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PoliticalFamilyTree.com -- Sample -- Biographies -- Alphabetical Index

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Biographies by Surname, First Name

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Biographies by Surname, First Name


Abbett, Leon of NJ

Adams I, Charles Francis of MA

Adams II, Samuel of MA

Adams III, John Quincy of MA

Adams II, John of MA

Allen, William of OH

Anderson, Charles of OH

Andros, Edmund of NY

Arthur, Chester Alan of NY


Baker IV, James Addison of TX

Bartley, Mordecai of OH

Bartley, Thomas Welles of OH

Bebb, William of OH

Berkeley, William of VA

Berry II, James Henderson of AR

Birney II, James Gillespie of KY

Bishop, Richard Moore of OH

Black, Hugo Lafayette of AL

Blaine, James Gillespie of ME

Blair, James of VA

Braxton, Carter of VA

Breckinridge, John C. of KY

Breckinridge, John of KY

Bricker, John William of OH

Brough II, John of OH

Brown, Ethan Allen of OH

Buchanan II, James of PA

Burr II, Aaron of NY

Bush I, George Herbert Walker of TX

Bush II, George Walker of TX

Byrd, Charles Willing of OH

Byrd I, William Evelyn of VA

Byrd II, William Evelyn of VA

Byrd III, William Evelyn of VA

Byrd I, Harry of VA


Cabell, William Henry of VA

Calhoun, John C. of SC

Calvert I, Charles of MD

Carper, Thomas Richard of DE

Carroll III, Charles of MD

Carter, James Earl II of GA

Carter I, Robert "King" of VA

Cass, Lewis of MI

Chafee II, John Lester Hubbard of RI

Chase, Salmon Portland of OH

Chase, Samue of MDl

Cheney, Richard Bruce II of WY

Claiborne I, William of VA

Claiborne, William Charles Cole of LA

Clay I, Henry

Cleveland, Stephen Grover of NY

Clinton, DeWitt of NY

Clinton, George of NY

Clinton, William Jefferson (Blythe III) of AR

Cobb I, Howell of GA

Colfax II, Schuyler of IN

Cooper, Myers Young of OH

Corwin, Thomas of OH

Cox, James Middleton I of OH

Cox II, Jacob Dolson of OH


Dallas, Alexander of PA

Dallas, George Mifflin of PA

Davey, Martin Luther of OH

Davis, Harry Lyman of OH

Davis, Jefferson of MS

Dennison II, William of OH

Dickerson, Mahlon of NJ

Dickinson, John of DE

Dinwiddie III, Robert of VA

DiSalle, Michael Vincent of OH

Donahey, Alvin Victor of OH

Douglas II, Stephen Arnold of IL


Eisenhower, Dwight David of KS

Everett, Edward of MA


Fillmore, Millard of NY

Findlay, James of OH

Fish I, Hamilton of NY

Ford II, Gerald Rudolph of MI

Ford, Seabury of OH

Foster II, Charles of OH

Franklin, Benjamin of PA

Frelinghuysen III, Frederick T. of NJ


Gallatin, Abraham Alfonse Albert of PA

Garfield, James A. of OH

Geary, John White of PA

Gerry I, Elbridge of MA

Glass, Carter of VA

Grant, Ulysses S. of OH

Gwin I, William McKendree of CA


Hamilton, Alexander of NY

Hamilton, James of PA

Hamlin I, Hannibal of ME

Hancock, John of MA

Hanna, Marcus Alonzo of OH

Harding, Warren G. of OH

Harmon, Judson of OH

Harris, Andrew Lintner of OH

Harrison, Benjamin of OH

Harrison, William Henry of OH

Hayes III, Rutherford B. of OH

Helm, John LaRue of PA

Hendricks, Thomas A. of IN

Henry, Patrick of VA

Herbert, Thomas James of OH

Herrick, Myron Timothy of OH

Hoadly II, George of OH

Hoover, Herbert Clark of IA

Huntington, Samuel of OH



Jackson II, Andrew of TN

Jay, John of NY

Jefferson, Thomas of VA

Johnson, Andrew of TN

Johnson, Lyndon Baines of TX

Johnson, Richard Mentor of KY


Kennedy, Edward Moore (Ted) of MA

Kennedy, John Fitzgerald of MA

Kennedy, Robert Francis of MA

King, Rufus of MA

Kirker, Thomas of OH


LaFollette I, Robert Marion of WI

Lausche, Frank John of OH

Lee, Richard Henry of VA

Lee I, Richard of VA

Lee, Robert Edward of VA

Letcher, John of VA

Lincoln, Abraham of IL

Livingston I, Robert of NY

Lodge, Henry Cabot of MA

Logan, James of PA

Long II, Huey Pierce of LA

Looker, Othniel of OH


Madison II, James of VA

Mahone, William of VA

Marcy, William Learned of NY

Marshall, John of VA

Mason IV, George of VA

McArthur, Duncan of OH

McKinley II, William J. of OH

Means, John Hugh of SC

Meigs II, Return Jonathan of OH

Mitchill, Samuel Lathamm of NY

Monroe, James of VA

Morgan, Edwin Denison of NY

Morris, Gouverneur of NY

Morris, Lewis of NY

Morris, Robert of PA

Morrow, Jeremiah of OH

Morton, Levi P. of NY

Murray, John (Lord Dunmore) of VA


Nash, George Kilborn of OH

Nelson, Thomas of VA

Nicholson, Francis of VA

Nixon, Richard Milhous of CA

Nye, Gerald Prentice of ND


O'Neill, C. William of OH


Pattison, John M. of OH

Payne, Henry B. of OH

Pendleton, George Hunt of OH

Penn II, William of PA

Perkins, Frances Coralie of NY

Pierce, Franklin of NH

Pinchot, Gifford of PA

Pinckney II, Charles Cotesworth of SC

Pinckney II, Charles of SC

Pinckney, Thomas of SC

Polk, James Knox of TN

Pratt, Thomas George of MD

Preston, William Ballard of VA



Randolph, Edmund Jenings of VA

Randolph II, John of VA

Read II, John Meredith of PA

Read, George of DE

Reagan, Ronald Wilson of CA

Rhodes II, James Allen of OH

Robb, Charles Spittal of VA

Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich of NY

Roosevelt I, Franklin Delano of NY

Roosevelt II, Theodore of NY

Root, Elihu of NY

Rutledge, Edward of SC

Rutledge II, John of SC


Saunders, Alvin of NE

Scranton, William Warren of PA

Seward, William Henry of NY

Shannon, Wilson of OH

Sherman, James S. of NY

Sherman, John of OH

Sherman, Roger of CT

Smith III, Alexander Emanuel of NY

Smith, John of VA

Smith II, John Walter of MD

Smith, William “Extra Billy" of VA

Spotswood, Alexander of VA

St. Clair, Arthur of OH

Standish, Myles of MA/PL

Stanton, Edwin McMasters of OH

Stevenson, Adlai Ewing of IL

Sumner II, Charles of MA

Swanson, Claudius Augustus of VA


Taft, William Howard of OH

Taney, Roger Brooke of MD

Taylor, Zachary of VA

Tazewell, Littleton Waller of VA

Tiffin, Edward of OH

Tod, David of OH

Trimble, Allen of OH

Truman, Harry S. of MO

Tyler IV, John of VA



Van Buren, Martin of NY

Vance II, Joseph Colville of OH


Wade, Benjamin Franklin of OH

Wallace, Henry Agard III of IA

Washington, George of VA

Webster, Daniel of NH/MA

Wilder, Lawrence, Douglas of VA

Willis, Frank Bartlett of OH

Wilson, Henry of MA

Wilson, James of PA

Wilson, Thomas Woodrow of NJ

Winthrop I, John of MA

Winthrop II, John of CT

Wolcott I, Oliver of CT

Wolcott II, Oliver of CT

Wolcott, Roger of CT

Wood, Reuben of OH

Worthington, Thomas of OH

Wythe, George of VA



Young, Thomas Lowry of OH