliticalFamilyTree.com members site


Paca-MD-1 -- William Paca

Paine-MA-1 -- Robert Treat Paine

Paine-PA-1 -- Thomas Paine

Paine-VT-1 -- Charles Paine & Elijah Paine

Palmer-IL-1 -- John McAuley Palmer I

Panetta-CA-1 -- Leon Edward Panetta

Parker-NY-1 -- Alton Brooks Parker

Paterson-NJ-1 -- William Paterson

Paul-NJ-1 -- Alice Stokes Paul

Paul-TX-1 -- Ronald Ernest "Ron" Paul

Pauling-CA-1 -- Linus Carl Pauling

Payne-VA-1 -- Dorothea “Dolly” Payne (Todd) (Madison)

Peary-ME-1 -- Robert Edwin Peary

Pendleton-OH-1 -- George Hunt Pendleton

Penn-NC-1 -- John Penn

Penn-PA-1 -- William Penn II, John Penn, & Richard Penn II

Perkins-NY-3 -- Fannie Coralie “Frances" Perkins (Wilson)

Perot-TX-1 -- Henry Ross Perot I

Peters-CT-1 -- John Samuel Peters

Pickford-CA-1 -- Mary Pickford (born Gladys Louise Smith)

Pierce-NH-1 -- Benjamin Pierce II & Franklin Pierce & Barbara Pierce (Bush)

Pike-NJ-1 -- Zebulon Pike II

Pinckney-SC-1 -- Charles Pinckney II & Charles Cotesworth Pinckney II

Pitkin-CT-1 -- William Pitkin VI

Pluskoski-NV-1 -- Suzanne "Sue" Pluskoski (Lowden)

Poe-MD-1 -- Edgar Allan Poe

Polk-TN-1 -- James Knox Polk

Pond-CT-1 -- Charles Hobby Pond II & Peter Pond II

Poole-GA-1 -- Elijah Muhammed (born Poole)

Porter-MA-1 -- David Dixon Porter III

Portman-OH-1 -- Robert Jones "Rob" Portman

Powderly-PA-1 -- Terence Vincent Powderly II

Powers-ME-1 -- Abigail Powers (Fillmore)

Presley-TN-1 -- Elvis Aaron Presley

Prinstein-NY-1 -- Myer Prinstein

Pullman-IL-1 -- George Mortimer Pullman