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Waite-OH-1 -- Morrison Remick Waite

Wallace-AL-1 -- George Corley Wallace IV

Wallace-IA-1 -- Henry Cantwell Wallace II & Henry Agard Wallace III

Wallace-MO-1 -- Elizabeth “Bess” Virginia Wallace (Truman)

Walton-AR-1 -- Samuel Moore “Sam" Walton

Walton-GA-1 -- John Walton & George Walton I

Ward-IL-1 -- Aaron Montgomery Ward

Ward-RI-1 -- Julia Ward (Howe)

Warner-MA-4 -- Langdon Warner

Warren-CA-1 -- Earl Warren

Washington-VA-2 -- George Washington & Bushrod Washington

Washburn-VT-1 -- Peter Thatcher Washburn

Watson-GA-1 -- Thomas Edward Watson

Watson-IL-1 -- James Dewey Watson II

Wayles-VA-1 – Martha Wayles (Skelton) (Jefferson)

Wayne-GA-1 -- Anthony Wayne

Weaver-IA-1 -- James Baird Weaver

Webb-VA-1 -- Lucy Ware Webb (Hayes)

Webster-CT-1 -- John Webster

Webster-NH-1 -- Daniel Webster

Weismuller-IL-1 -- Peter John "Johnny" Weissmuller II

Welch-TX-1 -- Laura Lane Welch (Bush)

Welles-CT-1 -- Thomas Welles I & Gideon Welles

Wentworth-NH-2 -- John Wentworth II

Westinghouse-NY-1 -- George Westinghouse II

Wharton-PA-1 -- Joseph Wharton

Wheeler-MT-1 -- Burton Kendall Wheeler

Wheeler-NY-1 -- William Almon Wheeler

Whipple-NH-1 -- William Whipple II

White-LA-1 -- Edward Douglass White

White-MS-1 -- Hugh Lawson White

Whitman-NY-2 -- Walter Whitman II

Whitney-NY-2 -- Eli Whitney II

Willey-CT-1 -- Calvin Willey

Williams-CT-1 -- William Williams

Williams-NC-1 -- John Williams VI

Williams-TN-1 -- Thomas Lanier "Tennessee" Williams

Williams-RI-1 -- Roger Williams

Williamson-NC-1 -- Hugh Williamson

Willkie-IN-1 -- Lewis Wendell Willkie

Wilson-NJ-1 -- Thomas Woodrow Wilson

Wilson-PA-1 -- James Wilson

Wilson-PA-2 -- William Bauchop Wilson

Winfrey-MS-1 -- Oprah Winfrey

Winthrop-CT-1 -- John Winthrop I, John Winthrop II, & Fitz John Winthrop

Wirt-VA-1 -- William Wirt

Witherspoon-NJ-1 -- John Knox Witherspoon

Wolcott-CT-2 -- Roger Wolcott, Oliver Wolcott I, & Oliver Wolcott II

Woodcock-RI-1 -- Leonard Woodcock

Wright-MS-1 -- Fielding Lewis Wright

Wright-OH-1 -- Orville Wright & Wilbur Wright

Wyatt-AR-1 -- Hattie Ophelia Wyatt (Carraway)

Wyllys-CT-1 -- George Wyllys

Wythe-VA-1 -- George Wythe