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Links Between Files Are NOT Active; File Name and Person Name are combined for convenience; most current family trees available on our PoliticalFamilyTree.com members site


Randolph-FL-2 -- Ara Philip Randolph

Rankin-MT-1 -- Jeannette Rankin

Read-DE-1 -- George Read I & John Meredith Read II

Reagan-CA-1 -- Ronald Wilson Reagan

Reed-PA-1 -- Joseph Reed I

Regan-IL-1 -- Frank Stewart Regan

Rehnquist-WI-1 -- William Donald Hubbs Rehnquist

Reid-NY-1 -- James Whitelaw Reid

Reuther-MI-1 -- Walter Philip Reuther

Rheiner-TX-1 -- Mariette Elizabeth Rheiner (Garner)

Rice-SC-1 -- Susan Elizabeth Rice

Richardson-NM-1 -- William Blaine "Bill" Richardson IV

Robbins-RI-1 -- Anne Francis “Nancy” Robbins (Reagan)

Roberdeau-PA-1 -- Daniel Roberdeau

Roberts-NY-1 -- John Glover Roberts II

Roberts-OK-1 -- Granville Oral Roberts

Robertson-VA-2 -- Marion Gordon "Pat" Robertson

Robinson-AR-1 -- Joseph Taylor Robinson

Robinson-IL-2 -- Michelle LaVaughn Robinson (Obama)

Rockefeller-NY-1 -- Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller & Winthrop Rockefeller I

Rodham-Clinton-AR-1 -- Hillary Diane Rodham (Clinton)

Rodney-DE-1 -- Caesar Rodney II, Daniel Rodney, Caleb Rodney, & Caesar Augustus Rodney

Romney-MI-1 -- George Wilcken Romney & Willard Mitt Romney

Roosevelt-NY-1 -- Theodore Roosevelt II, Theodore Roosevelt III, & Ann Eleanor Roosevelt (Roosevelt)

Roosevelt-NY-1 -- Franklin Delano Roosevelt I

Rose-CA-1 -- Ralph Waldo Rose

Ross- PA-1 -- George Ross II

Rubio-FL-1 -- Marco Rubio

Rucker-MO-1--Elizabeth Jane Rucker (Hadley) (Barkley)

Rudolph-OH-1 -- Lucretia Rudolph (Garfield)

Rush-PA-1 -- Benjamin Rush & Richard Rush

Ruth-MD-1 -- George Herman "Babe" Ruth II

Rutledge-SC-1 -- John Rutledge II & Edward Rutledge

Ryan-CA-1 -- Thelma Catherine “Pat” Ryan (Nixon)