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PoliticalFamilyTree.com -- Sample -- Family Trees by Surname of Major U.S. Politicians -- Alphabetical Index

(Content shown as of August 2017; complete content available on Members Site)

Genealogies by Key Name of Presidents, Vice Presidents, Signers, Governors, US Senators, Supreme Court Justices, & Other Important Politicians (Sample is Adams III, John Quincy of MA)
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Aandahl, Fred George of ND
Abbett, Leon of NJ
Abbott, Gregory Wayne of TX
Abbott, Joseph Carter of NC
Abdnor, James of SD
Abercrombie, Neil of HI
Abernathy, George of OR
Abourezk, James George of SD
Abraham II, Edward Spencer of MI
Acheson, Dean Gooderham of CT
Adair, John of KY
Adams I, Alva Blanchard of CO
Adams, Andrew of CT
Adams, Brockman "Brock" of WA
Adams, James Hopkins of SC
Adams, Jewett Williams of NV
Adams III, John Quincy of MA
Adams II, John of MA
Adams, Llewellyn Sherman of NH
Adams, Robert H. of MS
Adams, Samuel of AR
Adams II, Samuel of MA
Adams, Stephen of MS
Adams, Thomas of VA
Adams, William Herbert of CO
Adkins, Homer Martin of AR
Agnew, Spiro T. of MD
Aiken, George David of VT
Aiken, William of SC
Akaka, Daniel Kahikina of HI
Akerman, Amos Tappan of GA
Akin, William Todd of MO
Albert, Carl Bert of OK
Alcorn II, James Lusk of MS
Aldrich, Chester Hardy of NE
Aldrich, Nelson Wilmarth of RI
Alexander II, Andrew Lamar of TN
Alexander, Joshua Willis of MO
Alexander, Moses of ID
Alexander, Nathaniel of NC
Alger II, Russell Alexander of MI
Alito II, Samuel of NJ
Allain, William A. of MS
Allard, Alan Wayne of CO
Allee II, James Francis of DE
Allen, Charles Herbert of MA
Allen, Ethan Alphonso of VT
Allen II, Frank Gilman of MA
Allen, George Felix of VA
Allen, Henry Justin of KS
Allen, Henry Watkins of LA
Allen, James Browning of AL
Allen, John Beard of WA
Allen, Philip of RI
Allen, Oscar Kelly of LA
Allen, Samuel of NH
Allen, William of OH
Allen, William Vincent of NE
Allin II, Roger of ND
Allison, Abraham Kurkindolle of FL
Allison, William Boyd of IA
Allott, Gordon Llewellyn of CO
Allred, James Burr V of TX
Allston, Robert Francis Withers of SC
Almond II, James Lindsay of VA
Almond I, Lincoln Carter of RI
Alricks, Jacobs of DE
Alricks, Peter of DE
Alston, Joseph of SC
Altgeld II, John Peter of IL
Amble (Bachman), Michelle Marie of MN
Ames, Adelbert of MS
Ames III, Benjamin of ME
Ames, Fisher of MA
Ames, Oliver of MA
Amherst, Jeffery of VA
Ammons, Elias Milton of CO
Ammons, Teller of CO
Andersen, Elmer Lee of MN
Anderson, Alexander Outlaw of TN
Anderson (Hills), Carla of CA
Anderson, Charles of OH
Anderson, Clinton Presba of NM
Anderson, Clyde Elmer of MN
Anderson, Hugh Johnston of ME
Anderson II, John of KS
Anderson, Joseph Inslee of TN
Anderson, Forrest Howard of MT
Anderson II, Robert Bernerd of TX
Anderson, Robert Orville of IL/NM
Anderson, Sigurd of SD
Anderson, Victor Emanuel of NE
Anderson, Wendell Richard of MN
Andrew, John Albion of MA
Andrews, Charles Bartlett of CT
Andrews, Charles Oscar of FL
Andrews II, Mark of ND
Andros, Sir Edmund of NY/MA/NH/VA
Andrus, Cecil Dale of ID
Ankeny, Levi Schmidt of WA
Ansel, Martin Frederick of SC
Anthony, George Tobey of KS
Anthony, Henry Bowen of RI
Apodaca II, Raymond S. "Jerry" of NM
Archdale, John of SC
Archer, William Segar of VA
Argall, Samuel of VA
Ariyoshi, George Ryoicki of HI
Armstrong, David Hartley of MO
Armstrong II, John of PA
Armstrong, Samuel Turrell of MA
Armstrong III, William Lester of CO
Arn II, Edward Ferdinand of KS
Arnall, Ellis Gibbs of GA
Arnold, Benedict of RI
Arnold, Lemuel Hastings of RI
Arnold II, Samuel Green of RI
Aronson, John Hugo of MT
Arthur, Chester Alan of NY
Arthur, Harold John of VT
Ash, Roy Lawrence of CA
Ashcroft, John David of MO
Ashe, Samuel of NC
Ashley, Chester of AR
Ashley, James Mitchell or Monroe of OH
Ashmun, Eli Porter of MA
Ashurst, Henry Fountain of AZ
Askew, Reubin O'Donovan of FL
Aspin II, Leslie of WI
Atchison, David Rice of MO
Atherton II, Charles Gordon of NH
Atiyeh, Victor George of OR
Atkinson, George Wesley of WV
Atkinson I, William Yates of GA
Austin, Horace W. of MN
Austin, Stephen Fuller of TX
Austin, Warren Robinson of VT
Avery, William Henry of KS
Axtell II, Daniel of SC
Axtell II, Samuel Beach of NM/UT/CA
Aycock, Charles Brantley of NC
Ayers, Roy Elmer of MT
Ayotte, Kelly A. of NH

Babbitt, Bruce Edward of AZ
Babcock, Milford "Tim" of MT
Babineaux (Blanco), Kathleen of LA
Bache II, Richard of PA
Batchelder, Nahum Josiah of NH
Bachman, Nathan Lynn of TN
Bacon II, Augustus Octavius of GA
Bacon I, Robert of NY
Bacon, Nathaniel of VA
Bacon, Walter Wolfkiel of DE
Bader (Ginsburg), Ruth Joan of NY
Badger, George Edmund of NC
Badger, William of NH
Bagby, Arthur Pendleton of AL
Bagley III, John Judson of MI
Bailey, Carl Edward of AR
Bailey, John Edmund of TN
Bailey IV, Joseph Weldon of TX
Bailey, Josiah William of NC
Bailey (Hutchison), Kathryn "Kay" of TX
Bailey, Theodorus of NY
Bailey, Thomas Lowry of MS
Bailey, William J. of OR
Bailey, Willis Joshua of KS
Baird I, David of NJ
Baird II, David of NJ
Baker IV, Charles D. of MA
Baker III, Conrad of IN
Baker, David Jewett of IL
Baker II, Edward Dickinson of IL/OR
Baker IV, James Addison of TX
Baker III, Joshua of LA
Baker II, Howard Henry of TN
Baker, Lucien of KS
Baker, Nathaniel Bradley of NH
Baker II, Newton Diehl of OH
Baker II, Samuel Aaron of MO
Baldridge, H. Clarence of ID
Baldrige IV, Howard Malcolm of NE
Baldwin, Abraham of GA/CT
Baldwin, Henry of PA
Baldwin, Henry Porter of MI
Baldwin, Roger Sherman of CT
Baldwin, Simeon Eben of CT
Baldwin, Tammy Suzanne Green of WI
Baliles, Gerald L. of VA
Ball II, Joseph Hurst of MN
Ball, Lewis Heisler of DE
Ballard, David Wesley of ID
Ballinger II, Richard Achilles of WA
Balzar, Fred Bennett of NV
Bamberger, Simon of UT
Bancroft, George of MA
Bangerter, Norman Howard of UT
Banister, John of VA
Bankhead I, John Hollis of AL
Bankhead II, John Hollis of AL
Bankhead, William Brockman of AL
Banks II, Nathaniel Prentice of MA
Barber, Amos Walker of WY
Barbour, Haley Reeves of MS
Barbour, James of VA
Barbour, Philip Pendleton of VA
Barbour IV, William Warren of NJ
Barclay, Robert of NJ
Bard, Thomas Robert of CA
Barefoote, Walter of NH
Barkley, Alben W. of KY
Barkley, Dean Malcolm of KY
Barnard, Isaac Dutton of PA
Barnes, Cassius McDonald of OK/AR
Barnes, Roy Eugene of GA
Barnett, Ross Robert of MS
Barnum, William Henry of CT
Barnwell II, Robert Woodward of SC
Barr, Joseph Walker of IN
Barr, William Pelham of NY
Barrasso III, John Anthony of WY
Barrett, Frank Aloysius of WY
Barron, William Wallace of WV
Barrow II, Alexander of LA
Barrow, Middleton Pope of GA
Barrows, Lewis Orin of ME
Barry, Alexander Grant of OR
Barry II, John Steward of MI
Barry, William Taylor of KY
Barshefsky, Charlene of IL
Barstow, John Lester of VT
Barstow II, William Augustus of WI
Bartlett I, Dewey Follett of OK
Bartlett II, Edward Lewis “Bob” of AK
Bartlett, John H. of NH
Bartlett I, Josiah of NH
Bartlett, Washington Montgomery of CA
Bartley, Mordecai of OH
Bartley, Thomas Welles of OH
Bashford, Coles of WI
Bass, Robert Prentice of NH
Bass II, William Ross of TN
Basse, Jeremiah of NJ
Bassett, Richard of DE
Bate, William Brimage of TN
Bateman, Ephraim of NJ
Bates, Edward of MO
Bates, Frederick of MO
Bates I, Isaac Chapman of MA
Bates, John Lewis of MA
Bates II, Martin Waltham of DE
Batt, Philip Eugene of ID
Battle, John S. of VA
Baucus, Max Sieben of MT
Baxter, Elisha of AR
Baxter, George White of WY
Baxter, Percival Proctor of ME
Bayard III, John Ashton of DE
Bayard IV, John Ashton of DE
Bayard, Richard Henry of DE
Bayard I, Thomas Francis of DE
Bayard II, Thomas Francis of DE
Bayh II, Birch Evans of IN
Bayh III, Birch Evans "Evan" of IN
Beall I, John Glenn of MD
Beall II, John Glenn of MD
Beardsley, William Shane of IA
Beasley, David Muldrow of SC
Beasley, Jere Locke of AL
Beauvais, Armand of LA
Beaver, James Addams of PA
Bebb, William of OH
Beck, James Burnie of KY
Beckham, John Crepps Wickliffe of KY
Bedford IV, Gunning of DE
Bedle, Joseph Dorsett of NJ
Beebe, George Monroe of KS/NY
Beebe, Mike of AR
Beecher, Harriet of OH/FL/CT
Beecher, Henry Ward of OH/IN/NY
Beeckman, Robert Livingston of RI
Beekman, Gerardus of NY
Beekman, William of NN/NY
Beers, Alanson of OR
Begich, Mark P. of AK
Begole, Josiah Williams of MI
Belcher, Jonathan of MA/NH/NJ
Belknap II, William Worth of IA
Bell, Charles Henry of NH
Bell, Charles James of VT
Bell, David Elliott of MA
Bell, Daniel W. of IL
Bell, Francis Jardine "Frank" of NV
Bell, Griffin Boyette of GA
Bell, James of NH
Bell III, John of NH
Bell, John of TN
Bell II, John Cromwell of PA
Bell, Peter Hansborough of TX
Bell I, Samuel of NH
Bell, Terrel Howard of UT
Bellingham, Richard of MA
Bellmon, Henry Louis of OK
Bender, George Harrison of OH
Benet II, William Christie of SC
Benjamin, Judah Philip of LA
Bennet, Michael Farrand of CO
Bennett, Caleb Prew of DE
Bennett, Richard of VA
Bennett, Robert Foster of UT
Bennett, Robert Frederick of KS
Bennett II, Thomas of SC
Bennett, Thomas Warren of IN/ID
Bennett, Wallace Foster of UT
Benson, Alfred Washburn of KS
Benson, Craig Robert of NH
Benson, Elmer Austin of MN
Benson, Ezra Taft of ID
Benson, Frank Williamson of OR
Bent, Charles of NM
Bentley, Robert Julian of AL
Benton, Thomas Hart of MO
Benton, William Burnett of CT
Bentsen II, Lloyd Millard of TX
Bergland, Robert Selmer of MN
Berkeley, Baron de Botetourt, Norborne of VA
Berkeley, William of VA
Bernard, Francis of MA
Berrien III, John MacPherson of GA
Berry, George Leonard of TN
Berry II, James Henderson of AR
Berry, John of NJ
Berry, Nathaniel Springer of NH
Berry, Thomas Matthew of SD
Beshear, Steven Lynn of KY
Betts, Thaddeus of CT
Beveridge I, Albert Jeremiah of IN
Beveridge, John Lourie of IL
Beverley, James Rumsey of TX/PR
Bevin, Matthew Griswold of KY
Bibb, George Mortimer of KY
Bibb, Thomas of AL
Bibb, William Wyatt of GA/AL
Bible, Alan Harvey of NV
Bickett II, Thomas Walter of NC
Biddle, Francis Beverley of PA
Biddle, Nicholas of PA
Biden III, Joseph Robinette of DE
Bigelow, Hobart Baldwin of CT
Bigger, Samuel of IN
Biggs, Asa of NC
Biggs, Benjamin Thomas of DE
Bigler, John of CA
Bigler, William of PA
Bilbo, Theodore Gilmore of MS
Billings II, Franklin Swift of VT
Bingaman II, Jesse Francis "Jeff" of NM
Bingham, Kinsley Scott of MI
Bingham, Hiram of CT
Bingham II, William of PA
Birch (Peterson) (Burdick), Jocelyn of ND
Birney II, James Gillespie of KY
Bishop, Richard M. of OH
Bissell, Clark of CT
Bissell, William Henry of IL
Bissell, Wilson Shannon of NY
Black, Frank Swett of NY
Black, Hugo Lafayette of AL
Black, James Dixon of KY
Black, Jeremiah Sullivan of PA
Black, Samuel Watson of NE
Blackburn, Joseph Clay Stiles of KY
Blackburn, Luke P. of KY
Blackiston Nathaniel of MD
Blackmun, Harry Andrew of MN
Blackwell, Captain John of PA
Blackwood, Ibra Charles of SC
Bladen, Thomas of MD
Blagojevich, Milorad "Rod R." of IL
Blaine, James Gillespie of ME
Blaine, John James of WI
Blair, Austin of MI
Blair II, Francis Preston of MO
Blair, Henry William of NH
Blair II, James Thomas of MO
Blair, John of VA
Blair, Montgomery Preston of MO
Blake, Joseph of SC
Blakiston, Nehemiah of MD
Blakley III, William Arvis of TX
Blanchard V, James Johnston of MI
Blanchard, Newton Crain of LA
Blanton II, Leonard Ray of TN
Blasdel, Henry Goode of NV
Blatchford, Samuel Munford of NY
Blease, Coleman Livingston of SC
Bledsoe, Jesse of KY
Bliss, Aaron Thomas of MI
Bliss, Cornelius Newton of NY
Block, John Rusling of IL
Blodgett, Rufus of NJ
Blood, Henry Hooper of UT
Blood, Robert Oscar of NH
Bloomfield, Joseph of NJ
Bloodworth II, Timothy James of NC
Blount I, William of NC/TN
Blount, William of TN
Blount II, Winton Malcolm. of AL
Bloxham, William Dunnington of FL
Blue, Robert Donald of IA
Blumenthal, Richard of CT
Blumenthal, Werner Michael of CA
Blunt, Matthew Roy "Matt" of MO
Boardman, Elijah of CT
Bodman V, Samuel Wright of IL
Bodwell II, Joseph Robinson of ME
Boe III, Nils Andreas of SD
Boehner, John Andrew of OH
Boggs, James Caleb of DE
Boggs, Lilburn Wycliffe of MO/CA
Bogy, Lewis Vital of MO
Bolack, Thomas Felix of NM
Bolin, Harvey Wesley of AZ
Bolten, Joshua Brewster of NY
Bonaparte, Charles Joseph of MD
Bond, Christopher Samuel "Kit" of MO
Bond, Shadrach of IL
Bone, Homer Truett of WA
Bone, Scott Cordelle of AK
Bonham, Milledge Luke of SC
Bonner, John Woodrow of MT
Booker, Cory Anthony of NJ
Boon, Ratliff of IN
Boone, Thomas of NJ
Booth, Newton of CA
Boozman, John Nichols of AR
Borah II, William Edgar of ID
Boreman, Arthur Inghram of WV
Boren, David Lyle of OK
Borie, Adolphus Edward of PA
Borland, Solon of AR
Boschwitz, Rudolph Eli of MN
Bottolfsen, Clarence Arnold of ID
Bottum II, Joseph Henry of SD
Bouchles (Snowe) (McKernan), Olympia Jean of ME
Bouck, William Christian of NY
Boudinot IV, Elias of NJ
Bouligny, Dominique of LA
Bourn, Augustus Osborn of RI
Bourne III, Jonathan of OR
Boutwell, George Sewell of MA
Bowden, Lemuel Jackson of VA
Bowdoin II, James of MA
Bowen, Otis Ray of IN
Bowen, Thomas Meade of CO/ID/AR/IA
Bowersock (Hull), Jane Dee of AZ
Bowerman, Jay of OR
Bowers (Shaheen), Cynthia Jeanne of NH
Bowie, Oden of MD
Bowie, Robert of MD
Bowles, Chester Bliss of CT
Boyd, Alan Stephenson of FL
Boyd, Linn of KY
Boyle, Emmet Derby of NV
Boynton, James Stoddard of GA
Brackett, John Quincy Adams of MA
Bradbury II, James Ware of ME
Bradford, Augustus Williamson of MD
Bradford, William of MA
Bradford V, William of PA
Bradford, William of RI
Bradley, Joseph Philo of NJ
Bradley, Lewis Rice of NV
Bradley, Stephen Rowe of VT
Bradley, William O. of KY
Bradley, William Warren "Bill" of NJ
Bradstreet, Simon of MA
Brady I, James Henry of ID
Brady, Nicholas Frederick of NJ/NY
Bragg, Thomas of NC
Brainerd, Lawrence of VT
Bramlette, Thomas E. of KY
Branch, Emmett Forrest of IN
Branch III, John of NC/FL
Brandegee, Frank Bosworth of CT
Brandeis, Louis Dembitz of MA
Brandon III, Gerard of MS
Brandon, William Woodward of AL
Branigin, Roger Douglas of IN
Brann, Louis Jefferson of ME
Brannan, Charles Franklin of CO
Branstad, Terry Edward of IA
Bratton, Samuel Gilbert of NM
Braxton I, Carter of VA
Brayman, Mason of ID/IL/MI
Brearley II, David of NJ
Breathitt, Edward T. of KY
Breathitt, John of KY
Breckinridge, John C. of KY
Breckinridge, John of KY
Bredesen II, Philip Norman of TN
Breese, Sidney of IL
Brennan, Joseph Edward of ME
Brennan, Peter Joseph of NY
Brennan II, William Joseph of NJ
Brent, George of MD
Brent, Richard of VA
Brenton, William of RI
Brewer, David Josiah of KS
Brewer, Earl LeRoy of MS
Brewster I, Benjamin Harris of PA
Brewster II, Daniel Baugh of MD
Brewster, Ralph Owen of ME
Breyer, Stephen Gerald of CA
Brice, Calvin Stewart of OH
Brice, James of MD
Bricker, John William of OH
Bridges, Henry Styles of NH
Briggs, Ansel of IA
Briggs, George Nixon of MA
Briggs, Frank Arlington of ND
Briggs, Frank Obadiah of NJ
Briggs, Frank Parks of MO
Brigham, Paul of VT
Bright, Jesse David of IN
Brinegar, Claude Stout of CA
Briscoe II, Dolph of TX
Bristow, Benjamin Helm of KY
Bristow, Joseph Little of KS
Brock III, Randolph David of VT
Brock I, William Emerson of TN
Brock III, William Emerson of TN
Broderick, David Colbreth of CA
Brodhead II, Richard of PA
Brodie, Alexander Oswald of AZ
Brogden, Curtis Hooks of NC
Brooke III, Edward William of MA
Brooke, John Rutter of PA
Brooke, Robert of VA
Brooke, Thomas II of MD
Brooke, Walter of MS
Brookhart, Smith Wildman of IA
Brooks, Bryant Butler of WY
Brooks, Charles Wayland of IL
Brooks, John of MA
Brooks, Preston Smith of SC
Brooks, Ralph Gilmour of NE
Broom, Jacob of DE
Broome I, James Emilius of FL
Brough II, Charles Hillman of AR
Brough, John of OH
Broughton, Joseph Melville of NC
Broughton, Thomas of SC
Broussard, Edwin Sidney of LA
Broussard, Robert Foligny of LA
Broward II, Napoleon Bonaparte of FL
Brown II, Aaron Venable of TN
Brown, Albert Gallatin of MS
Brown, Albert Oscar of NH
Brown, Arthur of UT
Brown, Bedford of NC
Brown, Benjamin Gratz of MO
Brown, Daniel Russell of RI
Brown II, Edmund Gerald "Pat" of CA
Brown III, Edmund Gerald "Jerry" of CA
Brown, Ethan Allen of OH
Brown, Frank of MD
Brown, Fred Herbert of NH
Brown, George Hanks "Hank" of CO
Brown, Harold of NY
Brown, Henry Billings of MI
Brown, James of KY/LA
Brown, Jesse of IL
Brown, John (abolitionist) of CT
Brown, John of KY
Brown, John Calvin of TN
Brown, John William of OH
Brown I, John Young of KY
Brown II, John Young of KY
Brown I, Joseph Emerson of GA
Brown II, Joseph Mackey of GA
Brown, Lee Patrick of TX
Brown (Neuberger), Maurine of OR
Brown, Neill Smith of TN
Brown, Norris of NE
Brown I, Prentiss Marsh of MI
Brown, Ronald Harmon of NY
Brown, Scott Philip of MA
Brown, Sherrod Campbell of OH
Brown, Thomas of FL
Brown, Walter Folger of OH
Brownback, Samuel Dole of KS
Brownell II, Herbert of NY
Browner, Carol Martha of FL
Browning, Gordon Weaver of TN
Browning, Orville Hickman of IL
Brownlow, William Gannaway of TN
Brownson, Nathan of GA
Broyhill II, James Thomas of NC
Bruce, Blanche Kelso of MS
Bruce, Charles Morelle of AZ
Bruce, William Cabell of MD
Brucker, Wilbur Marion of MI
Brumbaugh, Martin Grove of PA
Brundage, Percival Flack of NY
Brunsdale, Clarence Norman of ND
Bryan, Charles Wayland of NE
Bryan, George of PA
Bryan, Nathan Philemon of FL
Bryan, Richard Hudson of NV
Bryan, William James of FL
Bryan, William Jennings of NE
Bryant, Cecil Farris of FL
Bryant III, Dewey Philip of MS
Buchanan II, James of PA
Buchanan, John Price of TN
Buchtel, Henry Augustus of CO
Buck I, Clayton Douglass of DE
Buck (Humphrey), Muriel Fay of MN
Buckalew, Charles Rollins of PA
Buckingham, William Alfred of CT
Buckley, James Lane of NY
Buckner, Alexander of MO
Buckner I, Simon Bolivar of KY
Buckner, II, Lieutenant General Simon Bolivar of KY/AK
Buckson, David Penrose of DE
Budd, James Herbert of CA
Bulkeley, Morgan Gardiner of CT
Bulkley, Robert Johns of OH
Bull, Henry of RI
Bull I, William of SC
Bull II, William of SC
Bulloch, Archibald of GA
Bulloch, William Bellinger of GA
Bullock, Alexander Hamilton of MA
Bullock, Rufus Brown of GA
Bullock, Stephen C. of MT
Bulow, William John of SD
Bumpers, Dale Leon of AR
Bunker, Berkeley Lloyd of NV
Bunn, William Malcolm of ID
Bunning, James Paul David "Jim" of KY
Burbank, John Albyne of SD
Burch, Thomas Granville of VA
Burdick, Quentin Northrup of ND
Burger, Warren Earl of MN
Burgum, Douglas of ND
Burke, Andrew Horace of ND
Burke, Edward Raymond of NE
Burke II, John of ND
Burke, Thomas of NC
Burke III, Thomas Lee Crile of OH
Burkett, Elmer Jacob of NE
Burleigh, Edwin Chick of ME
Burleson, Albert Sidney of TX
Burnet, David Gouverneur of TX
Burnet, Jacob of OH
Burnet, William of NN/NY/MA
Burnett, Peter Hardeman of OR/CA
Burney, Dwight Willard of NE
Burnham II, Henry Eben of NH
Burnley IV, James Horace of NC/VA
Burnquist, Joseph Alfred Arner of MN
Burns, Conrad Ray of MT
Burns, John Anthony of HI
Burns, William Haydon of FL
Burnside, Ambrose Everett of RI
Burr II, Aaron of NY
Burr, Richard Mauze of NC
Burrill II, James of RI
Burrington, George of NC
Burris, Roland Wallace of IL
Burrows, Julius Caesar of MI
Bursum I, Holm Olaf of NM
Burt II, Francis of SC
Burton, Harold Hitz of OH
Burton, Hutchins Gordon of NC
Burton, Joseph Ralph of KS
Burton, Theodore Elijah of OH
Burton II, William of DE
Busbee, George Dekle of GA
Busey IV, James Buchanan of IL
Bush I, George H.W. of TX
Bush II, George W. of TX
Bush, John E. "Jeb" of FL/TX
Bushfield, Harlan John of SD
Bushnell, Asa S. of OH
Busiel, Charles Albert of NH
Butler, Andrew Pickens of SC
Butler, Benjamin Franklin of MA
Butler, Benjamin Franklin of NY
Butler, David Christy of NE
Butler, Ezra of VT
Butler, Hugh Alfred of NE
Butler II, John Marshall of MD
Butler, Marion of NC
Butler, Matthew Calbraith of SC
Butler, Pierce of MN
Butler, Pierce of SC
Butler, Pierce Mason of SC
Butler, William Morgan of MA
Butte, George C. of CA
Butz, Earl Lauer of IN
Byllynge, Edward of NJ
Byrd, Charles Willing of OH/VA
Byrd I, Harry F. of VA
Byrd, Richard C. of AR
Byrd, Robert Carlyle of WV
Byrne II, Brendan Thomas of NJ
Byrne, Frank Michael of SD
Byrnes II, James Francis of SC
Byrns I, Joseph Wellington of TN

Cabell, William H. of VA
Cabot, George of MA
Caffery II, Donelson of LA
Cahalan (Bushfield), Vera of SD
Cahill II, William Thomas of NJ
Cain, Harry Pulliam of WA
Calder, William Musgrave of NY
Caldwell, Alexander of KS
Caldwell II, Millard Fillmore of FL
Caldwell, Tod Robinson of NC
Calhoun, James S. of NM
Calhoun, John Caldwell of SC
Calhoun, John Ewing of SC
Califano II, Joseph Anthony of NY
Call, Richard Keith of FL
Call, Wilkinson of FL
Calvert, Benedict Leonard of MD
Calvert I, Charles, 3rd Lord Baltimore of MD
Calvert, Charles, 5th Lord Baltimore of MD
Calvert, Philip of MD
Camden I, Johnson Newlon of WV
Camden II, Johnson Newlon of KY
Cameron, Angus of WI
Cameron, James Donald of PA
Cameron, Ralph Henry of AZ
Cameron, Simon of PA
Cameron, William E. of VA
Campbell II, Alexander of OH
Campbell, Archibald of GA
Campbell, Benjamin Nighthorse of CO
Campbell II, Carroll Ashmore of SC
Campbell, David of VA
Campbell, George Washington of TN
Campbell, James of PA
Campbell, James Edwin of OH
Campbell, 4th Earl of Loudoun, John of VA
Campbell II, John Allen of WY
Campbell, John Archibald of AL
Campbell II, John Moren "Jack"of NM
Campbell, Thomas Edward of AZ
Campbell II, Thomas Mitchell of TX
Campbell, William of SC
Campbell, William B. of TN
Candler, Allen D. of GA
Cannon, Frank Jenne of UT
Cannon, Howard Walter of NV
Cannon, Joseph Gurney of IL
Cannon, Newton of TN
Cannon, William of DE
Cantwell, Maria E. of WA
Capehart, Homer Earl of IN
Caperton, Allen Taylor of WV
Caperton III, William Gaston of WV
Capper, Arthur of KS
Caraway, Thaddeus Horatius of AR
Carcieri, Donald L. of RI
Card II, Andrew Hill of MA
Cardin, Benjamin Louis of MD
Cardozo, Benjamin Nathan of NY
Carey, Hugh Leo of NY
Carey, Joseph Maul of WY
Carey, Robert Davis of WY
Cargo, David Francis of NM
Carlile, John Snyder of VA
Carlin II, John William of KS
Carlin II, Thomas of IL
Carlisle, John Griffin of KY
Carlson, Arne of MN
Carlson, George Alfred of CO
Carlson, Frank of KS
Carlton I, Doyle Elam of FL
Carlucci III, Frank Charles of PA
Carmack, Edward Ward of TN
Carnahan, Melvin Eugene "Mel" of MO
Carney II, John Charles of DE
Carney, Thomas of KS
Carpenter, Benjamin Platt of NY/MT
Carpenter, Cyrus Clay of IA
Carpenter (Carnahan), Jean Ann of MO
Carpenter, Matthew Hale of WI
Carper, Thomas Richard of DE
Carr, Caleb of RI
Carr, Elias of NC
Carroll, Beryl Franklin of IA
Carroll III, Charles of MD
Carroll II, Daniel of MD
Carroll, John Albert of CO
Carroll, John Lee of MD
Carroll, Julian Morton of KY
Carroll, Thomas King of MD
Carroll I, William of TN
Carruthers, Garrey Edward of NM
Carter, Ashton Baldwin of PA
Carter, George Robert of HI
Carter II, James E. of GA
Carter, James Patton Taylor of AZ/TN
Carter I, Robert of VA
Carter, Thomas Henry of MT
Carteret, Peter of NC
Carteret, Philip of NJ
Carvel, Elbert Norstrand of DE
Carver, John of MA/PL
Carville II, Edward Peter of NV
Cary, Thomas of VA/NC
Case II, Clifford Philip of NJ
Case, Francis Higbee of SD
Case, Norman Stanley of RI
Casey II, Lyman Rufus of ND
Casey I, Robert Patrick of PA
Casey II, Robert Patrick of PA
Cass, Lewis of MI
Casserly, Eugene of CA
Cassidy, William of LA
Castle, Michael Newbold of DE
Castro, Julian of TX
Castro, Raul Hector of AZ
Caswell, Richard of NC
Cathcart, Charles William of IN
Catron II, John of TN
Catron, Thomas Benton of NM
Cattell, Alexander Gilmore of NJ
Catts, Sidney Johnston of FL
Caulfield, Henry Stewart of MO
Causey, Peter F. of DE
Cavazos II, Lauro Fred of TX
Cayetano, Benjamin Jerome of HI
Celebrezze I, Anthony Joseph of OH
Celeste, Richard F. of OH
Cellucci III, Argeo Paul of MA
Chace, Jonathan of RI
Chadwick, Stephen Fowler of OR
Chafee II, John Lester Hubbard of RI
Chafee, Liincoln of RI
Chaffee, Jerome Bonaparte of CO
Chalmers, Joseph Williams of MS
Chamberlain II, Abiram of CT
Chamberlain, Daniel Henry of SC
Chamberlain, George Earle of OR
Chamberlain III, Joshua Lawrence of ME
Chambers, Ezekiel of MD
Chambers, Henry H. of AL
Chambers, John of IA/KY
Chambliss, Clarence Saxby of GA
Champlin V, Christopher Grant of RI
Chandler I, Albert Benjamin of KY
Chandler, John of ME
Chandler, William Eaton of NH
Chandler, Zachariah of MI
Chao, Elaine of NY
Chapin, Roy Dikeman of MI
Chapman, Oscar Littleton of CO
Chapman II, Reuben of AL
Charlton, Robert Milledge of GA
Chase II, Dudley of VT
Chase, Ira Joy of IN
Chase (Smith), Margaret Matilda of ME
Chase, Salmon Portland of OH
Chase, Samuel of MD
Chatterton, Fenimore of WY
Chavez, Dennis of NM
Cheney, Person Colby of NH
Cheney II, Richard B. of WY
Cherry, Francis Adams of AR
Cherry, Robert Gregg of NC
Chertoff, Michael B. of NJ
Chesnut II, James of SC
Cheves, Langdon of SC
Chiesa, Jeffrey S. of NJ
Chilcott, George Miles of CO
Chiles II, Lawton Mainor of FL
Chilton, Horace of TX
Chilton II, William Edwin of WV
Chipman, Nathaniel of VT
Chittenden, Martin of VT
Chittenden, Thomas of VT
Choate, Rufus of MA
Christiancy, Isaac Peckham of MI
Christianson, Paul Theodore of MN
Christie, Christopher James of NJ
Christopher, Warren Minor of CA
Chu, Steven of CA
Church III, Frank Forrester of ID
Church, Louis Kossuth of SD/NY
Churchill, Thomas James of AR
Cilley, Joseph of NH
Cisneros, Henry Gabriel of TX
Civiletti III, Benjamin Richard of NY
Claflin, William of MA
Claiborne I, William of VA
Claiborne, William Charles Cole of LA
Clapp, Moses Edwin of MN
Clark, Abraham of NJ
Clark, Alonzo Monroe of WY
Clark, Barzilla Worth of ID
Clark, Charles of MS
Clark, Chase Addison of ID
Clark, Clarence Don of WY
Clark II, Daniel of NH
Clark, Edward of TX
Clark, Henry Toole of NC
Clark, James of KY
Clark, James Beauchamp "Champ" of MO
Clark, Joel Bennett Champ of MO
Clark, John of DE
Clark, John of GA
Clark II, Joseph Sill of PA
Clark, Myron Holley of NY
Clark, Richard Clarence of IA
Clark, Thomas Campbell of TX
Clark, Walter Eli of AK
Clark, William of MO
Clark I, William Andrews of CT
Clark II, William Patrick of CA
Clark, William Ramsey of TX
Clarke, George of NY
Clarke, George Washington of IA
Clarke, James of IA
Clarke, James Paul of AR
Clarke, Jeremiah of RI
Clarke II, John Hessin of OH
Clarke III, John Hopkins of RI
Clarke, Walter of RI
Clauson, Clinton Amos of ME
Clay, Alexander Stephens of GA
Clay, Clement C. of AL
Clay I, Henry of KY
Clayton, John Middleton of DE
Clayton, Joshua of DE
Clayton, Powell of AR
Clayton, Thomas of DE
Clayton III, William of PA
Cleaves, Henry Bradstreet of ME
Cleland II, Joseph Maxwell "Max" of GA
Clemens, Jeremiah of AL
Clement, Frank Goad of TN
Clement, Percival Wood of VT
Clements, Earle Chester of KY
Clements II, William Perry of TX
Cleveland, Chauncey Fitch of CT
Cleveland, Stephen Grover of NY
Clifford, Clark McAdams of MO
Clifford, John Henry of MA
Clifford, Nathan of ME
Clingan, William of PA
Clingman, Thomas Lanier of NC
Clinton, George of NY
Clinton, Hillary Diane Rodham of NY
Clinton, William Jefferson of AR
Clough, David Marston of MN
Clyde, George Dewey of UT
Clymer, George of PA
Coats, Daniel Ray of IN
Cobb I, Howell of GA
Cobb, Rufus Wills of AL
Cobb, Thomas Willis of GA
Cobb, William Titcomb of ME
Coburn, Abner of ME
Coburn, Thomas Allen of OK
Cochran, John Price of DE
Cochran, Robert Leroy of NE
Cochran II, William Thad of MS
Cocke, William of TN
Cockrell, Francis Marion of MO
Coddington I, William of RI
Coddington II, William of RI
Codey, Richard James of NJ
Coffin, Owen Vincent of CT
Coggeshall, John of RI
Cohen, John Sanford of GA
Cohen, Wilbur Joseph of WI
Cohen, William Sebastian of ME
Coke, Richard of TX
Colby, Anthony of NH
Colby, Samuel Bainbridge of NY
Colcord, Roswell Keyes of NV
Colden, Cadwallader of NY
Cole, Cornelius of CA
Cole, George Edward of WA
Coleman, James Plemon of MS
Coleman II, Norman Bertrand of MN
Coleman, Norman Jay of MO
Coleman II, William Thaddeus of PA
Coles, Edward of IL
Colfax II, Samuel of IN
Collamer, Jacob of VT
Colleton, James of SC
Collier, Henry Watkins of AL
Collins II, John of DE
Collins, John of RI
Collins, Susan Margaret of ME
Collins, Thomas of DE
Collins, Thomas LeRoy of FL
Colquitt, Alfred Holt of GA
Colquitt, Oscar Branch of TX
Colquitt, Walter Terry of GA
Colt, LeBaron Bradford of RI
Colton, George Radcliffe of NE
Colve, Anthony Governor of NN/NY/NJ
Combs, Bertram Thomas of KY
Comegys III, Cornelius Parsons of DE
Comegys, Joseph Parsons of DE
Comer, Braxton Bragg of AL
Comstock II, William Alfred of MI
Conant, Roger of MA
Condit, John of NJ
Cone, Frederick Preston of FL
Conger, Omar Dwight of MI
Conkling, Roscoe of NY
Conley II, William Gustavus of WV
Connally III, John Bowden of TX
Connally, Thomas Terry of TX
Connelly, Henry of NM
Conness, John of CA
Connor, John Thomas of NY
Connor, Seldon of ME
Conover, Simon Barclay of FL
Conrad, Charles Magill of LA
Conrad II, Gaylord Kent of ND
Converse, Julius of VT
Conway, Elias Nelson of AR
Conway, James Sevier of AR
Cony IV, Samuel of ME
Coode II, John of MD
Cook, John of DE
Cook, Marlow Webster of KY
Cooke, Arthur of PA
Cooke, Lorrin Alamson of CT
Cooke, Nicholas of RI
Coolidge, Carlos of VT
Coolidge II, John Calvin of MA
Coolidge, Marcus Allen of MA
Cooney, Frank Henry of MT
Coons, Christopher Andrew of DE
Cooper, Anthony Ashley of SC
Cooper, Henry of TN
Cooper, James of PA
Cooper, Job Adams of CO
Cooper II, John Sherman of KY
Cooper, Myers Y. of OH
Cooper, Peter of NY
Cooper, Robert Archer of SC
Cooper III, Roy Asberry of NC
Cooper, William Barkley of DE
Cooper II, William Prentice of TN
Coote, Richard (Earl of Bellomont) of NY
Copeland (Fallin) (Christiansen), Mary of OK
Copeland, Royal Samuel of NY
Copley, Sir Lionel of MD
Corbett, Henry Winslow of OR
Corbett II, Thomas W. of PA
Cordon, Guy of OR
Corker II, Robert Phillips of TN
Cornell, Alonzo Barton of NY
Corning I, Erastus of NY
Cornwell, John Jacob of WV
Cortelyou, George Bruce of NY
Cortez (Masto), Catherine Marie of NV
Corwin, Thomas
Corzine, Jon Stevens of NJ
Cosby, William of NY/NJ
Cosgrove, Samuel Goodlove of WA
Costanzo (Duke), Elaine of OH
Costigan, Edward Prentiss of CO
Costle, Douglas Michael of CT
Cotton, Norris H. of NH
Cotton IV, Thomas Bryant of AR
Couzens II, James Joseph of MI
Coverdale (Ingram) (Minner), Ruth Ann of DE
Coverdell, Paul Douglas of GA
Cowan II, William Maurice of MA
Cowper, Stephen Camberleng "Steve" AK
Cox, Channing Harris of MA
Cox, Jacob Dolson of OH
Cox I, James Middleton of OH
Cox, John Isaac of TN
Coxe, Daniel of NJ
Cowan, Edgar of PA
Cozzens, William Cole of RI
Cradock III, Matthew of MA
Crafts, Samuel C. of VT
Cragg, Jeffrey Elliott of DE
Cragin II, Aaron Harrison of NH
Craig, George North of IN
Craig, Larry Edwin of ID
Craig, Locke of NC
Crane, Arthur Griswold of WY
Crane, Winthrop Murray of MA
Cranfield, Edward of NH
Cranston, Alan MacGregor of CA
Cranston, John of RI
Cranston, Samuel of RI
Crapo, Henry Howland of MA/MI
Crapo, Michael Dean of ID
Craven, Charles of SC
Crawford, Coe Isaac of SD
Crawford, George Walker of GA
Crawford, Samuel Johnson of KS
Crawford, William Harris of GA
Creswell III, John Angel James of MD
Crippa, Edward David of WY
Crisp I, Charles Frederick of GA
Crist II, Charles Joseph of FL
Crittenden, John J. of KY
Crittenden, Robert of AR/KY
Crittenden, Thomas Theodore of MO
Crosby, John Schuyler of MT
Crosby, Robert Berkey of NE
Crosby II, William George of ME
Cross II, Burton Melvin of ME
Cross, Wilbur Lucius of CT
Croswell, Charles Miller of MI
Crothers, Austin Lane of MD
Crounse, Lorenzo of NE
Crow I, William Evans of PA
Crowninshield, Benjamin Williams of MA
Crozier, Robert of KS
Cruce, Lee of OK
Cruz II, Rafael Edward of TX
Culberson, Charles Allen of TX
Cullom, Shelby Moore of IL
Culp (Hobby), Oveta of TX
Culpeper, 2nd Baron Culpeper of Thoresway, Thomas of VA
Culver, Chester John of IA
Culver, John Chester of IA
Culver (Ernst), Joni Kay of IA
Cuming, Thomas Barney of NE
Cumming, Alfred of GA/UT
Cummings, Alexander of CO
Cummings, Homer Stille of CT
Cummins, Albert Baird of IA
Cunningham, Russell McWhorter of AL
Cuomo, Andrew Mark of NY
Cuomo, Mario Matthew of NY
Curley, James Michael of MA
Currier II, Moody of NH
Curry II, George Alexander of NM
Curry II, George Law of OR
Curtin, Andrew Gregg of PA
Curtis V, Benjamin Robbins of MA
Curtis, Charles B. of KS
Curtis, Carl Thomas of NE
Curtis, Kenneth Merwin of ME
Curtis, Oakley Chester of ME
Cushing, Caleb of MA
Cushing III, Thomas of MA
Cushing, William of MA
Cuthbert, Alfred of GA
Cuthbert, Seth John of GA
Cutler III, John Christopher of UT
Cutler, Nathan of ME
Cutter (Lingle) (Crockett), Linda of HI
Cutting, Bronson Monroe of NM/NY
Cutts, Charles of NH
Cutts III, John of NH

Daggett, David of CT
Daines, Steven Daly of MT
D'Alesandro (Pelosi), Nancy of MD/CA
D'Alesandro II, Thomas J. of MD
Dale, Charles Milby of NH
Dale, Porter Hinman of VT
Dale, Thomas of VA
Daley, William Michael of IL
Dallas, Alexander James of PA
Dallas, George Mifflin of PA
Dalrymple III, John Stewart "Jack" of ND
Dalton, John Montgomery of MO
Dalton, John N. of VA
Dalton, Tristram of MA
Dalton, Walter Harvey of NC
D'Amato, Alfonse Martello of NY
Dana, Francis of MA
Dana, John W. of ME
Dana, Judah of ME
Dana, Samuel Whittlesey of CT
Danaher I, John Anthony of CT
Danforth, John Claggett of MO
Daniel, Charles Ezra of SC
Daniel, John Warwick of VA
Daniel I, Peter Vivian of VA
Daniel, Price of TX
Daniell, Robert of SC
Daniels II, Josephus of NC
Daniels II, Mitchell Elias of IN
Darby, Harry Smith of KS
Darden II, Colgate W. of VA
Darman, Richard Gordon of RI
Daschle, Thomas Andrew of SD
Daugaard, Dennis M. of SD
Daugherty, Harry Micajah of OH
Davenport, Franklin of NJ
Davenport, John of CT
Davey, Martin L. of OH
Davidson, James Ole of WI
Davie, William Richardson of NC
Davies, Myrick of GA
Davis, Cushman Kellogg of MN
Davis II, David of IL
Davis, Daniel Franklin of ME
Davis, David William of ID
Davis, Deane Chandler of VT
Davis, Dwight Filley of MO
Davis, Edmund Jackson of TX
Davis, Garrett of KY
Davis II, George Whitefield of CT
Davis, Harry L. of OH
Davis, Henry Gassway of WV
Davis, James Houston of LA
Davis, James John of PA
Davis I, Jefferson of AR
Davis, Jefferson of MS
Davis, Jehu/John of DE
Davis, John of MA
Davis, John Edward of ND
Davis II, John Wesley of IN
Davis II, John William of RI
Davis II, Jonathan McMillan of KS
Davis II, Joseph Graham "Gray" of CA
Davis, Westmoreland of VA
Dawes, Charles Gates of OH
Dawes, Henry Laurens of MA
Dawes, James W. of NE
Dawes, Thomas of MA
Dawson II, John W. of IN/UT
Dawson, William Crosby of GA
Dawson, William Mercer Owens of WV
Day II, James Edward of IL
Day (O’Connor), Sandra of AZ
Day, William Rufus of OH
Dayton, Jonathan of NJ
Dayton, Mark Brandt of MN
Dayton I, William Lewis of NJ
Deal, John Nathan of GA
Dean III, Howard Brush of VT
Dearborn I, Henry of MA
de Baca, Ezequiel Cabeza of NM
Deboe, William Joseph of KY
DeConcini, Dennis Webster of AZ
De Lancey, James of NY
Delano, Columbus of OH
Del Sesto, Christopher of RI
DeMint, James Warren of SC
Dempsey, John Joseph of NM
Dempsey, John Noel of CT
Denby, Edwin of MI
Deneen, Charles Samuel of IL
Denney III, William Du Hamel of DE
Dennis, George Robertson of MD
Dennison II, William of OH
Denny, William of PA
Denton II, Jeremiah Andrew of AL
Denver, James William of OH/CA/KS
Dent, George of MD
Dent, Frederick Bailey of MD
Depew, Chauncey Mitchell of NY
De Peyster I, Abraham of NY
Derbigny, Pierre Auguste Charles Bourguignon of LA
Dern, George Henry of UT
Derwinski, Edward Joseph of IL
DeSaussure, William Ford of SC
Desha, Joseph of KY
Destrehan III, Jean Noel of LA
Deukmejian II, Courken George of CA
Devens II, Charles of MA
Dever, Paul Andrew of MA
Devine, Joseph McMurray of ND
De Vries, David Pieterzen of NN
De Wolf, James of RI
Dexter, Gregory of RI
Dexter III, Samuel of MA
Dewey, Nelson Webster of WI
Dewey, Thomas Edmund of NY
DeWine II, Richard Michael of OH
D'Hinoyossa, Alexander of NN
Dial, Nathaniel Barksdale of SC
Dick, Charles William Frederick of OH
Dickerson I, Denver Sylvester of NV
Dickerson, Mahlon of NJ
Dickerson, Philemon of NJ
Dickinson II, Daniel Stevens of NY
Dickinson, Donold McDonald of MI
Dickinson, Jacob McGavock of MS
Dickinson, John of DE/PA
Dickinson, Lester Jesse of IA
Dickinson, Luren Dudley of MI
Dickinson, Philemon of NJ
Dieterich, William Henry of IL
Dietrich, Charles Henry of NE
DiFrancesco, Donald Thomas of NJ
Digges, Edward of VA
Digges, William of MD
Dill, Clarence Cleveland of WA
Dillingham III, Paul of VT
Dillingham, William Paul of VT
Dillon II, Clarence Douglas of NY
Dillon II, Richard Charles of NM
Diman, Byron of RI
Dimond, Francis Moore of RI
Dingley II, Edward Nelson of ME
Dinsmoor I, Samuel of NH
Dinsmoor II, Samuel of NH
Dinwiddie, Robert of VA
DiPrete, Edward Daniel of RI
Dirksen, Everett McKinley of IL
DiSalle, Michael V. of OH
Dix, John Adams of NY
Dix, John Alden of NY
Dixon, Archibald of KY
Dixon II, Frank Murray of AL
Dixon, James of CT
Dixon, Joseph Moore of MT
Dixon I, Nathan Fellows of RI
Dixon III, Nathan Fellows of RI
Doak, William Nuckles of VA
Dobbin, James Cochrane of NC
Dobbs, Arthur of NC
Dockery, Alexander Monroe of MO
Docking, George of KS
Docking, Robert Blackwell of KS
Dodd, Christopher John of CT
Dodd III, Thomas Joseph of CT
Dodge, Augustus Caesar of IA
Dodge II, Joseph Morrell of MI
Dodge, Henry of WI
Dole, Robert Joseph of KS
Dole, Sanford Ballard of HI
Dolliver, Jonathan Prentiss of IA
Dolph, Joseph Norton of OR
Domenici, Pietro Vichi "Pete" of NM
Dominick, Peter Hoyt of CO/NY
Donaghey, George Washington of AR
Donahey, A. Victor of OH
Donaldson, Jesse Monroe of IL
Donelson, Andrew Jackson of TN
Dongan, Thomas of NY
Donilon, Thomas E. of RI
Donnell, Forrest C. of MO
Donnelly II, Phillip Matthew of MO
Donovan, Raymond James of NJ
Doolittle, James Rood of WI
Dorgan, Byron Leslie of ND
Dorsey, Hugh Manson of GA
Dorsey, Stephen Wallace of AR
Doty, James Duane of WI/UT
Douglas, Paul of IL
Douglas II, Stephen Arnold of IL
Douglas II, William Lewis of MA
Douglas II, William Orville of WA
Downey, John Gately of CA
Downey, Sheridan of CA
Downs, Solomon Weathersbee of LA
Doxey, Wall of MS
Doyle IV, James Edward of WI
Drake, Charles Daniel of MO
Drake, Francis Marion of IA
Draper I, Eben Sumner of MA
Drayton, William Henry of SC
Drew, George Franklin of FL
Drew, Irving Webster of NH
Drew, Thomas Stevenson of AR
Dreyfus I, Lee Sherman of WI
Drinkwine (Brewer), Janice Kay of AZ
Driscoll II, Alfred Eastlack of NJ
Drummond, William of NC
Dryden III, John Fairfield of NJ
Drysdale, Hugh of VA
Duane, James of NY
Duane I, William John of PA
Duane II, William John of PA
Dubois, Fred Thomas of ID/IL
Duckworth (Bowlesbey), Ladda Tammy of IL
Dudley II, Charles Edward of NY
Dudley, Edward Bishop of NC
Dudley , Joseph of MA/NH
Dudley, Thomas of MA
Duer, William of NY
Duff, James Henderson of PA
Duffy II, Francis Ryan of WI
Dukakis, Michael Stanley of MA
Dulany II, David of MD
Dulles, John Foster of NY
Dummer, William of MA
Dunbar, Daniel of NH
Duncan, Arne of IL
Duncan II, Charles William of TX
Duncan II, Joseph of IL
Dunklin, Daniel of MO
Dunlap, Robert Pinckney of ME
Dunlop III, John Thomas of CA
Dunn, Bryant Winfield Culbeson of TN
Dunne, Edward Fitzsimmons of IL
Dunning, Paris Chipman of IN
du Pont II, Henry Algernon of DE
du Pont IV, Pierre S. of DE
du Pont, Thomas Coleman of DE
Dupre, Jacques of LA
Durbin, Richard Joseph of IL
Durbin, Winfield Taylor of IN
Durenberger, David Ferdinand of MN
Durkee, Charles of WI
Durkin, John Anthony of NH
Durkin, Martin Patrick of IL
Dutton, Henry of CT
Duval, Gabriel of MD
Duval II, William Pope of FL
Dwinell, Seymour Lane of NH
Dworshak II, Henry Clarence of ID
Dyer II, Elisha of RI
Dyer III, Elisha of RI

Eagle, James Philip of AR
Eagleburger, Lawrence Sidney of WI
Eagleton, Thomas Francis of MO
Earl, Anthony Scully of WI
Earle, Elias of SC
Earle III, George Howard of PA
Earle, Joseph Haynesworth of SC
Early, Peter of GA
Easley, Michael Francis of NC
East II, Edward Hazzard of TN
East, John Porter of NC
Eastchurch, Thomas of NC
Eastland, James Oliver of MS
Easton, John of RI
Easton, Nicholas of RI
Eaton, Benjamin Harrison of CO
Eaton, Horace of VT
Eaton II, John Henry of TN/FL
Eaton, Theophilus of CT
Eaton, William Wallace of CT
Eberhart, Adolph Olson of MN
Eberle, William Denman of ID
Ecton, Zales Nelson of MT
Eden, Charles of NC
Eden, Robert of MD
Edgar, James of IL
Edge, Walter Evans of NJ
Edgerton, Alonzo Jay of MN
Edgerton, Sidney of OH/ID/MT
Edison, Charles of NJ
Edmondson, James Howard of OK
Edmunds, George Frederick of VT
Edmunds, Newton of SD
Edwards, Edward Irving of NJ
Edwards, Edwin Washington of LA
Edwards, Henry W. of CT
Edwards, James Burrows of SC
Edwards, John Cummins of MO
Edwards, John Henry of KY
Edwards, Johnny Reid "John" of NC
Edwards, Ninian of IL
Egan, William Allen of AK
Ehringhaus, John Christoph Blucher of NC
Ehrlich II, Robert Leroy of MD
Eisenhower, Dwight D. of KS
Elbert, Samuel of GA
Elbert, Samuel Hitt of CO
Elkins, Davis of WV
Elkins, Stephen Benton of WV
Ellender, Allen Joseph of LA
Ellerbe II, William Haselden of SC
Ellery II, Christopher of RI
Ellery II, William of RI
Ellington, Earl Buford of TN
Elliot, Andrew of NY
Elliott III, John of GA
Ellis, Henry of GA
Ellis, John Willis of NC
Ellis, Powhatan of MS
Ellsworth, William W. of CT
Elmer, Jonathan of NJ
Elmore, Franklin Harper of SC
Elrod, Samuel Harrison of SD
Elthon, Leo of IA
Ely, Joseph Buell of MA
Emanuel II, David of GA
Emerson I, Frank Collins of WY
Emerson, Lee Earl of VT
Emery, George W. of UT
Emken, Elizabeth Diane of CA
Emmerson, Louis Lincoln of IL
Endicott, John of MA
Endicott II, William Crowninshield of MA
Engle, Clair William Walter of CA
Engler, John Mathias of MI
English, James Edward of CT
English I, William Hayden of IN
Ensign, John Eric of NV
Enzi, Michael Bradley of WY
Eppes, John Wayles of VA
Erbe, Norman Arthur of IA
Erickson, John Edward of MT
Ernst, Richard Pretlow of KY
Ervin II, Sam James of NC
Espy, Alphonso Michael of MS
Eustis, James Biddle of LA
Eustis, William of MA
Evans II, Daniel Jackson of WA
Evans, Donald Louis of TX
Evans, George of ME
Evans, John of CO
Evans, John of PA
Evans, John Gary of SC
Evans, John Victor of ID
Evans, Josiah James of SC
Evarts, William Maxwell of NY
Everard, Richard of NC
Everett, Edward of MA
Ewen, William of GA
Ewing I, Thomas of OH
Ewing, William Lee Davidson of IL
Exon II, John James of NE

Fair, James Graham of NV
Fairbanks, Charles W. of OH
Fairbanks, Erastus of VT
Fairbanks, Horace of VT
Fairchild, Charles Stebbins of NY
Fairchild, Lucius of WI
Faircloth, Duncan McLauchlin of NC
Fairfax, Thomas of VA
Fairfield, John of ME
Fall, Albert Bacon of NM
Fancher, Frederick Bartlett of ND
Fannin, Paul Jones of AZ
Farley II, James Aloysius of NY
Farley, James Thompson of CA
Farnham II, Roswell of VT
Farnsworth, Daniel Duane Tompkins of WV
Farrar, Frank Leroy of SD
Farrington, Wallace Rider of HI
Farwell, Charles Benjamin of IL
Farwell, Leonard James of WI
Farwell, Nathan Allen of ME
Faubus, Orval Eugene of AR
Faulk, Andrew Jackson of SD
Faulkner II, Charles James of WV/VA
Feazel II, William Crosson of LA
Feingold, Russell Dana of WI
Felch, Alpheus of MI
Felker, Samuel Demeritt of NH
Felton, Charles Norton of CA
Fendall, Josias of MD
Fenner, Arthur of RI
Fenner, James of RI
Fenton, Reuben Eaton of NY
Ferguson, Homer Samuel of MI
Ferguson III, James Edward of TX
Ferguson, Thompson Benton of OK
Fernald, Albert Manfred of ME
Ferraro (Zaccaro), Geraldine Ann of NY
Ferris, Woodbridge Nathan of MI
Ferry, Elisha Peyre of WI
Ferry, Orris Sanford of CT
Ferry, Thomas White of MI
Fess, Simeon Davison of OH
Fessenden, William Pitt of ME
Few II, William of GA
Fickes (Hawkins), Paula of FL
Field, Richard Stockton of NJ
Field, Stephen Johnson of CA
Fielder, James Fairman of NJ
Fields, William Jason of KY
Fifer, Joseph Wilson of IL
Filip, Mark R. of IL
Fillmore, Millard of NY
Finch, Charles Clifton "Cliff" of MS
Finch II, Robert Hutchison of CA
Findlay, James of OH
Findlay, William of PA
Fine, John Sydney of PA
Fish I, Hamilton of NY
Fishback, William Meade of AR
Fisher, John Stuchell of PA
Fisher, Walter Lowrie of IL
Fisk, James of VT
Fitch, Graham Newell of IN
Fitch, Thomas of CT
Fitzgerald, Frank Dwight of MI
Fitzgerald, Peter Gosselin of IL
Fitzgerald I, Thomas of MI
Fitzpatrick, Benjamin of AL
FitzSimons, Thomas of PA
Flake, Jeffrey Lane of AZ
Flanagan, James Winright of TX
Flanagin, Harris of AR
Flanders, Alvan of WA
Flanders, Benjamin of LA
Flanders, Ralph Edward of VT
Fleming, Aretas Brooks of WV
Fleming, Francis Philip of FL
Fleming, William of VA
Flemming, Arthur Sherwood of NY
Fletcher I, Allen Miller of VT
Fletcher, Benjamin of NY
Fletcher, Duncan Upshaw of FL
Fletcher, Ernie Lee of KY
Fletcher, Ryland of VT
Fletcher, Thomas Clement of MO
Flint II, Frank Putnam of CA
Florio, James Joseph of NJ
Flower, Roswell Pettibone of NY
Floyd, Charles Miller of NH
Floyd, John of VA
Floyd, John Buchanan of VA
Floyd, William of NY
Flynn, William Smith of RI
Fogg, George Gilman of NH
Foley, Thomas Stephen of WA
Folger, Charles James of NY
Folk, Joseph Wingate of MO
Folsom I, James Elisha of AL
Folsom II, James Elisha of AL
Folsom, Marion Bayard of GA
Fong II, Hiram Leong of HI
Foote, Henry Stuart of MS
Foote, Samuel Augustus of CT
Foote II, Solomon of VT
Foraker, Joseph B. of OH
Forbes II, William Cameron of MA
Ford II, Gerald Rudolph of MI
Ford, Samuel Clarence of MT
Ford, Seabury of OH
Ford, Thomas of IL
Ford, Wendell Hampton of KY
Fordice II, Daniel Kirkwood "Kirk" of MS
Forrestal II, James Vincent of NY
Forsyth, John of GA
Fort, George Franklin of NJ
Fort, John Franklin of NJ
Fortas, Abe of TN
Forward I, Walter of PA
Foss, Eugene Noble of MA
Foss, Joseph Jacob of SD
Foster, Addison Gardner of WA
Foster, Charles of OH
Foster, Dwight of MA
Foster, Ephraim Hubbard of TN
Foster, Henry Allen of NY
Foster, John Watson of IN
Foster, Lafayette Sabine of CT
Foster I, Murphy James of LA
Foster III, Murphy James "Mike" of LA
Foster, Theodore of RI
Fowle, Daniel Gould of NC
Fowler, Henry Hammill of VA
Fowler, Joseph Smith of TN
Fowler II, Wyche of GA
Foxx, Anthony Renard of NC
Fragos (Townsend), Frances Mary of NY
France III, Joseph Irwin of MD
Francis, David Rowland of MO
Francis II, John Brown of RI
Franken, Alan Stuart of MN
Frankfurter, Felix of NY
Franklin, Benjamin of PA
Franklin, Benjamin Joseph of AZ
Franklin, Jesse of NC
Frantz, Frank Christian of OK
Frazier I, James Beriah of TN
Frazier, Lynn Joseph of ND
Frear II, Joseph Allen of DE
Frear II, Walter Francis of HI
Freeman II, Orville Lothrop of MN
Frelinghuysen, Frederick Theodore of NJ
Frelinghuysen III, Frederick Theodore of NJ
Frelinghuysen, Joseph Sherman of NJ
Frelinghuysen, Theodore of NJ
Fremont, John Charles of CA
French, Augustus Chaflin of IL
Freneau, Peter of SC
Freudenthal, David Duane of WY
Frist, William Harrison of TN
Froman, Michael B.G. of CA
Fromentin, Eligius of LA
Frye, William Pierce of ME
Fulbright, James William of AR
Fuller II, Alvan Tufts of MA
Fuller, Levi Knight of VT
Fuller, Melville Weston of IL
Fuller I, William of MD
Fulton, Charles William of OR
Fulton, Robert David of IA
Fulton, William Savin of AR
Fuqua, Henry Luse of LA
Furcolo, John Foster of MA
Furnas, Robert Wilkinson of NE
Futrell, Junius Marion of AR

Gage, Henry Tifft of CA
Gage, John Robert "Jack" of WY
Gage, Lyman Judson of IL
Gage, Thomas of MA
Gaillard II, John of SC
Gaines, John Pollard of OR
Gale, Joseph of OR
Gallatin, Abraham Alfonse Albert of PA
Gallen III, Hugh J. of NH
Gallinger II, Jacob Harold of NH
Galloway, Joseph of PA
Galusha, Jonas of VT
Gamble, Hamilton Rowan of MO
Gamble II, Robert Jackson of SD
Gambrell, David Henry of GA
Garber, Silas of NE
Garcelon I, Alonzo Marston of ME
Gardiner, William Tudor of ME
Gardner, Booth of WA
Gardner, Cory Scott of CO
Gardner, Frederick Dozier of MO
Gardner III, Henry Joseph of MA
Gardner, John William of CA
Gardner, Obadiah of ME
Gardner II, Oliver Maxwell of NC
Garfield I, James Abram of OH
Garfield II, James Rudolph of OH
Garland, Augustus Hill of AR
Garn, Edwin Jacob "Jake" of UT
Garner III, John Nance of TX
Garrahy II, John Joseph of RI
Garrard, James of KY
Garrison, Lindley Miller of NJ
Garrison, William Lloyd of MA
Garst, Warren of IA
Garvey, Daniel Edward of AZ
Garvin, Lucius Fayette Clark of RI
Gary II, Franklin Boyd of SC
Gary II, James Albert of MD
Gary, Raymond Dancel of OK
Gaston I, William of MA
Gates, Charles Winslow of VT
Gates, Ralph Fesler of IN
Gates, Robert Michael of KS
Gates, Thomas of VA
Gates II, Thomas Sovereign of PA
Gates IV, William Henry "Bill" of WA
Gay, Edward James of LA
Gayle, John of AL
Gear, John Henry of IA
Gearin II, John Mcdermeid of OR
Geary, John White of CA/KS/PA
Geddes, John of SC
Geer, Theodore Thurston of OR
Geithner, Timothy Franz of NY
Genet, Edmund Charles Edouard of NY
George, James Zachariah of MS
George, Walter Franklin of GA
Geringer, James Edward of WY
German, Obadiah of NY
Gerry I, Elbridge of MA
Gerry, Peter Goelet of MA/RI
Geyer, Henry Sheffie of MO
Gholson, Richard Dickerson of WA
Gibbes, Robert of SC
Gibbons, James Arthur of NV
Gibbs, Addison Crandall of OR
Gibbs, John of NC
Gibbs, William Chandler of RI
Gibson, Charles Hopper of MD
Gibson I, Ernest Willard of VT
Gibson II, Ernest William of VT
Gibson, John of IN
Gibson, Paris of ME
Gibson, Randall Lee of LA
Gibson IV, Sloan Duncan of DC
Giddings, Marsh of NM
Gilbert, Abijah of FL
Gilbert, Carl Joyce of NJ
Gilbert, Newton Whiting of IN
Gilchrist, Albert Waller of FL
Giles, William Branch of VA
Gillett, Frederick Huntington of MA
Gillett, Guy Mark of IA
Gillett, James Norris of CA
Gillette, Francis of CT
Gilligan, John J. of OH
Gilman II, Nicholas of NH
Gilmer, George R. of GA
Gilmer, Thomas Walker of VA
Gilmore, Eugene Allen of NE
Gilmore III, James Stuart of VA
Gilmore, Joseph Albree of NH
Gilpin, Henry Dilworth of PA
Gilpin, William of PA/CO
Gingrich, Newton Leroy of GA
Gist, William Henry of SC
Giuliani, Rudolph William Louis of NY
Glascock, William of GA
Glass, Carter of VA
Glasscock, William Ellsworth of WV
Glen, James of SC
Glendening, Parris Nelson of MD
Glenn II, John Herschel of OH
Glenn, Otis Ferguson of IL
Glenn, Robert Brodnax of NC
Glick, George Washington of KS
Glickman, Daniel Robert of KS
Glover, William of NC
Glynn II, Martin Henry of NY
Gober, Hershel Wayne of AR
Goddard II, Samuel Pearson of AZ
Godfrey, John of SC
Godwin II, Mills E. of VA
Goebel, William of KY
Goff, Guy Despard of WV
Goff, Nathan of WV
Goldberg, Arthur Joseph of IL
Goldman (Berman) (Feinstein) (Blum), Dianne Emiel of CA
Goldsborough, Charles of MD
Goldsborough, Phillips Lee of MD
Goldsborough IV, Robert Henry of MD
Goldschmidt, Neil Edward of OR
Goldthwaite, George Thomas of AL
Goldwater II, Barry Morris of AZ
Gonzales, Alberto of TX
Good, James William of IA
Goodell II, Charles Ellsworth of NY
Goodell, David Harvey of NH
Goodhue II, Benjamin of MA
Gooding, Frank Robert of ID
Goodland, Walter Samuel of WI
Goodrich, Chauncey of CT
Goodrich, James Putnam of IN
Goodwin, Carte Patrick of WV
Goodwin, Ichabod of NH
Goodwin, John Noble of AZ
Gookin, Charles of PA
Gordon, James Robert of MS
Gordon III, James Wright of MI
Gordon, John Brown of GA
Gordon, Kermt of PA
Gordon, Patrick of PA
Gore I, Albert Arnold of TN
Gore II, Albert Arnold of TN
Gore, Christopher of MA
Gore, Howard Mason of WV
Gore I, Robert Hayes of IN/PR
Gore II, Thomas Pryor of OK
Gorges, Ferdinando of ME
Gorges, Thomas of ME
Gorges, William of ME
Gorham II, Nathaniel of MA
Gorman I, Arthur Pue of MD
Gorman, Willis Arnold of MN
Gorsuch, Neil McGill of CO
Gorton, Samuel of RI
Gorton III, Thomas Slade of WA
Gosper, John Jay of NE/AZ
Gossett, Charles Clinton of ID
Gould, Arthur Robinson of ME
Graham, Daniel Robert of FL
Graham, Frank Porter of NC
Graham, George of VA
Graham, Horace French of VT
Graham, Lindsey Olin of SC
Graham, Patrick of GA
Graham, William Alexander of NC
Gramm, William Philip "Phil" of TX
Grammer, Elijah Sherman of WA
Grams, Rodney Dwight of MN
Granger, Francis of NY
Granger II, Gideon of CT
Granholm, Jennifer of MI
Grant, James Benton of CO
Grant, Ulysses S. of OH
Grason, William of MD
Grassley, Charles Ernest of IA
Gravel, Maurice Robert "Mike" of AK
Graves, David Bibb AL
Graves III, William Preston of KS
Gray, George of DE
Gray II, Horace of MA
Gray, Isaac Pusey of IN
Grayson, William of VA
Green, Duff of MO
Green, Dwight Herbert of IL
Green II, James Stephens of MO
Green, Nehemiah of KS
Green, Robert Stockton of NJ
Green, Theodore Francis of RI
Green, Warren Everett of SD
Greenbury, Nicholas of MD
Greene, Albert Collins of RI
Greene, Frank Lester of VT
Greene II, Nathaniel of RI
Greene, Ray of RI
Greene, Thomas of MD
Greene I, William of RI
Greene II, William of RI
Greenhalge, Frederick Thomas of MA
Greenly, William Lawrence of MI
Greenup, Christopher of KY
Greer (Stabenow) (Athans), Deborah Ann of MI
Gregg II, Andrew of PA
Gregg, Hugh of NH
Gregg, John R. of IN
Gregg, Judd Alan of NH
Gregory, John Munford of VA
Gregory, Thomas Watt of TX
Gregory II, William J. of RI
Greitens, Eric Robert of MO
Gresham, Walter Quintin of IN
Grier, Robert Cooper of PA
Griffin, Robert Paul of MI
Griffin, Samuel Marvin of GA
Griggs, John William of NJ
Grimes, James Wilson of IA
Grimes, William C. (Acting Governor) of OK
Griswold III, Dwight Palmer of NE
Griswold, Matthew of CT
Griswold, Morley Isaac of NV
Griswold, Roger of CT
Griswold, Stanley of OH
Groesbeck, Alexander Joseph of MI
Gronna, Asle Jorgenson of ND
Gronouski II, John Austin of WI
Groome, James Black of MD
Grout II, Josiah of VT
Grover, LaFayette of OR
Grow, Galusha Aaron of PA
Gruening, Ernest Henry of AK
Grundy, Felix of TN
Grundy, Joseph Ridgway of PA
Gubbrud, Archie M. of SD
Guerard, Benjamin of SC
Guffey, Joseph F. of PA
Guggenheim, Simon of CO
Guild III, Curtis of MA
Guinn, Kenneth Carroll of NV
Guion I, John Isaac of MS
Guion, Walter of LA
Gunderson, Carl of SD
Gunn, James of GA
Gunter, Julius Caldeen of CO
Gurney II, Edward John of FL
Gurney, John Chandler of SC
Guthrie II, James of KY
Gutierrez, Carlos Miguel of MI
Guy II, William Lewis of ND
Gwin I, William McKendree of CA
Gwinnett, Button of GA

Habersham II, James of GA
Habersham, Joseph of GA
Hackman (Franklin) (Barnes), Barbara
Hadley, Herbert Spencer of MO
Hadley, Ozra Amander of AR
Hagaman II, Frank Leslie of KS
Hagel, Charles Timothy "Chuck" of NE
Hager III, John Sharpenstein of CA
Hagerman, Herbert James of NM
Hagood, Johnson of SC
Hahn, Michael of LA
Haig II, Meigs Alexander of PA
Haight, Henry Huntly of CA
Haile I, William of NH
Haines, Daniel of NJ
Haines, John Michiner of ID
Haines, William Thomas of ME
Hale, Eugene of ME
Hale, Frederick of ME
Hale II, John Parker of NH
Hale II, Samuel Whitney of NH
Hale, William of WY
Hall II, David of DE
Hall II, Frederick Lee of KS
Hall, Hiland of VT
Hall II, John Hubert of OR
Hall II, John Wood of DE
Hall, Joshua of ME
Hall, Luther Egbert of LA
Hall, Lyman of GA
Hall (Collins), Martha Layne of KY
Hall, Nathan Kelsey of NY
Hall, Willard Preble of MO
Hall, William of TN
Hall, Wilton Earle of SC
Hamilton I, Alexander of NY
Hamilton, Andrew of NJ/PA
Hamilton, Andrew Jackson of TX
Hamilton, 1st Earl of Orkney, George of VA
Hamilton, James of PA
Hamilton II, James of SC
Hamilton, John of NJ
Hamilton, John Marshall of IL
Hamilton, Morgan Calvin of TX
Hamilton, Paul of SC
Hamilton, William Thomas of MD
Hamlin I, Hannibal of ME
Hammond, Abram Adams of IN
Hammond, James Henry of SC
Hammond, Jay Sterner of AK
Hammond, Winfield Scott of MN
Hampton III, Wade of SC
Hancock, John of MA
Handley, George of GA
Handley II, Harold Willis of IN
Hanford (Dole), Elizabeth of NC
Hanly, James Frank of IN
Hanna, Louis Benjamin of ND
Hanna, Marcus Alonzo of OH
Hanna II, Robert of IN
Hannegan, Edward Allen of IN
Hannegan, Robert Emmet of MO
Hannett, Arthur Thomas of NM
Hansbrough, Henry Clay of ND
Hansen, Clifford Peter of WY
Hanson II, Alexander Contee of MD
Hanson, John of MD
Hardee, Cary Augustus of FL
Hardin III, Charles Henry of MO
Hardin, Clifford Morris of IN
Hardin, Martin Davis of KY
Harding, Benjamin Franklin of OR
Harding, Stephen Selwyn of UT
Harding, Warren G. of OH
Harding, William Lloyd of IA
Hardman, Lamartine Griffin of GA
Hardwick, Thomas William of GA
Hardy, Charles of NY
Hardy, Josiah of NJ
Harkin, Thomas Richard of IA
Harlan, James of IA
Harlan I, John Marshall of KY
Harlan III, John Marshall of KY
Harley, Joseph Emile of SC
Harmon, Judson of OH
Harnett II, Cornelius of NC
Hughes, Harold Everett of IA
Harper, Robert Goodloe of MD
Harper, William of SC
Harriman II, Walter H. of NH
Harriman, William Averell of NY
Harrington, Emerson Columbus of MD
Harris, Andrew L. of OH
Harris, Elisha of RI
Harris II, Fred Roy 1of OK
Harris, Ira of NY
Harris, Isham G. of TN
Harris, Joe Frank of GA
Harris, John Spafford of LA
Harris, Kamala Devi of CA
Harris, Nathaniel Edwin of GA
Harris II, William Alexander of KS
Harris, William Julius of GA
Harrison II, Albertis S. of VA
Harrison, Benjamin of VA
Harrison, Benjamin of IN
Harrison, Byron Patton of MS
Harrison, Francis Burton of NY
Harrison, Henry Baldwin of CT
Harrison, William Henry of OH/IN
Hart, John of MD
Hart, John of NJ
Hart, Louis Folwell of WA
Hart, Ossian Bingley of FL
Hart II, Philip Aloysius of MI
Hart, Thomas Charles of CT
Hartke, Rupert Vance of IN
Hartley, Roland Hill of WA
Hartness, James of VT
Hart, Gary Warren of CO
Hartranft, John Frederick of PA
Harvey, James Madison of KS
Harvey, John of NC
Harvey, John of VA
Harvey, Louis Powell of WI
Harvey II, Matthew of NH
Harvey, Thomas of NC
Harvey II, Wilson Godfrey of SC
Harvie, John of VA
Hasell II, James of NC
Haskell, Charles Nathaniel of OK
Haskell, Floyd Kirk of CO
Haskell, Robert N. of ME
Haslam, William of TN
Haslet, Joseph of DE
Hastert, John Dennis of IL
Hastings, Daniel Hartman of PA
Hastings II, Daniel Oren of DE
Hatch, Carl Atwood of NM
Hatch, Orrin Grant of UT
Hatfield, Henry Drury of WV
Hatfield, Mark Odom of OR
Hatfield, Paul Gerhart of MT
Hathaway, Stanley Knapp of WY
Hathaway, William Dodd of ME
Hatton, Frank of IA
Haun, Henry Peter of CA
Hauser II, Samuel Thomas of MT
Hawes, Harry Bartow of MO
Hawes II, Richard of KY
Hawkes, Albert Wahl of NJ
Hawkins, Alvin of TN
Hawkins, Benjamin of NC
Hawkins, William of NC
Hawley, James Henry of ID
Hawley, Joseph Roswell of CT
Hay, John Milton of IL
Hay, Marion E. of WA
Hayakawa, Samuel Ichiye of CA
Hayden, Carl Trumbull of AZ
Hayden, John Michael of KS
Hayes III, Rutherford B. of OH
Hayne, Arthur Peronneau of SC
Hayne, Robert Young of SC
Haynes, John of CT/MA
Hays, George Washington of AR
Hayward, Monroe Leland of NE
Haywood III, William Henry of NC
Hays I, William Harrison of IN
Hazard, Ebenezer of DE
Hazzard, David of DE
Head, Nathaniel of NH
Heard, Stephen of GA
Heard, William Wright of LA
Hearnes, Warren Eastman of MO
Hearst, George of CA
Hearst, William Randolph of CA/NY
Heath (Palin), Sarah Louise of AK
Hebert, Felix of RI
Hebert III, Paul Octave of LA
Hecht, Mayer Jacob "Chic" of NV
Heflin, Howell Thomas of AL
Heflin, James Thomas of AL
Heil, Julius Peter of WI
Heineman, David Eugene of NE
Heinrich, Martin T. of NM
Heintzleman, Benjamin Franklin of AK
Heinz II, Henry John of PA
Heiskell, John Netherland of AR
Heitfeld II, Henry of ID
Heitkamp, Heidi of ND
Heller, Dean A. of NV
Helm, John LaRue of KY
Helms II, Jesse Alexander of NC
Hemenway, James Alexander of IN
Hempel (Abel), Hazel Pearl of NE
Hemphill III, John of TX
Hempstead, Stephen P. of IA
Henagan, Barnabus Kelet of SC
Hendee, George Whitman of VT
Henderson, Charles of AL
Henderson, Charles Belknap of NV
Henderson, David Bremner of IA
Henderson, James Pinckney of TX
Henderson, James Wilson of TX
Henderson II, John of MS
Henderson, John Brooks of MO
Henderson, Thomas of NJ
Hendricks, Thomas A. of IN
Hendrickson, Robert Clymer of NJ
Hendrickson, Waino Edward of AK
Hennings II, Thomas Carey of MO
Henry II, Charles Bradley "Brad" of OK
Henry I, Guy Vernor of NY
Henry, John of MD
Henry, Patrick of VA
Henshaw II, David of MA
Herbert, Gary Richard of UT
Herbert, Hilary Abner of AL
Herbert, Thomas James of OH
Hereford III, Francis of WV
Herman, Alexis Margaret of AL
Herreid, Charles Nelson of SD
Herrick, Myron T. of OH
Herring II, Clyde La Verne of IA
Herring (Warren), Elizabeth of MA
Herrington, John Stewart of CA
Herschler, Edgar Jacob of WY
Herseth I, Ralph E. of SD
Herter, Christian Archibald of MA
Heston, Charlton of CA
Hewes, Joseph of NC
Heyburn, Weldon Brinton of ID
Heyward, Thomas of SC
Hickel, Walter Joseph of AK
Hickenlooper, Bourke Blakemore of IA
Hickenlooper II, John Wright of CO
Hickey II, John Joseph of WY
Hicks, Thomas Holliday of MD
Hiester, Joseph of PA
Higgins III, Anthony Clark of DE
Higgins, Frank Wayland of NY
Higgins, James Henry of RI
Hildreth, Horace Augustus of ME
Hill, Benjamin Harvey of GA
Hill, David Bennett of NY
Hill, Isaac of NH
Hill, John Fremont of ME
Hill, Joseph Lister of AL
Hill, Joshua of GA
Hill II, Nathaniel Peter of CO
Hill, William Luther of FL
Hillhouse, James of CT
Hinckley, Benjamin Barrett of RI
Hinckley, Thomas of MA/PL
Hindman, William of MD
Hinkle, James Fielding of NM
Hirono, Mazie Keiko of HI
Hiscock, Frank of NY
Hitchcock, Ethan Allen of AL/MO
Hitchcock, Frank Harris of OH
Hitchcock, Gilbert Monell of NE
Hitchcock, Herbert Emory of SD
Hitchcock, Phineas Warriner of NE
Hoadly, George of OH
Hoar, Ebenezer Rockwood of MA
Hoar, George Frisbie of MA
Hoard II, William Dempster of WI
Hobart, Garret Augustus of NJ
Hobart, John Sloss of NY
Hobby I, William Pettus of TX
Hoblitzell II, John Dempsey of WV
Hoch II, Edward Wallis of KS
Hockenhull, Andrew Walter of NM
Hodel, Donald Paul of OK
Hodges, George Hartshorn of KS
Hodges II, Henry Kaneaster of AR
Hodges, James Hovis of SC
Hodges, Luther Hartwell of NC
Hodgson, James Day of MN
Hoegh, Leo Arthur of IA
Hoekstra, Peter of MI
Hoeven III, John Henry of ND
Hoey, Clyde Roark of NC
Hoff, Philip Henderson of VT
Hoffman, Harold Giles of NJ
Hoffman, John Thompson of NY
Hogan, Larry of MD
Hogg, James Stephen of TX
Holbrook , Frederick of VT
Holcomb, Eric J. of IN
Holcomb, Marcus Hersey of CT
Holcomb, Silas Alexander of NE
Holden II, Robert Lee "Bob" of MO
Holden, William Woods of NC
Holder II, Eric Himpton of NY
Holland, Spessard Lindsey of FL
Holley I, Alexander Hamilton of CT
Holliday, Frederick of VA
Hollings, Ernest Frederick "Fritz" of SC
Hollis, Henry French of NH
Holloway I, William Judson of OK
Holman, Rufus Cecil of OR
Holmes, David of MS/VA
Holmes II, Gabriel of NC
Holmes, John of ME
Holmes II, Oliver Wendell of MA
Holmes, Robert Denison of OR
Holshouser II, James Eubert of NC
Holt, Homer Adams of WV
Holt, Joseph of KY
Holt I, Rush Dew of WV
Holt, Thomas Michael of NC
Holt, William Elmer of MT
Holten, Samuel of MA
Hooper, Benjamin Walter of TN
Hooper II, William of NC
Hoover, Herbert C. of IA
Hopkins, Albert Jarvis of IL
Hopkins II, Edward of CT
Hopkins, Harry Lloyd of IA
Hopkins, Stephen of RI
Hopkinson, Francis of NJ
Hoppin, William Warner of RI
Horner, Henry of IL
Horner, John Scott of MI
Horsey I, Outerbridge of DE
Horton II, Benjamin Jason of KS/PR
Horton II, Henry Hollis of TN
Hosmer, Titus of CT
Houston, Andrew Jackson of TX
Houston, David Franklin of NC
Houston, George S. of AL
Houston, Samuel of TN/TX
Houstoun, John of GA
Houx, Frank Lee of WY
Hovey, Alvin Peterson of IN
Howard, Benjamin of VA
Howard, Francis, Baron Howard of Effinghamm of VA
Howard, George of MD
Howard, Guy Victor of MN
Howard, Henry of RI
Howard, Jacob Merritt of MI
Howard, John Eager of MD
Howard, William Alanson of MI/Dakotas
Howe II, Timothy Otis of WI
Howell, James Bruen of IA
Howell, Jeremiah Brown of RI
Howell I, Richard of NJ
Howell, Robert Beecher of NE
Howland, Benjamin of RI
Howley, Richard of GA
Hoyt, Henry Martin of PA
Hoyt, John Philo of AZ
Hoyt, John Wesley of WY
Hruska, Roman Leopold of NE
Hubbard, Henry of NH
Hubbard III, John of ME
Hubbard, Lucius Frederick of MN
Hubbard II, Richard Bennett of TX
Hubbard, Richard Dudley of CT
Hubbard, Samuel Dickinson of CT
Huckabee, Mike of AR
Hudde, Andreas of NN
Huddleston II, Walter Darlington of KY
Huffman, James Wylie of OH
Hughes, Charles Evans of NY
Hughes II, Charles James of CO
Hughes, Harry Roe of MD
Hughes, James Hurd of DE
Hughes, Louis Cameron of AZ
Hughes III, Richard Joseph of NJ
Hughes, Rowland Roberts of NJ
Hughes III, Simon Pollard of AR
Hughes, William of NJ
Hughey (Roberts), Barbara of OR
Hull, Cordell of TN
Hull, William of MI
Humphrey, George Magoffin of OH
Humphrey II, Gordon John of NH
Humphrey II, Hubert H. of MN
Humphrey, Lyman Underwood of KS
Humphreys I, Benjamin Grubb of MS
Humphreys, Robert of KY
Hunn II, John of DE
Hunt, Alexander Cameron of CO
Hunt, Frank William of ID
Hunt II, George Wylie Paul of AZ
Hunt, Harold Guy of AL
Hunt II, James Baxter of NC
Hunt, Lester Callaway of WY
Hunt, Ward E. of NY
Hunt, Washington of NY
Hunt I, William Henry of LA
Hunt II, William Henry of LA
Hunter I, Duncan Lee of CA
Hunter, John of SC
Hunter, Richard Charles of NE
Hunter, Robert of NY/NJ/VA
Hunter, Robert Mercer Taliaferro of VA
Hunter II, William of RI
Huntington, Jabez Williams of CT
Huntington, Samuel of CT
Huntington, Samuel H. of OH/CT
Hunton, Eppa of VA
Hunton, Jonathan of ME
Huntsman II, Jon Meade of UT
Hurley, Charles Francis of MA
Hurley, Patrick Jay of OK
Hurley II, Robert Augustine of CT
Husting, Paul Oscar of WI
Hutchinson, Asa of AR
Hutchinson, Thomas of MA
Hutchinson, Young Timothy of AR
Hutson, Richard of SC
Huxman, Walter Augustus of KS
Hyde, Arthur Mastick of MO
Hyde, Edward of NC
Hyde, Edward (Lord Cornbury) of NY

Ickes II, Harold LeClair of PA
Ide, Henry Clay of VT
Ige, Daniel Yutaga 2015-
Ingalls, John James of KS
Ingersoll, Charles Robert of CT
Ingersoll II, Jared of PA
Ingham, Samuel Delucenna of PA
Ingoldsbey, Major Richard of NY
Inhofe, James Mountain of OK
Inouye, Daniel Ken of HI
Inslee, Jay Robert of WA
Irby, John Laurens Manning of SC
Iredell II, James of NC
Ireland, John of TX
Irwin, Jared of GA
Irwin I, John Nichol of IA/ID/AZ
Irwin, William of CA
Isakson, John Ward "Johnny" of GA
Iverson, Alfred of GA
Ives, Irving McNeil of NY
Ivey, Kay Ellen of AL
Izard, George of AR/SC
Izard, Mark Whtiaker of AR/NE
Izard, Ralph of SC

Jackson, Alphonso Roy of TX
Jackson II, Andrew of TN
Jackson, Charles of RI
Jackson, Claiborne Fox of MO
Jackson, Edward L. of IN
Jackson, Elihu Emory of MD
Jackson, Frank Darr of IA
Jackson, Hancock Lee of MO
Jackson, Henry Martin "Scoop" of WA
Jackson, Howell Edmunds of TN
Jackson, Jacob Beeson of WV
Jackson II, James of GA
Jackson, Robert Houghwout of NY
Jackson, Samuel Dillon of IN
Jackson, William of PA
Jackson II, William Powell of MD
Jacob II, John Jeremiah of WV
Jacquet, Jean Paul of NN
James, Arthur Horace of PA
James, Charles Tillinghast of RI
James II, Forrest Hood "Fob" of AL
James, Ollie Murray of KY
James, Thomas Lemuel of NY
James, William Hartford of NE
Janklow, William John of SD
Jardine II, William Marion of KS
Jarnagin, Spencer of TN
Jarvis I, Thomas of NC
Jarvis, Thomas Jordan of NC
Javits, Jacob Koppel of NY
Jay, John of NY
Jayne, William of SD/IL
Jefferies, Richard Manning of SC
Jefferson, Thomas of VA
Jeffords, James Merrill 0f VT
Jelks, William Dorsey of AL
Jenckes, Joseph of RI
Jenifer IV, Daniel of St. Thomas of MD
Jenings, Edmund of VA
Jenkins III, Charles Jones of GA
Jenkins, John of NC
Jenkins, William Miller of OK
Jenner, William Ezra of IN
Jenness, Benning Wentworth of NH
Jennings, Jonathan of IN
Jennings, Samuel of NJ
Jennings, William Sherman of FL
Jennison, Silas Hemenway of NJ
Jepsen, Roger William of IA
Jerome, David Howell of MI
Jester, Beauford Halford of TX
Jeter, Thomas Bothwell of SC
Jewell, Marshall of CT
Jewett II, Daniel Tarbox of MO
Jindal, Piyush "Bobby" of LA
Johanns, Michael Owens of NE
Johns I, Charley Eugene of FL
Johns (Murray), Patty Lynn of WA
Johnson, Andrew of TN
Johnson, Cave of TN
Johnson, Charles Fletcher of ME
Johnson, David of SC
Johnson II, Edward Crosby of MA
Johnson, Edwin Carl of CO
Johnson, Edwin Stockton of SD
Johnson, Gary Earl of NM
Johnson, Henry S. of LA
Johnson, Herschel Vespasian of GA
Johnson, Hiram Warren of CA
Johnson, Isaac of LA
Johnson, James of GA
Johnson II , Jeh Charles of NY
Johnson, John Albert of MN
Johnson, John Neeley of CA
Johnson, Joseph of VA
Johnson, Joseph Blaine of VT
Johnson, Keen of KY
Johnson, Louis Arthur of VA
Johnson, Lyndon B. of TX
Johnson, Magnus of MN
Johnson, Martin Nelson of ND
Johnson, Sir Nathaniel of SC
Johnson I, Paul Burney of MS
Johnson II, Paul Burney of MS
Johnson, Reverdy of MD
Johnson, Richard Mentor of KY
Johnson, Robert Ward of AR
Johnson, Robert of SC
Johnson, Ronald Harold of WI
Johnson, Thomas of MD
Johnson, Timothy Peter of SD
Johnson, Waldo Porter of MO
Johnson, Walter Walford of CO
Johnson II, William of SC
Johnson, William Samuel of CT
Johnston, Gabriel of NC
Johnston, Henry Simpson of OK
Johnston II, John Bennett of LA
Johnston II, John Warfield of VA
Johnston, Joseph Forney of AL
Johnston, Josiah Stoddard of LA
Johnston, Rienzi Melville of TX
Johnston, Samuel of NC
Johnston, William Freame of PA
Jonas, Benjamin Franklin of LA
Jones, Andrieus Aristeius of NM
Jones, Anson of TX
Jones, Brereton Chandler of KY
Jones, Charles William of FL
Jones, Daniel Webster of AR
Jones, George of GA
Jones, George Wallace of IA
Jones, James Chamberlain of TN
Jones, James Kimbrough of AR
Jones, Jesse Holman of TX
Jones, John Edward of NV
Jones, John Percival of NV
Jones, John Winston of VA
Jones, Robert Taylor of AZ
Jones, Sam Houston of LA
Jones, Thomas Goode of AL
Jones II, Wesley Livsey of WA
Jones, William of PA
Jones, William of RI
Jordan, Benjamin Everett of NC
Jordan, Chester Bradley of NH
Jordan, Len Beck of ID
Joseph, William of MD
Judd, Lawrence McCully of HI
Judge II, Thomas Lee of MT
Julian, George Washington of IN
Justice III, James Conley of WV

Kagan, Elena of NY
Kaine, Timothy Michael of VA
Kane II, Elias Kent of IL
Kantor, Michael "Mickey" of TN
Karnes, David Kemp of NE
Kasich II, John of OH
Kasten II, Robert Walter of WI
Katzenbach, Nicholas de Belleville of NJ
Kaufman, Edward E. "Ted" of DE
Kavanagh, Edward of ME
Kavanaugh, William Marmaduke of AR
Kean II, John of NJ
Kean, Thomas of NJ
Kearns II, Thomas of UT
Keating, Francis Anthony of OK
Keating, Kenneth Barnard of NY
Kefauver, Cary Estes of TN
Keifer II, Joseph Warren of OH
Keith, Sir William of PA
Kellogg, Frank Billings of MN
Kellogg, John Harvey of MI
Kellogg, Will Keith of MI
Kellogg, William Pitt of LA/NE
Kelly (Bowring), Eva F. of NE
Kelly II, Harry Francis of MI
Kelly, James Kerr of OR/PA
Kelly III, John Francis MA
Kelly, William of AL
Kem II, James Preston of MO
Kemp, Jack French of NY
Kemp, Richard of VA
Kemper, James L. of VA
Kempthorne, Dirk Arthur of ID
Kendall, Amos of MA/KY
Kendall, Nathan Edward of IA
Kendrick II, John Benjamin of WY
Kenna, John Edward of WV
Kennedy, Anthony of MD
Kennedy III, Anthony McLeod of CA
Kennedy, David Matthew of UT
Kennedy, Edward Moore (Ted) of MA
Kennedy, John Fitzgerald of MA
Kennedy, John Neely of LA
Kennedy III, John Pendleton of MD
Kennedy, Robert Francis of MA
Kenney, Richard Rolland of DE
Kennon, Robert of LA
Kennon, Robert Floyd of LA
Kent, Edward of ME
Kent, Joseph of MD
Kenyon, William Squire of IA
Keppel, 2nd Earl of Albemarle, Willem Anne van of VA
Kerlikowske II, Richard Guilford of FL
Kern I, John Worth of IN
Kernan, Francis of NY
Kernan III, Joseph Eugene of IN
Kerner II, Otto of IL
Kerr I, John Leeds of MD
Kerr, Joseph of OH
Kerr, Michael Crawford of IN
Kerr, Robert Samuel of OK
Kerrey, Joseph Robert "Bob" of NE
Kerry, John Forbes of MA
Key, David Mckendree of TN
Keyes, Henry Wilder of NH
Keyser II, Frank Ray of VT
Kibbey, Joseph Henry of AZ
Kieft, William of NN
Kilby, Thomas Erby of AL
Kilgore, Harley Martin of WV
Kimball, Charles Dean of RI
Kimball, Dan Able of MO
King, Alvin Olin of LA
King II, Angus Stanley of ME
King, Austin Augustus of MO
King, Bruce of NM
King II, Edward Joseph of MA
King I, Horatio of ME
King, John Alsop of NY
King II, John B. of NY
King, John Pendleton of GA
King, John William of NH
King II, Martin Luther of GA
King, Preston of NY
King, Rufus of MA/NY
King, Samuel Ward of RI
King I, Samuel Wilder of HI
King, William of ME
King II, William Rice of UT
King II, William Rufus Devane of NC
Kinkead, John Henry of NV
Kirby, William Fosgate of AR
Kirk, Mark Steven of IL
Kirk II, Paul Grattan of MA
Kirker, Thomas of OH
Kirkwood, Samuel Jordan of IA
Kirman II, Richard of NV
Kissinger, Henry Alfred of NY
Kitchell, Aaron of NJ
Kitchin II, William Walton of NC
Kittredge, Alfred Beard of SD
Kitzhaber, John Albert of OR
Kleindienst, Richard Gordon of AZ
Kleppe, Thomas Savig of ND
Kling, Mans Nilsson of NS
Klobuchar, Amy Jean of MN
Klutznick, Philip Morris of IL
Knebel IV, John Albert of OK
Kneip, Richard Francis of SD
Knight, Goodwin Jess of CA
Knight II, Nehemiah Rice of RI
Knott, J. Proctor of KY
Knous, William Lee of CO
Knowland, William Fife of CA
Knowles, Anthony Carroll "Tony" of AK
Knowles III, Warren Perley of WI
Knox, Henry of MA
Knox, Philander Chase of PA
Knox II, William Franklin "Frank" of IL
Kohl, Herbert H. of WI
Kohler I, Walter Jodak of WI
Kohler II, Walter Jodak of WI
Korbel (Albright), Madeleine of CO
Kraschel, Nelson George of IA
Krol, Sebastiaen Jansen of NN
Krueger, Robert Charles of TX
Krug II, Julius Albert of WI
Kuchel, Thomas Henry of CA
Kucinich, Dennis John of OH
Kulongoski, Theodore R. of OR
Kump, Herman Guy of WV
Kyl III, Jon Llewellyn of AZ
Kyle, James Henderson of SD
Kyrle, Richard of SC

Lacock, Abner of PA
Ladd, Edwin Fremont of ND
Ladd, Herbert Warren of RI
Laffoon, Edward Ruby of KY
LaFollette, Philip Fox of WI
LaFollette I, Robert Marion of WI
LaFollette II, Robert Marion of WI
Laird II, Melvin Robert of WI
Laird I, William Ramsey of WV
Lake, Everett John of CT
Lamar, Joseph Rucker of GA
Lamar II, Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus of MS/GA
Lamar, Mirabeau Buonaparte of GA/TX
Lambert, John of NJ
Lamm, Richard Douglas of CO
Lamont, Daniel Scott of NY
Lamont II, Robert Patterson of IL
Lance II, Thomas Bertram of GA
Landon, Alfred Mossman of KS
Landon (Kassebaum), Nancy of KS
Landrieu (Snelling), Mary Loretta of LA
Landrieu, Maurice Evan "Moon" of LA
Lane, Franklin Knight of CA
Lane, Harry of OR
Lane, Henry Smith of IN
Lane, James Henry of IN
Lane, Joseph of OR
Lane, William Carr of NM/MO
Lane II, William Preston of MD
Laney II, Benjamin Travis of AR
Langdon II, John of NH
Langer, William of ND
Langlie, Arthur Bernard of WA
Langworthy, Edward of GA
Lanham, Samuel Willis Tucker of TX
Lankford, James Paul of OK
Lanman, James of CT
Lansing, Robert of NY
Lapham, Elbridge Gerry of NY
Larrabee, William of IA
Larrazolo II, Octaviano Ambrosio of NM
Larson, Morgan Foster of NJ
Latham, Milton Slocum of CA
Latimer, Ashbury Churchwell of SC
Latimer, Henry of DE
Latimer (Felton), Rebecca of GA
Lauenstein Ann (Dore) (McLaughlin) (Korologos) of NJ
Laurance, John of NY
Laurens, Henry of SC
Lausche, Frank J. of OH
Lautenberg, Frank Raleigh of NJ
Law, Jonathan of CT
Lawrence, David Leo of PA
Lawrence III, Elisha of NJ
Lawrence, Sir Thomas of MD
Lawton, Frederick J. of MD
Laxalt, Paul Dominique of NV
Lea, Luke of TN
Lea, Preston of DE
Leader, George Michael of PA
Leahy, Edward Laurence of RI
Leahy, Patrick Joseph of VT
Leahy, William Daniel of WI
Leake, Walter of MS
Leavitt, Michael Okerlund of UT
Leche, Richard Webster of LA
Lee, Andrew Ericson of SD
Lee, Blair of MD
Lee, Charles of VA
Lee, Fitzhugh of VA
Lee, Francis Lightfoot of VA
Lee, Francis Preston Blair of MD
Lee, Henry of VA
Lee, Joseph Bracken of UT
Lee, Joshua Bryan of OK
Lee, Michael Shumway of UT
Lee, Richard Henry of VA
Lee I, Richard of VA
Lee, Robert Edward of VA
Lee, Thomas of VA
Lee, Thomas Sim of MD
Leedy, John Whitnah of KS/AK
Leete, William of CT
Legaré, Hugh Swinton of SC
Lehman, Herbert Henry of NY
Leib, Michael of PA
Leigh, Benjamin Watkins of VA
Leisler, Jacob of NY
LeMieux II, George S. of FL
Lennon, Alton Asa of NC
Lenroot, Irvine Luther of WI
LePage, Paul R. of ME
Leslie, Harry Guyer of IN
Leslie, Preston H. of KY/MT
Letcher, John of VA
Letcher, Robert P. of KY
LeVander, Harold of MN
Leverett, Sir John of MA
Levi, Edward Hirsch of IL
Levin, Carl Milton of MI
Levine (Berkley), Rochelle of NV
Levy (Boxer), Barbara of CA
Lew, Jacob Joseph of NY
Lewelling, Lorenzo Dow of KS
Lewis II, Andrew Lindsay "Drew" of PA
Lewis, David Peter of AL
Lewis, Dixon Hall of AL
Lewis I, Francis Y. of NY
Lewis, James Taylor of WI
Lewis, John Francis of VA
Lewis, Meriwether of MO
Licht, Frank of RI
Lieberman, Joseph Isadore of CT
Ligon, Thomas Watkins of MD
Lilley, George Leavens of CT
Lincoln, Abraham of IL
Lincoln I, Levi of MA
Lincoln II, Levi of MA
Lincoln, Robert Todd of IL
Lind, John of MN
Lindsay, Robert Burns of AL
Lindsay, William of KY
Lindsey, Washington Ellsworth of NM
Link, Arthur Albert of ND
Linn, Lewis Fields of MO
Lippitt, Charles Warren of RI
Lippitt I, Henry of RI
Lippitt II, Henry Frederick of RI
List, Robert Frank of NV
Lister, Ernest of WA
Little, John Sebastian of AR
Littlefield, Alfred Henry of RI
Livermore II, Samuel of NH
Livingston, Edward of NY/LA
Livingston, Henry Brockholst of NJ
Livingston, Philip of NY
Livingston IV, Robert R. of NY
Livingston, William of NJ
Lloyd, Edward of MD
Lloyd, Edward of MD
Lloyd, Henry of MD
Lloyd II, James of MA
Lloyd, James of MD
Lloyd, Thomas of PA
Locher, Cyrus Ambrosio of OH
Locke, Francis of NC
Locke, Gary Faye of WA
Lodge, Henry Cabot of MA
Lodge, Henry Cabot (grandson of Henry Cabot Lodge) of MA
Lodge, John Davis of CT
Loftin, Scott Marion of FL
Logan III, John Alexander of IL
Logan, George of PA
Logan, James of PA
Logan, Marvel Mills of KY
Logan, William of KY
Lonergan, Augustine of CT
Long, Chester Isaiah of KS
Long, Earl Kemp of LA
Long, Edward Vaughn of MO
Long II, Huey Pierce of LA
Long, John Davis of MA
Long, Oren Ethelbirt of HI
Long, Russell Billiu of LA
Longino, Andrew Houston of MS
Longley II, James Bernard of ME
Longworth II, Nicholas of OH
Looker, Othniel of OH
Lord, Herbert Mayhew of ME
Lord, William Paine of OR
Lorimer II, William L. of IL
Lott II, Chester Trent of MS
Lounsbury, George Edward of CT
Lounsbury, Phineas Chapman of CT
Love, John Arthur of CO
Lovelace, Francis of NY
Lovelace, Lord John of NY
Loveless, Herschel Celiel of IA
Lovell, James of MA
Lovett II, Robert Abercrombie of TX
Low, Frederick Ferdinand of CA
Lowden, Frank Orren of IL
Lowe, Enoch Louis of MD
Lowe, Ralph Phillips of IA
Lowndes, Lloyd of MD
Lowndes, Rawlins of SC
Lowrie, Walter of PA
Lowry, Michael Edward of WA
Lowry II, Robert Gadden Haynes of MS
Loy, James Milton of PA
Lubbock, Francis Richard of TX
Lucas, Daniel Bedinger of WV
Lucas, Franklin Earl of WY
Lucas, Robert of OH
Lucas, Scott Wike of IL
Luce, Cyrus Gray of MI
Lucey, Patrick Joseph of WI
Ludington, Harrison of WI
Ludlow, George Craig of NJ
Ludwell, Philip of NC/SC/VA
Ludlow, Roger of CT
Lugar, Richard Green of IN
Lujan II, Manuel of NM
Lumpkin, Alva Moore of SC
Lumpkin, Wilson of GA
Lundeen, Ernest Carl Arthur of MN
Lurton, Horace Harmon of TN
Lusk, Hall Stoner of OR
Lynch IV, Charles of MS
Lynch, John H. of NH
Lynch (Hargrove), Loretta Elizabeth of NY
Lynch III, Thomas of SC
Lyndon, Josias of RI
Lyng, Richard Edmund of CA
Lynn, James Thomas of OH
Lyon IV, Caleb of ID
Lyon, Lucius of MI
Lyttleton, William Henry of SC

Mabey, Charles Rendell of UT
Mabry, Thomas Jewett of NM
Mabus, Raymond Ewin "Ray" of MS
MacArthur II, Arthur of WI
MacCorkle, William Alexander of WV
Machen, Willis Benson of KY
Mack III, Connie (McGillicuddy III, Cornelius Alexander) of FL
MacKay II, Kenneth H. "Buddy" of FL
Maclay, Samuel of PA
Maclay, William of PA
Macon, Nathaniel of NC
MacVeagh, Franklin of PA/IL
MacVeagh, Isaac Wayne of PA
Maddock, Walter Jeremiah of ND
Maddox, Lester Garfield of GA
Madigan, Edward Rell of IL
Madison, George of KY
Madison II, James of VA
Magnuson, Warren Grant of WA
Magoffin, Beriah of KY
Magrath, Andrew Gordon of SC
Magruder, Allan Bowie of LA
Mahone, William of VA
Major, Elliot Woolfolk of MO
Malbone II, Francis of RI
Mallory I, Stephen Russell of FL
Mallory II, Stephen Russell of FL
Malloy, Dannel Patrick of CT
Malone, George Wilson of NV
Maloney, Francis Thomas of CT
Manchin III, Joe of WV
Mandel, Marvin of MD
Manderson, Charles Frederick of NE
Mangum II, Willie Person of NC
Manly, Charles of NC
Manning, Daniel of NY
Manning, John Lawrence of SC
Manning I, Richard Irvine of SC
Manning III, Richard Irvine of SC
Mansfield III, Gordon Hall of MA
Mansfield, Michael Joseph of MT
Mantle, Lee of MT
Marble, Sebastian Streeter of ME
Marchant, Henry of RI
Marcy, William Learned of NY
Markell, Jack A. of DE
Markey, Edward John of MA
Markham, Henry Harrison of CA
Markham, William of PA
Marks, Albert Smith of TN
Marks II, William of PA
Marland, Ernest Whitworth of OK
Marland, William Casey of WV
Marmaduke, John Sappington of MO
Marmaduke, Meredith Miles of MO
Marshall II, George Catlett of PA/VA
Marshall, Humphrey of KY
Marshall II, James William of VA
Marshall, John of VA
Marshall, Thomas R. of IN
Marshall I, Thurgood of MD
Marshall, William Rainey of MN
Marston, Gilman of NH
Martin, Alexander of NC
Martin, Charles Henry of OR
Martin, Clarence Daniel of WA
Martin, Daniel of MD
Martin, Edward of PA
Martin, George Brown of KY
Martin, James Grubbs of NC
Martin, Jesse M. of AR
Martin, John of KS
Martin, John Alexander of KS
Martin III, John Wellborn of FL
Martin II, Joseph William of MA
Martin, Joshua Lanier of AL
Martin, Josiah of NC
Martin, Noah of NH
Martin II, Robert of OK
Martin, Thomas Ellsworth of IA
Martin, Thomas Staples of VA
Martine, James Edgar of NJ
Martineau, John Ellis of AR
Martinez II, Melquiades Rafael of FL
Martinez, Robert "Bob" of FL
Martinez (Franco), Susana of NM
Marvil, Joshua Hopkins of DE
Marvin, William of FL
Mason, Armistead Thomson of VA
Mason, James Murray of VA
Mason III, Jeremiah of NH
Mason, John Young of VA
Mason, Jonathan of MA
Mason, Richard Barnes of VA
Mason, Stevens Thomson of MI
Mason, Stevens Thomson of VA
Mason, William Ernest of IL
Massey II, William Alexander of NV
Mather, Cotton of MA
Mather, Increase of MA
Matheson II, Scott Milne of UT
Mathews, George of GA
Mathews II, Forrest David of AL
Mathews, Harlan of TN
Mathews, Henry Mason of WV
Mathews, John II of SC
Mathews, Samuel of VA
Mathews (Burwell), Sylvia Mary of WV
Mathewson, Elisha of RI
Mathias II, Charles McCurdy of MD
Matsunaga, Spark Masayuki of HI
Matteson, Joel Aldrich of IL
Matthews, Claude of IN
Matthews, Joseph Warren of MS
Matthews III, Thomas Stanley of OH
Mattingly, Mack Francis of GA
Mattis, James Norman of WA
Mattocks, John of VT
Maull, Joseph of DE
Maw, Herbert Brown of UT
Maxey, Samuel Bell of TX
May, Cornelius Jacobsen of NN
May (Kunin), Madeleine of VT
Maybank I, Burnett Rhett of SC
Mayfield, Earle Bradford of TX
Maynard, Horace of TN
Mayo, Robert P. of IL
McAdoo II, William Gibbs of TN/CA
McAlister, Harry Hill of TN
McArthur, Duncan of OH
McAuliffe, Terence Richard of VA
McBridge, George Wycliffe of OR
McBride, Henry of WA
McCaffrey, Barry Richard of MA
McCain IV, John Sidney of AZ
McCall, Samuel Walker of MA
McCall, Thomas Lawson of OR
McCallum, James Scott of WI
McCarran II, Patrick Anthony of NV
McCarthy II, Charles James of HI
McCarthy, Eugene Joseph of MN
McCarthy, Joseph Raymond of WI
McCarty II, Daniel Thomas of FL
McCarty, William Mason of FL
McCaskill, Claire Conner of MO
McClellan, George Brinton of NJ
McClellan, John Little of AR
McClelland, Robert of MI
McClure, James Albertus of ID
McClurg IV, Joseph Washington of MO
McComas, Louis Emory of MD
McConaughy II, James Lukens of CT
McConnell II, Addison Mitchell of KY
McConnell (Long), Rose of LA
McConnell, William John of ID/OR
McCook, Edward Moody of CO
McCord, Jim Nance of TN
McCord, Myron Hawley of AZ
McCormack, John William of MA
McCormick, Joseph Medill of IL
McCormick II, Richard Cunningham of AZ
McCrary, George Washington of IA
McCray, Warren Terry of IN
McCreary, James Bennett of KY
McCreery, Thomas Clay of KY
McCrory, Patrick Lloyd of NC
McCuish II, John Berridge of KS
McCulloch II, Hugh of ME/IN
McCulloch, Roscoe Conkling of OH
McCullough, John Griffith of VT
McCumber, Porter James of ND
McDaniel, Henry Dickeron of GA
McDill, James Wilson of IA
McDonald, Alexander of AR
McDonald II, Charles James of GA
McDonald, Jesse Fuller of CO
McDonald, Joseph Ewing of IN
McDonald, Robert Alan of IL
McDonald, William Calhoun of NM
McDonnell, Robert Francis of VA
McDougal, John of CA
McDougall, James Alexander of CA
McDowell II, Charles Samuel of AL
McDowell, James of VA
McDuffie, George of SC
McElroy, Neil Hosler of OH
McEnery, John of LA
McEnery, Samuel Douglas of LA
McFarland, Ernest William of AZ
McGee, Gale William of WY
McGill, Andrew Ryan of MN
McGill (Gorsuch) (Burford), Anne Irene of CO
McGill, George of KS
McGovern, Francis Edward of WI
McGovern, George Stanley of SD
McGranery, James Patrick of PA
McGrath II, James Howard of RI
McGraw, John of WA
McGreevey, James Edward of NJ
McHenry, James of MD
McIlvaine II, Joseph of NJ
McInroy (Finney), Joan Marie of KS
McIntire, Albert Washington of CO
McIntyre II, James Talmadge of GA
McIntyre II, Thomas James of NH
McKay, James Douglas of OR
McKean, Samuel of PA
McKean I, Thomas of DE/PA
McKeithen, John Julian of LA
McKeldin, Theodore Roosevelt of MD
McKellar, Kenneth Douglas of TN
McKelvie, Samuel Roy of NE
McKenna, Joseph of CA
McKenna II, Robert Marion of WA
McKennan, Thomas McKean Thompson of PA
McKernan III, John Rettie of ME
McKiernan I, John Sammon of RI
McKinley, John of AL
McKinley, William Brown of IL
McKinley II, William J. of OH
McKinly, John of DE
McKinney, Philip W. of VA
McLane, John of NH
McLane, Louis of DE
McLane, Robert Milligan of MD
McLaurin, Anselm Joseph of MS
McLaurin, John Lowndes of SC
McLean, Angus Wilton of NC
McLean, George Payne of CT
McLean, John of IL
McLean, John of OH
McLeod, Thomas Gordon of SC
McMahon, James O'Brien of CT
McMaster, Henry Dargan of SC
McMaster, William Henry of SD
McMath, Sidney Sanders of AR
McMillan, James of MI
McMillan, Samuel James Renwick of MN
McMillin, Benton of TN
McMinn, Joseph of TN
McMullen, Adam of NE
McMullen, Lafayette VA/WA
McMullen, Richard Cann of DE
McNair, Alexander of MO
McNair, Robert Evander of SC
McNamara II, Patrick Vincent of MI
McNamara II, Robert Strange of CA
McNary, Charles Linza of OR
McNichols, Stephen Lucid Robert of CO
McNutt II, Alexander Gallatin of MS
McNutt, Paul Vories of IN
McPherson, John Rhoderic of NJ
McRae, John Jones of MS
McRae, Thomas Chipman of AR
McReynolds, James Clark of KY
McRoberts, Samuel of IL
McSweeney II, Miles Benjamin of SC
McVay IV, Hugh of AL
McWherter, Ned Ray of TN
McWillie, William of MS
Mead, Albert Edward of WA
Mead, James Michael of NY
Mead, John Abner of VT
Mead, Peter Hansen of WY
Meadows, Clarence Watson of WV
Means, John Hugh of SC
Means, Rice William of CO
Mecham, Evan of AZ
Mechem II, Edwin Laird of NM
Mechem, Merritt Cramer of NM
Medary, Samuel of OH/MN/KS
Medill, William of OH
Meese III, Edwin of CA
Meigs II, Return Jonathan of OH
Meier, Julius L. of OR
Melcher, John David of MT
Mellen, Prentiss of MA/ME
Mellette, Arthur Calvin of SD
Mellon, Andrew William of PA
Menendez, Robert of NJ
Mercer, John Francis of MD
Meredith, Edwin Thomas of IA
Meredith, Samuel of PA
Meredith II, William Morris of PA
Meriwether, David of NM/KY
Merkley, Jeffrey Alan of OR
Merriam, Frank Finley of CA
Merriam, William Rush of MN
Merrick I, William Duhurst of MD
Merrill II, Charles Edward of NY
Merrill, Samuel of IA
Merrill, Stephen E. of NH
Merrimon, Augustus Summerfield of NC
Merritt, Wesley of IL
Meskill II, Thomas Joseph of CT
Metcalf III, Jesse Houghton of RI
Metcalf, Lee Warren of MT
Metcalf, Ralph of NH
Metcalf, Victor Howard of CA
Metcalfe, Thomas of KY
Metzenbaum, Howard Morton of OH
Meyer III, George von Lengerke of MA
Meyner, Robert Baumle of NJ
Mickelson III, George Speaker of SD
Mickelson II, George Theodore of SD
Mickey, John Hopwood of NE
Middleton, Arthur of SC
Mifflin, Thomas of PA
Mikulski, Barbara Ann of MD
Miles, John Esten of NM
Miles, Nelson Appleton of MA
Millard, Joseph Hopkins of NE
Milledge II, John of GA
Miller, Benjamin Meek of AL
Miller, Bert Henry of ID
Miller, Charles Robert of DE
Miller, George William of RI
Miller, Homer Virgil Milton of GA
Miller, Jack Richard of IA
Miller, Jacob Welsh of NJ
Miller II, James of AR
Miller, John of MO
Miller, John of ND
Miller II, John Elvis of AR
Miller, John Franklin of CA
Miller, Keith Harvey of AK
Miller, Leslie Andrew of WY
Miller, Nathan Lewis of NY
Miller, Robert Joseph of NV
Miller, Samuel Freeman of IA
Miller, Stephen of MN
Miller, Stephen Decatur of SC
Miller, Thomas of NC
Miller II, Walter Dale of SD
Miller, Warner of NY
Miller, William of NC
Miller I, William Edward of NY
Miller, William Henry Harrison of IN
Miller, William Read of AR
Miller, Zell Bryan of GA
Milliken, Carl Elias of ME
Milliken, William Grawn of MI
Millikin, Eugene Donald of CO
Mills, Elijah Hunt of MA
Mills II, Ogden Livingston of NY
Mills, Roger Quarles of TX
Mills IV, William Joseph of NM
Milton, John of GA
Milton, John Gerald of NJ
Milton II, William Hall of GA
Mineta, Norman Yoshio of CA
Minor, William Thomas of CT
Minton, Sherman of IN
Minuit, Peter of NN/NS
Mitchel, Charles Burton of AR
Mitchell (Rivlin), Alice of PA
Mitchell, David Brydie of GA
Mitchell II, George John of ME
Mitchell, Henry Laurens of FL
Mitchell, Hugh Burnton of WA
Mitchell, James Paul of NJ
Mitchell, John Hipple of OR
Mitchell, John Inscho of PA
Mitchell, John Lendrum of WI
Mitchell, John Newton of NY
Mitchell, Nathaniel of DE
Mitchell, Robert Byington of NM/KS/OH
Mitchell, Stephen Mix of CT
Mitchell II, William DeWitt of MN
Mitchill, Samuel Latham of NY
Mixson, John Wayne of FL
Mnuchin, Steven Tersen of NY
Moeur, Benjamin Baker of AZ
Molleston III, Henry of DE
Monckton, Robert of NY
Mondale, Walter F. of MN
Money, Hernando De Soto of MS
Moniz III, Enrest Jeffrey of MA
Monroe, James of VA
Monroney, Almer Stillwell "Mike" of OK
Montagu, Lord Charles Greville of SC
Montague, Andrew Jackson of VA
Montgomerie, John of NJ/NY
Montoya, Joseph of NM
Moodie, Thomas Hilliard of ND
Moody II, Arthur Edson Blair of MI
Moody II, Daniel James of TX
Moody, Gideon Curtis of SD
Moody, William Henry of MA
Moody, Zenas Ferry of OR
Moonlight II, Thomas of KS/WY
Moor, Wyman Bradley Seavy of NJ
Moore I, Alfred of NC
Moore, Andrew of VA
Moore, Andrew Barry of AL
Moore II, Arch Alfred of WV
Moore, Arthur Harry of NJ
Moore (Perdue) (Eaves), Beverly of NC
Moore, Charles Calvin of ID
Moore, Daniel Killian of NC
Moore, Edward Hall of OK
Moore, Gabriel of AL
Moore, Henry of NY
Moore I, James of SC
Moore II, James of SC
Moore, John Isaac of AR
Moore, Marshall Frank of WA
Moore, Miles Conway of WA
Moore, Samuel B. of AL
Moore (Capito), Shelley of WV
Moore, Thomas Overton of LA
Moore, William of PA
Moran, James P. of KS
Morehead, Charles S. of KY
Morehead, James T. of KY
Morehead, John Henry of NE
Morehead, John Motley of NC
Morehouse, Albert Pickett of MO
Morgan, Edward Denison of NY
Morgan, Elliot S.N. 1885 of WY
Morgan, Ephraim Franklin of WV
Morgan, John Tyler of AL
Morgenthau II, Henry of NY
Morley, Clarence Joseph of CO/IA
Morley (Martin), Lynn of IL
Morrill, Anson Peaselee of ME
Morrill I, David Lawrence of NH
Morrill, Edmund Needham of KS
Morrill, Justin Smith of VT
Morrill, Lot Myrick of ME
Morris (Kreps), Clara Juanita of KY
Morris I, Gouverneur of NY
Morris III, Lewis of NY
Morris, Luzon Burritt of CT
Morris II, Robert of PA
Morris, Robert Hunter of PA/NJ/NY
Morris, Thomas of OH
Morrison, Cameron A. of NC
Morrison, Frank Brenner of NE
Morrison, John Tracy of ID
Morrow, Dwight Whitney of NJ
Morrow, Edwin Porch of KY
Morrow, Jeremiah of OH
Morse, Wayne Lyman of OR
Morstein (Martz), Judith Helen of MT
Morton, Jackson of FL
Morton II, John of PA
Morton, Joseph of SC
Morton II, Julius Sterling of NE
Morton, Levi Parsons of NY
Morton I, Marcus of MA
Morton, Oliver Perry of IN
Morton, Paul of NE
Morton, Rogers Clark Ballard of KY
Morton, Thruston Ballard of KY
Mosbacher I, Robert Adam of NY
Moseley, William D. of FL
Moses, Franklin Israel of SC
Moses, George Higgins of NH
Moses, John of ND
Moss, Frank Edward of UT
Moultrie, William of SC
Mount, James Atwell of IN
Mount (Hufstedler), Shirley of CA
Mourdock, Richard E. of IN
Mouton, Alexandre of LA
Moynihan, Daniel Patrick of NY
Mueller, Frederick Henry of MI
Muhlenberg, Frederick Augustus Conrad of PA
Muhlenberg, John Peter Gabriel of PA
Mukasey, Michael Bernard of NY
Mulkey, Frederick William of OR
Mulvaney, John Michael of SC
Mundt, Karl Earl of SD
Murdock II, Orrice Abram of UT
Murkowski II, Frank Hughes of AK
Murkowski (Martell), Lisa of AK
Murphree, Dennis Herron of MS
Murphy, Christopher Scott of CT
Murphy, Edward of NY
Murphy, Francis Parnell of NH
Murphy, Francis William of MI
Murphy, Franklin of NJ
Murphy, George Lloyd of CA
Murphy, Isaac of AR
Murphy, John of AL
Murphy II, Maurice J. of NH
Murphy, Nathan Oakes of AZ
Murphy, Richard Louis of IA
Murrah, Pendleton of TX
Murray, 4th Earl of Dunmore, John of VA/NY
Murray, Eli Houston of UT
Murray, James Edward of MT
Murray, Johnston of OK
Murray, William Henry of OK
Musgrove, David Ronald "Ronnie" of MS
Muskie, Edmund Sixtus of ME
Myers, Francis John of PA
Myers II, Henry Lee of MT

Nader, Ralph of CT
Nagel I, Charles of MO
Nance, Albinus of NE
Napolitano, Janet of AZ
Nash, Abner of NC
Nash, George Kilborn of OH
Naudain, Arnold Snow of DE
Neely, Matthew Mansfield of WV
Neff, Patrick Morris of TX
Neil, John Baldwin of OH/ID
Nelson, Arthur Emanuel of MN
Nelson II, Clarence William "Bill" of FL
Nelson, Earl Benjamin of VA
Nelson, Gaylord Anton of WI
Nelson, John of MD
Nelson, Knute of MN
Nelson, Samuel of NY
Nelson, Thomas of VA
Nelson, William of VA
Nesmith, James Willis of OR
Nestos, Ragnvald Anderson of ND
Neville, Morrel Keith of NE
New, Harry Stewart of IN
Newberry, Truman Handy of MI
Newbold, Joshua Gaskill of IA
Newell, William Augustus of NJ
Newlands, Francis Griffith of NV
Newman, Francis of CT
Nice, Harry Whinna of MD
Nicholas, Robert Carter of LA
Nicholas, Wilson Cary of VA
Nichols IV, William Francis of AZ
Nicholls, Francis Redding Tillou of LA
Nicholson, Alfred Osborn Pope of TN
Nicholson, Francis of VA
Nicholson, Robert James "Jim" of IA
Nicholson, Samuel Danford of CO
Nickles, Donald Lee of OK
Nicolls, Richard of NY
Nigh, George Patterson of OK
Niles, John Milton of CT
Nixon, George Stuart of NV
Nixon, Jeremiah Wilson "Jay" of MO
Nixon, Richard M. of CA
Noble, James of IN
Noble II, John Willock of MO
Noble, Noah of IN
Noble, Patrick Calhoun of SC
Noe, James Albert of LA
Noel, Edmond Favor of MS
Noel, Philip William of RI
Norbeck, Peter of SD
Norblad II, Albin Walter of OR
Norris, Edwin Lee of MT
Norris, George William of NE
Norris III, Moses of NH
North, William of NY
Northen, William Jonathan of GA
Norton II, Donald Sheldon of MN
Norton, Gale Ann of CO
Norvell, John of MI
Norwood, Thomas Manson of GA
Notley, Thomas of MD
Nott, Edward of VA
Notte II, John Anthony of RI
Nourse, Amos of ME
Noyes, Edward Follansbee of OH
Nugent, John Frost of ID
Nunn, Louie Broady of KY
Nunn II, Samuel Augustus of GA
Nutter, Donald Grant of MT
Nye, Gerald Prentice of ND
Nye II, James Warren of NY/NV

Oates II, William Calvin of AL
Obama II, Barack Hussein of IL
O'Bannon, Frank of IN
O'Brien III, Lawrence Francis of MA
O'Callaghan, Donel Neil "Mike" of NV
O'Conor, Herbert Romulus of MD
O'Daniel, Wilbert Lee of TX
Oddie, Tasker Lowndes of NV
Odell II, Benjamin Barker of NY
O'Ferrall, Charles T. of VA
Ogden, Aaron of NJ
Ogilvie, Richard Buell of IL
Ogle, Benjamin of MD
Ogle, Samuel of MD
Oglesby, Richard James of IL
Oglethorpe, James Edward of GA
O'Gorman, James Aloysius of NY
Olcott, Ben Wilson of OR
Olcott, Simeon of NH
Olden, Charles Smith of NJ
Oldham, William Kavanaugh of AR
Oliver I, Andrew of MA
Oliver, George Tener of PA
Olney, Richard of MA
Olson, Allen Ingvar of ND
Olson, Culbert Levy of CA
Olson, Floyd Bjornstjerne of MN
Olson, Ole H. of ND
O'Mahoney, Joseph Christopher of WY
O'Malley, Martin Joseph of MD
O'Neal II, Edward Asbury of AL
O'Neal, Emmet of AL
O’Neill, C. William of OH
O'Neill II, Thomas Phillip "Tip" of MA
O'Neill, William Atchinson of CT
Ordway II, Nehemiah George of SD/NH
Orman, James Bradley of CO
Ormsbee, Ebenezer Jolls of VT
Orr, James Lawrence of SC
Orr, Robert Dunkerson of IN
Orszag, Peter Richard of MA
Osborn, Chase Salmon of MI
Osborn, Sidney Preston of AZ
Osborn, Thomas Andrew of KS
Osborn, Thomas Ward of FL
Osborne, Danvers of NY
Osborne, John Eugene of WY
Osgood, Samuel of MA
O'Shaunessy (Heckler), Margaret of MA
Otero I, Miguel Antonio of NM
Otero II, Miguel Antonio of NM
Otis, Harrison Gray of MA
Otis, Elisha Graves of NY
Otis II, James of MA
Otter, Clement Leroy "Butch" of ID
Overman, Lee Slater of NC
Overton, John Holmes of LA
Owen, John of NC
Owen II, Robert Latham of OK
Owens, William Forrester of CO
Owsley, William of KY

Paca, William of MD
Pace II, Frank of AR
Pacheco II, Jose Antonio Romualdo of CA
Packer, William Fisher of PA
Packwood, Robert William of OR
Paddock, Algernon Sidney of NE
Padelford, Seth of RI
Page, Carroll Smalley of VT
Page, John of VA
Page II, John of NH
Page, John Boardman of VT
Paige, Roderick Raynor of TX
Paine, Charles of VT
Paine, Elijah of VT
Paine, Robert Treat of MA
Palmer, Alexander Mitchell of PA
Palmer, Anthony of PA
Palmer, John M. of IL
Palmer II, Thomas Witherell of MI
Palmer, William A. of VT
Panetta, Leon Edward of CA
Papegoja, Johan of NS
Pardee, George Cooper of CA
Park, Guy Brasfield of MO
Parker, Henry of GA
Parker, Joel of NJ
Parker II, John Milliken of LA
Parker, Nahum of NH
Parker I, Richard Elliot of VA
Parkhurst, Frederic Hale of ME
Parkinson, Mark Vincent of KS
Parks, George Alexander of AK
Parnell, Harvey of AR
Parnell, Sean R. of AK
Parris, Albion Keith of ME
Parrott II, John Fabyan of NH
Parsons, Andrew of MI
Parsons, Lewis Eliphalet of AL
Partridge, Frank Charles of VT
Partridge, William of MA/NH
Pasco, Samuel of FL
Pastore, John Orlando of RI
Pataki, George Elmer of NY
Paterson, Davis Alexander of NY
Paterson, William of NJ
Patrick, Deval Laurdine of MA
Patterson, David Trotter of TN
Patterson, Isaac Lee of OR
Patterson, James Willis of NH
Patterson, John James of SC
Patterson, John Malcolm of AL
Patterson, Malcolm Rice of TN
Patterson, Paul Linton of OR
Patterson, Robert Porter of NY
Patterson, Roscoe Conkling of MO
Patterson, Thomas MacDonald of CO
Patteson, Okey Leonidas of WV
Pattison, John M. of OH
Pattison II, Robert Emory of PA
Patton IV, John of MI
Patton, John Mercer of VA
Patton, Paul Edward of KY
Patton, Robert Miller of AL
Paul, Randal of KY
Paul, Ronald Ernest "Ron" of TX
Paulding, James Kirke of NY
Paulen, Benjamin Sanford of KS
Paulson III, Henry Merritt of IL
Pawlenty, Timothy James of MN
Payne, Henry B. of OH
Payne, Henry Clay of WI
Payne, John Barton of IL
Payne II, Frederick George of ME
Paynter III, Samuel of DE
Peabody, Endicott of MA
Peabody, James Hamilton of CO
Peace, Roger Craft of SC
Peake, James Benjamin of TX
Pearce, James Alfred of MD
Pearson, James Blackwood of KS
Pease, Elisha Marshall of TX
Pease, Henry Roberts of MS
Peay III, Austin of TN
Peck, Asahel of VT
Peck, George Wilbur of WI
Peckham II, Rufus Wheeler of NY
Peery, George C. of VA
Peffer, William Alfred of KS
Pell, Claiborne de Borda of RI
Peña, Federico Fabian of CO
Pence, Michael Richard of IN
Pendleton, George Hunt of OH
Penn, John of NC
Penn, John of PA
Penn, John, son of Richard Penn of PA
Penn, John, son of Thomas of PA
Penn I, Richard of PA
Penn II, Richard of PA
Penn, Thomas of PA
Penn II, William of PA
Pennewill II, Simeon Selby of DE
Pennington, John Louis of SD
Pennington I, William Sanford of NJ
Pennington II, William Sanford of NJ
Pennoyer, Sylvester of OR Pennybacker, Isaac Samuels of VA
Pennypacker, Samuel Whitaker of PA
Penrose, Boies of PA
Pepper, Claude of FL
Pepper II, George Wharton of PA
Percy, Charles Harting of IL
Percy, George of VA
Percy, Leroy of MS
Perdue III, George Ervin "Sonny" of GA
Perez, Thomas Edward of MD
Perham, Sidney of ME
Perica (Mofford), Rose of AZ
Perkins, Bishop Walden of KS
Perkins, Frances Coralie of NY
Perkins, George Clement of CA
Perky, Kirtland Irving of ID
Perpich, Rudolph George of MN
Perry II, Benjamin Franklin of SC
Perry, Edward Aylsworth of FL
Perry, James Richard of TX
Perry, Madison Stark of FL
Perry, William James of PA
Persons, Seth Gordon of AL
Peters, Gary C. of MI
Peters, John Samuel of CT
Petersen, Hjalmar of MN
Peterson, Frederick Valdemar Erastus "Val" of NE
Peterson, Peter George of NE
Peterson, Russell Wilbur of DE
Pettigrew, Richard Franklin of SD
Pettit, John of IN
Pettus, Edmund Winston of AL
Pettus, John Jones of MS
Phelan IV, James Duval of CA
Phelps, John Smith of MO
Phelps, Phelps Von Rottenburg of NY/NJ
Phelps, Samuel Shethar of VT
Philipp, Emanuel Lorenz of WI
Phillips, Frank of OK
Phillips, John Calhoun of AZ
Phillips, Leon Chase of OK
Phipps, Lawrence Cowle of CO
Phips, Spencer Bennett of MA
Phips, Sir William of MA
Pickens III, Andrew of SC
Pickens, Francis Wilkinson of SC
Pickens, George Israel Leonidas of AL
Pickering II, Timothy of MA
Pickering, William of WA
Pierce, Franklin of NH
Pierce, Gilbert Ashville of ND
Pierce II, Samuel Riley of NY
Pierce, Walter Marcus of OR
Pierpont, Francis H. of VA
Pierrepont, Munson Edwards of NY
Pike, Austin Franklin of NH
Pile, William Anderson of NM
Piles II, Samuel Henry of WA
Pillsbury II, John Sargent of MN
Pillsbury I, Charles Alfred of MN
Pinchback, Pinckney Benton Stewart of LA
Pinchot, Gifford of PA
Pinckney II, Charles of SC
Pinckney II, Charles Cotesworth of SC
Pindall, Xenophon Overton of AR
Pine, William Bliss of OK
Pingree, Hazen Stuart of MI
Pingree, Samuel Everett of VT
Pinkham II, Lucius Eugene of HI
Pinkney, William of MD
Pitcher, Nathaniel of NY
Pitkin, Frederick Walker of CO
Pitkin VI, William of CT
Pitney, Mahlon of NJ
Pittman, Key of NV
Pittman (Allen), Maryon of AL
Pittman, Vail Montgomery of NV
Plaisted, Frederick William of ME
Plaisted, Harris Merrill of ME
Plater, George of MD
Platt, Orville Hitchcock of CT
Platt, Thomas Collier of NY
Pleasant, Ruffin Golson of LA
Pleasants, James of VA
Plumb, Preston Bierce of KS
Plumer, William of NH
Poindexter, George of MS
Poindexter, Joseph Boyd of HI
Poindexter, Miles of WA
Poinsett, Joel Roberts of SC
Poland, Luke Potter of VT
Poletti, Charles of NY
Polk III, Charles of DE
Polk, James K. of TN
Polk, Trusten of MO
Pollard, John Garland of VA
Pollock, Edwin Taylor of OH
Pollock, James of PA
Pollock, Thomas of NC
Pomeroy II, Samuel Clarke of KS
Pomeroy, Theodore Medad of NY
Pond II, Charles Hobby of CT
Ponder, James of DE
Poneman, Daniel Bruce of OH
Pool, John of NC
Pope, James Pinckney of ID
Pope, John of AR/KY
Porter, Albert Gallatin of IN
Porter, Alexander of LA
Porter II, Augustus Seymour of MI
Porter, David Rittenhouse of PA
Porter, George Bryan of PA/MI
Porter, James Davis of TN
Porter, James Madison of PA
Porter I, Peter Buell of NY
Portman, Robert Jones of OH
Posey II, Thomas of IN
Post, Regis Henri of NY
Pothier, Aram Jules of RI
Pott, John of VA
Potter, Charles Edward of MI
Potter, Samuel John of RI
Potts, Benjamin Franklin of MT
Potts, Richard of MD
Powell, Colin Luther of NY
Powell, Lazarus W. of KY
Powell II, Lewis Franklin of VA
Powell, Nathaniel of VA
Powell II, Samuel Wesley of NH
Power, Thomas Charles of MT
Powers, Llewellyn of ME
Powers, Ridgely Ceylon of MS
Pownall, Thomas of MA/NJ
Poynter II, William Amos of NE
Pratt II, Daniel Darwin of IN
Pratt, Thomas George of MD
Prence, Thomas of MA/PL
Prentiss III, Samuel of VT
Prescott, Benjamin Franklin of NH
Pressler, Larry Lee of SD
Preston, James Patton of VA
Preston, Steven C. of WI
Preston, William Ballard of VA
Preston, William Campbell of SC
Preus I, Jacob Aall Ottesen of MN
Prevost, Lieutenant Colonel James Marcus of GA
Price, James H. of VA
Price, Rodman McCamley of NJ
Price II, Samuel of WV/VA
Price, Sterling of MO
Price, Thomas Edmunds of GA
Prince (Devos), Elizabeth "Betsy" of MI
Prince, Le Baron Bradford of RI
Prince, Oliver Hillhouse of GA
Principi II, Anthony Joseph of NY
Printz, Johan Bjornsen of NS
Pritchard, Jeter Connelly of NC
Pritchett, Kintzing of MI/OR
Pritzker, Penelope Sue of IL
Proctor, Fletcher Dutton of VT
Proctor, Mortimer Robinson of VT
Proctor I, Redfield of VT
Proctor II, Redfield of VT
Prouty, George Herbert of VT
Prouty, Winston Lewis Silliman of VT
Proxmire, William of WI
Pryor, David Hampton of AR
Pryor II, Luke of AL
Pryor, Mark Lunsford of AR
Pugh, George Ellis of OH
Pugh, James Lawrence of AL
Purcell, William Edward of ND
Purtell, William Arthur of CT
Putnam (Hollister), Nancy of OH
Pyle, Gladys of SD
Pyle, John Howard of AZ

Quarles IV, John Rhodes of VA
Quarles II, Joseph Very of WI
Quary, Robert of SC
Quay, Matthew Stanley of PA
Quayle II, James Danforth of IN
Quie II, Albert Harold of MN
Quinby, Henry Brewer of NH
Quinn III, Patrick Joseph of IL
Quinn, Robert Emmet of RI
Quinn, William Francis of HI
Quitman, John Anthony of MS

Rabun, William of GA
Racicot, Marc of MT
Radcliffe, George Lovic Pierce of MD
Raimondo, Gina Marie of RI
Raines, Franklin Delano of WA
Rainey, Henry Thomas of IL
Ralston, Samuel Moffett of IN
Rampton, Calvin Llewellyn of UT
Ramsdell, George Allen of NH
Ramsey, Alexander of MN
Randall, Alexander Williams of WI
Randall, Samuel Jackson of PA
Randhawa (Haley), Nimrata "Nikki" of SC
Randolph, Beverley of VA
Randolph, Edmund of VA
Randolph, Edward of MA
Randolph, George Wythe of VA
Randolph, Jennings of WV
Randolph II, John of VA
Randolph, Peyton of VA
Randolph, Theodore Fitz of NJ
Randolph, Thomas Mann of VA
Rankin, John of OH
Ransdell, Joseph Eugene of LA
Ransom, Epaphroditus of MI
Ransom, Matt Whittaker of NC
Rantoul, Robert of MA
Ratcliffe, John of VA
Ratner, Payne Harry of KS
Rauner, Bruce Vincent of IL
Rawlins, John Aaron of IL
Rawlins II, Joseph Lafayette of UT
Rawson, Charles Augustus of IA
Ray, James Brown of IN
Ray, Marguerite "Dixie Lee" of WA
Ray, Robert Dolph of IA
Rayburn, Samuel Taliaferro of TX
Rayner, Isidor of MD
Read I, George of DE
Read, Jacob of SC
Read II, John Meredith of DE
Reade, George of VA
Reading, John of NJ
Reagan, John Heninger of TX
Reagan, Ronald Wilson of CA
Reames, Alfred Evans of OR
Rector, Henry Massey of AR
Redfield, William Cox of NY
Reed, David Aiken of PA
Reed, Harrison of FL
Reed, James Alexander of MO
Reed, John Francis "Jack" of RI
Reed, John Hathaway of ME
Reed, Joseph of PA
Reed, Philip of MD
Reed II, Thomas Brackett of ME
Reed, Thomas Buck of MS
Reed, William of NC
Reeder, Andrew Horatio of KS
Regan, Donald Thomas of MA
Rehberg, Dennis R. of MT
Rehnquist, William of WI
Reich, Robert Bernard of MA
Reid, David Settle of NC
Reid II, Harry Mason of NV
Reid (Robinson); (Rollins) (O'Leary), Hazel of VA
Reid II, Robert Raymond of FL
Reily, Emmet Montgomery of MO/PR
Rencher, Abraham of NC
Rendell, Edward Gene of PA
Renfrow, William Cary of OK/AR
Rennebohm, Oscar Arthur of WI
Reno, Janet of FL
Revercomb, George Hughes of WV
Revercomb, William Chapman of WV
Reynolds, John of GA
Reynolds, John of IL
Reynolds II, John W. of WI
Reynolds II, Robert John of DE
Reynolds, Robert Rice of NC
Reynolds, Samuel William of NE
Reynolds, Thomas of MO
Reynolds, Thomas Caute of MO
Rhett, Robert Barnwell of SC
Rhodes, James A. of OH
Ribicoff, Abraham Alexander of CT
Rice, Alexander H. of MA
Rice, Benjamin Franklin of AR
Rice, Condoleezza of AL/CA
Rice, Henry Mower of MN
Rice, Nathaniel of NC
Rich, John Tyler of MI
Richards, DeForest of WY/AL
Richards II, John Gardiner of SC
Richards, William Alford of WY
Richardson, Elliott Lee of MA
Richardson, Friend William of CA
Richardson, Harry Alden of DE
Richardson, James Burchill of SC
Richardson II, John Peter of SC
Richardson III, John Peter of SC
Richardson, William Adams of MA
Richardson, William Alexander of IL/NE
Richardson IV, William Blaine of NM
Ricketts II, John Peter of NE
Ridder, Peter Hollander of NS
Riddle, George Read of DE
Riddleberger, Harrison Holt of VA
Ridge, Thomas Joseph of PA
Ridgely, Charles of Hampton of MD
Ridgely, Henry Middleton of DE
Riegle II, Donald Wayne of MI
Riggs II, Thomas Christmas of AK
Riley, Richard Wilson of SC
Riley, Robert Cowley "Bob" of AR
Riley, Robert Renfroe of AL
Risch, James Elroy of ID
Ritchie III, Albert Cabell of MD
Ritner, Joseph of PA
Rittenhouse, David of PA
Ritter II, August William of CO
Rivers, Eurith Dickenson of GA
Rives, William Cabell of VA
Roach, William Nathaniel of ND
Roane, Archibald of TN
Roane, John Selden of AR
Roane, William Henry of VA
Robb, Charles S. of VA
Robbins, Asher of RI
Roberdeau, Daniel of PA
Roberts, Albert Houston of TN
Roberts II, Charles Patrick "Pat" of KS
Roberts II, Dennis Joseph of RI
Roberts, Henry of CT
Roberts II, John Glover of NY
Roberts II, Jonathan of PA
Roberts, Oran Milo of TX
Roberts, Owen Josephus of PA
Roberts (Harris), Patricia of IL
Robertson, Abasalom Willis of VA
Robertson, Edward Vivian of WY
Robertson II, James Brooks Ayers of OK
Robertson, Thomas James of SC
Robertson, Wyndham of VA
Robeson, George Maxwell of NJ
Robie, Frederick of ME
Robins II, Charles Armington of ID
Robinson, Arthur Raymond of IN
Robinson, Charles Lawrence of KS
Robinson, George Dexter of MA
Robinson, James F. of KY
Robinson, John McCracken of IL
Robinson, John Staniford of VT
Robinson, Jonathan of VT
Robinson, Joseph Taylor of AR
Robinson, Lucius of NY
Robinson, Moses of VT
Robinson VI, Robert Pyle of DE
Robsion III, John Marshall of KY
Rockefeller IV, John Davison of WV
Rockefeller, Nelson A. of NY
Rockefeller I, Winthrop of AR
Rockwell, Julius of MA
Rodham (Clinton), Hillary Diane of NY
Rodney II, Caesar of DE
Rodney, Caesar Augustus of DE
Roemer III, Charles Elson "Buddy" of LA
Roffey (Jewell), Sally Margaret of WA
Rogers, Clifford Joy "Doc" of WY
Rogers, Daniel of DE
Rogers, John of WA
Rogers, William Pierce of NY
Rollins, Edward Henry of NH
Rollins, Frank West of NH
Rolph II, James of CA
Rolvaag, Karl Fritjof of MN
Roman, Andre Bienvenu of LA
Romer, Roy Rudolph of CO
Romney, George Wilcken of MI
Romney, Willard Mitt of MA
Roop, James Clawson of PA
Roosevelt I, Franklin D. of NY
Roosevelt II, Theodore of NY
Roosevelt III, Theodore of NY/PR
Root, Elihu of NY
Roper, Daniel Calhoun of SC
Rosellini, Albert Dean of WA
Rosier, Joseph of WV
Ross, Charles Ben of ID
Ross, Edmund Gibson of KS
Ross II, George of PA
Ross, James of PA
Ross, Jonathan of VT
Ross, Lawrence Sullivan of TX
Ross, William Bradford of WY
Ross, William Henry Harrison of DE
Roth II, William Matson of CA
Roth II, William Victor of DE
Rounds, Marion Michael of SD
Routt II, John Long of CO
Rowan I, John of KY
Rowan, Matthew of NC
Rowland, John Grosvenor of CT
Royce III, Stephen of VT
Rubin, Robert Edward of NY
Rubio, Marco of FL
Ruckelshaus, William Doyle of IN
Rudman, Warren Bruce of NH
Ruger II, Thomas Howard of GA
Ruggles II, Benjamin of OH
Ruggles, John of ME
Rumsfeld, Donald Henry of IL
Runnels II, Hardin Richard of TX
Runnels, Hiram George of MS/TX
Runyon, William Nelson of NJ
Rush, Benjamin of PA
Rush, Richard of PA
Rusk, David Dean of GA
Rusk, Jeremiah McLain of WI
Rusk, Thomas Jefferson of TX
Russell, Charles Hinton of NV
Russell II, Daniel Lindsay of NC
Russell, Donald Stuart of SC
Russell, Lee Maurice of MS
Russell, Osborne of OR
Russell II, Richard Brevard of GA
Russell, William Eustis of MA
Rutherford, John of VA
Rutherfurd, John of NJ
Ruthven (Hagan), Janet "Kay" of NC
Rutledge, Edward of SC
Rutledge II, John of SC
Rutledge II, Wiley Blount of KY
Rutnik (Gillibrand), Kirsten Elizabeth of NY
Ryan, George Homer of IL
Ryan, Paul Davis of WI
Rye, Thomas Clark of TN
Rysingh, Johan Classon of NS

Sabin, Dwight May of MN
Sackett II, Frederick Mosely of KY
Sadler, Reinhold of NV
Safford, Anson Peacely Killen of AZ
Salazar, Kenneth Lee of CO
Salinger, Pierre Emil George of CA
Salmon III, Thomas Paul of VT
Salomon, Edward P. of WI
Salomon, Edward Selig of WA
Saltonstall I, Gurdon of CT
Saltonstall, Leverett of MA
Samuelson, Donald William of ID
Samford II, William James of AL
Sampson, Flemon Davis of KY
Sanders, Bernard of VT
Sanders II, Carl Edward of GA
Sanders III, Jared Young of LA
Sanders, Newell of TN
Sanders, Wilbur Fiske of MT
Sanford, Edward Terry of TN
Sanford, James Terry of NC
Sanford, John of RI
Sanford II, Marshall Clement "Mark" of SC
Sanford, Nathan of NY
Sanford, Peleg of RI
San Souci, Emery John of RI
Santorum, Richard John of PA
Sarbanes, Paul Spyros of MD
Sargent II, Aaron Augustus of CA
Sargent III, Francis Williams of MA
Sargent II, John Garibaldi of VT
Sargent II, Winthrop of MS/OH
Sasse, Benjamin Elmer of NE
Sasser, James Ralph of TN
Saulsbury, Eli of DE
Saulsbury, Gove of DE
Saulsbury I, Willard of DE
Saulsbury II, Willard of DE
Saunders, Alvin of NE
Savage, Ezra Perin of NE
Sawyer, Charles of OH
Sawyer, Charles Henry of NH
Sawyer, Frank Grant of NV
Sawyer, Frederick Adolphus of SC
Sawyer, Philetus of WI
Saxbe, William Bart of OH
Sayers, Joseph Draper of TX
Sayle, William of SC
Scales, Alfred Moore of NC
Scalia, Antonin Gregory of NJ
Schaefer, William Donald of MD
Schafer, Edward Thomas of ND
Schall, Thomas David of MN
Schatz, Brian Emanuel of HI
Schlesinger, James Rodney of NY
Schley, William of GA
Schmedeman, Albert George of WI
Schmitt III, Harrison Hagan of NM
Schoeppel, Andrew Frank of KS
Schofield, John McAllister of MO
Schreiber II, Martin James of WI
Schricker, Henry Frederick of IN
Schultze, Charles Louis of VA
Schumer, Charles Ellis "Chuck" of NY
Schureman, James of NJ
Schurz, Carl of MO
Schuyler, Karl Cortlandt of CO
Schuyler, Peter of NY
Schuyler I, Philip John of NY
Schwab (Carroll), Susan C. of MD
Schwartz, Henry Herman of WY
Schwartzenburg (Edwards), Elaine Lucille of LA
Schwartzkopf II, H. Norman of NJ
Schwarzenegger, Arnold Alois of CA
Schweiker, Mark Stephen of PA
Schweiker, Richard Schultz of PA
Schweitzer, Brian David of MT
Schwellenbach, Lewis Baxter of WA
Schwinden, Theodore "Ted" of MT
Scofield, Edward of WI
Scott, Abram Marshall of MS
Scott, Charles of KY
Scott II, Hugh Doggett of PA
Scott I, John of PA
Scott, Nathan Bay of WV
Scott, Philip Beckley of VT
Scott, Robert Kingston of SC
Scott, Robert Walter of NC
Scott, Timothy Eugene of SC
Scott, William Kerr of NC
Scott II, William Lloyd of VA
Scranton, William Warren of PA
Scrivener, Matthew of VA
Scrugham III, James Graves of NV
Scudder, Nathaniel of NJ
Seabrook, Whitemarsh Benjamin of SC
Seaton, Frederick Andrew of NE
Seay, Abraham Jefferson of MO/OK
Seay, Thomas Jefferson of AL
Sebastian, William King of AR
Seddon I, James Alexander of VA
Sedgwick I, Theodore of MA
Seeley, Elias Pettit of NJ
Seligman, Arthur of NM
Semple, Eugene of WA
Semple, James of IL
Senter, Dewitt Clinton of TN
Sessions III, Jefferson Beauregard of AL
Sevier, Ambrose Hundley of AR
Sevier, John of TN
Sewall, Arthur of ME
Sewall, Sumner of ME
Seward, William Henry of NY
Sewell, William Joyce of NJ
Seymour, Horatio of NY
Seymour, Horatio of VT
Seymour, John of MD
Seymour, John Foss of CA
Seymour, Thomas Henry of CT
Schafer, Edward Thomas of ND
Shafer, Raymond Philip of PA
Shaffer II, John Wilson of UT
Shafroth II, John Franklin of CO
Shalala, Donna Edna of OH
Shallenberger, Ashton Cokayne of NE
Shannon, James Coughlin of CT
Shannon, Wilson of OH
Shapiro, Samuel Harvey of IL
Shapp, Milton Jerrold of PA
Sharkey, William Lewis of MS
Sharon III, William of NV
Sharpe, Horatio of MD
Sharpe, Merrill Quentin of SD
Shaw, Leslie Mortier of IA
Sheafe, James of NH
Sheffield II, William Jennings of AK
Sheffield I, William Paine of RI
Shelby, Isaac of KY
Shelby, Richard Craig of AL
Sheldon, Charles Henry of SD
Sheldon, George Lawson of NE
Sheldon, Lionel Allen of NM
Shepley, Ether of ME
Shepley, George Foster of ME/LA
Sheppard, John Calhoun of SC
Sheppard III, John Morris of TX
Sherman, Buren Robinson of IA
Sherman James S. of NY
Sherman, John S. of OH
Sherman, Lawrence Yates of IL
Sherman, Roger of CT
Shields, James of IL/OR/MN/MO
Shields, John Knight of TN
Shinseki, Eric Ken of HI
Shippen, Edward of PA
Shipstead, Henrik of MN
Shiras III, George of PA
Shirley, William of MA
Shiveley, Benjamin Franklin of IN
Shivers III, Robert Allen of TX
Sholtz, David of FL
Shorter, John Gill of AL
Shortridge, Eli C. D. of ND
Shortridge, Samuel Morgan of CA
Shott, Hugh Ike of WV
Shoup, George Laird of ID
Shoup, Oliver Henry Nelson of CO
Shriver, Thomas of MD
Shriver, William of MD
Shulkin, David J. of PA
Shultz, George Pratt of NY
Shulze, John Andrew of PA
Shumlin, Peter Elliott of VT
Shunk, Francis Rawn of PA
Shute, Samuel of MA
Sibley, Henry Hastings of MN/WI/MI
Siegelman, Donald Eugene of AL
Sigler, Kimber Cornelius of MI
Silsbee II, Nathaniel of MA
Silzer, George Sebastian of NJ
Simmons III, Furnifold McLendal of NC
Simmons, James Fowler of RI
Simms, John F. of NM
Simon, Joseph of OR
Simon, Paul Martin of IL
Simon II, William Edward of NJ
Simpson, Alan Kooi of WY
Simpson, Milward Lee of WY
Simpson, Oramel Hinckley of LA
Simpson, William Dunlap of SC
Singel, Mark Stephen of PA
Sinner, George Albert of ND
Skinner, Richard of VT
Skinner, Samuel Knox of IL
Slade IV, William of VT
Slater, James Harvey of OR
Slater, Rodney Earl of AR
Slaton, John Marshall of GA
Slattery, James Michael of IL
Slaughter, Gabriel of KY
Sleeper, Albert of MI
Slidell, John of LA
Sloan III, Richard Elihu of AZ
Sloan (Frahm), Sheila of KS
Sloughter, Henry of NY
Small, Lennington of IL
Smallwood, William of MD
Smathers, George Armistead of FL
Smathers, William Henry of NJ
Smith III, Alfred Emanuel of NY
Smith, Benjamin of NC
Smith, Benjamin Atwood of MA
Smith, Caleb Blood of IN
Smith, Charles Aurelius of SC
Smith, Charles Emory of CT/NY/PA
Smith, Charles Manley of VT
Smith, Cyrus Rowlett of TX 1968-1969
Smith, Daniel of TN
Smith, Delazon of OR
Smith, Edward Curtis of VT
Smith, Ellison DuRant of SC
Smith, Elmo Everett of OR
Smith, George William of VA
Smith, Gordon H. of OR
Smith, Green Clay of KY/MT
Smith, Harold Dewey of MI
Smith, Henry of RI
Smith, Howard Alexander of NJ
Smith, Hulett Carlson of WV
Smith, Israel of VT
Smith II, James of NJ
Smith, James of PA
Smith II, James Francis of CA
Smith II, James Milton of GA
Smith, James Young of RI
Smith, Jeremiah of NH
Smith, John of NY
Smith, John of OH
Smith, John of RI
Smith, John of VA
Smith, John Butler of NH
Smith, John Cotton of CT
Smith II, John Gregory of VT
Smith, John Walter of MD
Smith, Jonathan Bayard of PA
Smith, Marcus Aurelius of AZ
Smith, Michael Hoke of GA
Smith, Nathan of CT
Smith, Nels Hansen of WY
Smith (Walker), Olene of UT
Smith, Oliver Hampton of IN
Smith, Perry of CT
Smith, Preston Ernest of TX
Smith, Ralph Tyler of IL
Smith, Robert of MD
Smith, Robert Burns of MT
Smith, Samuel of MD
Smith, Samuel Emerson of ME
Smith, Thomas of SC
Smith, Truman of CT
Smith I, William of NY
Smith, William of VA
Smith, William Alden of MI
Smith, William B. of SC
Smith, William E. of WI
Smith, William Forrest of MO
Smith, William Hugh of AL
Smith II, William French of CA
Smoot, Reed of UT
Smylie, Robert Eben of ID
Smyth, Frederick of NH
Snell, Earl Wilcox of OR
Snelling, Richard Arkwright of VT
Snow, Charles Wilbert of CT
Snow, John William of OH
Snyder, John Wesley of AR/MO
Snyder, Richard Dale of MI
Snyder, Simon of PA
Solis, Hilda of CA
Sorlie, Arthur Gustav of ND
Sothell, Seth of NC/SC
Sotomayor, Sonia of NY
Soulé, Pierre of LA
Souter, David Hackett of NH
Southard, Samuel L. of NJ
Spaight I, Richard Dobbs of NC
Sparkman, John Jackson of AL
Sparks II, George Chauncey of AL
Sparks, John of NV
Spaulding, Huntley Nowell of NH
Spaulding, Rolland Harty of NH
Specter, Arlen of PA
Speed, James of KY
Speight, Jesse of MS
Spellman, John Dennis of WA
Spence, John Selby of MD
Spencer, John Canfield of NY
Spencer, George Eliphaz of AL
Spencer III, Nicholas of VA
Spencer, Selden Palmer of MO
Spitzer, Eliot Laurence of NY
Spong II, William Belser of VA
Spooner, John Coit of WI
Spotswood, Alexander of VA
Sprague II, Charles Arthur of OR
Sprague, Peleg of ME
Sprague III, William of RI
Sprague, William of RI (nephew of William Sprague III)
Sprigg, Samuel of MD
Sproul, William Cameron of PA
Spruance II, Presley of DE
Spry, William of UT
Squire, Watson Carvosso of WA
Stafford, Robert Theodore of VT
St. Clair, Arthur of OH
St. John, John Pierce of KS
Stainback, Ingram Micklin of HI
Stanbery, Henry of OH
Standish, Myles of MA
Stanfield II, Robert Nelson of OR
Stanfill, William Abner of KY
Stanford, Amasa Leland of CA
Stanford I, Rawghlie Clement of AZ
Stanley I, Augustus Owsley of KY
Stanley, Thomas B. of VA
Stanley, William Eugene of KS
Stans, Maurice Hubert of MN
Stanton, Edwin McMasters of OH
Stanton, Frederick Perry of KS/TN
Stanton IV, Joseph of RI
Stark III, Benjamin of OR
Stark (Orr), Kay Auonne of NE
Stark, Lloyd Crow of MO
Stassen, Harold Edward of MN
Stearns, Marcellus Lovejoy of FL
Stearns, Onslow of NH
Stearns, Ozora Pierson of MN
Steck, Daniel Frederic of IA
Steele, George Washington of IN/OK
Steele, John Hardy of NH
Steiwer, Frederick of OR
Stelle I, John Henry of IL
Stennis, John Cornelius of MS
Stephens, Alexander Hamilton of GA
Stephens, Hubert Durrett of MS
Stephens, Lawrence Vest of MO
Stephens, Samuel of NC
Stephens, Stanley Graham of MT
Stephens, William of GA
Stephens, William Dennison of CA
Stephenson II, Isaac of WI
Stepovich II, Michael Anthony of AK
Sterling, Ross Shaw of TX
Sterling, Thomas of SD
Stettinius II, Edward Reilly of IL
Steunenberg, Frank of ID
Stevens, Isaac Ingalls of WA
Stevens III, John of NJ
Stevens, John Paul of IL
Stevens, Samuel of MD
Stevens, Theodore Fuller of AK
Stevenson, Adlai E. of IL
Stevenson, Andrew of VA
Stevenson, Charles Clark of NV
Stevenson, Coke Robert of TX
Stevenson, Edward Augustus of ID/CA
Stevenson, John W. of KY
Stevenson, William Erskine of WV
Stewart, Arthur Thomas of TN
Stewart, David of MD
Stewart, David Wallace of IA
Stewart, Donald Wilbur of AL
Stewart, John Wolcott of VT
Stewart, Peter Grant of OR
Stewart, Potter of OH
Stewart, Robert Marcellus of MO
Stewart, Sam Vernon of MT
Stewart, William Morris of NV
Stickney, William Wallace of VT
Stimson Henry Lewis of NY
Stockbridge, Francis Brown of MI
Stockdale, Fletcher Summerfield of TX
Stockley, Charles Clark of DE
Stockman, David Alan of MI
Stockton, John Potter of NJ
Stockton I, Richard of NJ
Stockton, Thomas of DE
Stoddert, Benjamin of MD
Stokes II, Edward Casper of NJ
Stokes, Montford of NC
Stone, David of NC
Stone, Harlan Fiske of NH
Stone, John Hoskins of MD
Stone, John Marshall of MS
Stone, Richard Bernard of FL
Stone, Thomas of MD
Stone, William of MD
Stone, William Alexis of PA
Stone II, William Joel of MO
Stone I, William Milo of IA
Stoneman II, George of CA
Storer, Clement of NH
Storke, Thomas More of CA
Story, Joseph of MA
Stoughton, William of MA
Stout, Jacob of DE
Stowe, Harriet Beecher of CT/ME/FL
Strange III, Luther Johnson of AL
Strange, Robert of NC
Stratton, Charles Creighton of NJ
Stratton II, William Grant of IL
Straub, Robert William of OR
Straus, Oscar Solomon of NY
Strauss, Lewis Lichtenstein (Acting Secretary) of VA
Strauss, Robert Schwartz of TX
Straw, Ezekiel Albert of NH
Strickland, Ted of OH
Strobel (Fischer), Deborah of NE
Strong II, Caleb of MA
Strong, John Franklin Alexander of AK
Strong II, William of PA
Stuart, Alexander Hugh Holmes of VA
Stuart II, Charles Edward of MI
Stuart, Edwin Sydney of PA
Stuart, Henry Carter of VA
Stubbs, Walter Roscoe of KS
Sturgeon, Daniel of PA
Sullivan, Daniel Scott of AK
Sullivan, James of MA
Sullivan II, John of NH
Sullivan, Louis Wade of GA
Sullivan, Michael John of WY
Sullivan, Patrick Joseph of WY
Sullivan, William Van Amberg of MS
Sulzer, William of NY
Summerfield, Arthur Ellsworth of MI
Summers, Charles Edward II of ME
Summers, Lawrence Henry of MA
Sumner II, Charles of MA
Sumner, Increase of MA
Sumter I, Thomas of SC
Sundlun, Bruce George of RI
Sundquist, Donald Kenneth of TN
Sununu, Christopher T. of NH
Sununu III, John Edward of NH
Sununu II, John Henry of NH
Sutherland, George of UT
Sutherland, Howard of WV
Swain, David Lowry of NC
Swainson II, John Burley of MI
Swann, Thomas of MD
Swanson, Claude A. of VA
Swayne, John Wager OH/AL
Swayne, Noah Haynes of OH
Sweet, William Ellery of CO
Swift, Benjamin of VT
Swift, George Robinson of AL
Swift, Henry Adoniram of MN
Swift, Jane Maria of MA
Sykes, James of DE
Symington III, John Fife of AZ
Symington II, William Stuart of MO
Symms, Steven Douglas of ID

Tabor, Horace Austin Warner of CO
Taft, Alphonso of OH
Taft, Royal Chapin of RI
Taft, William H. of OH
Taggart III, Thomas of IN
Tailer, William of MA
Tait, Charles of GA
Talbot II, Isham of KY
Talbot, Mathew of GA
Talbot, Raymond Herbert of CO
Talbot, Thomas of MA
Talcott, Joseph of CT
Talent, James Matthes of MO
Taliaferro, James Piper of FL
Tallmadge, James of NY
Tallmadge, Nathaniel Pitcher of WI
Talmadge, Eugene of GA
Tambussi (Grasso), Ella Giovanna Oliva of CT
Tancredo, Thomas Gerard of CO
Taney, Roger Brooke of MD
Tanner, John Riley of IL
Tappan III, Benjamin of OH
Tarbell, Ida Minerva of PA
Tarkington, Newton Booth of IN
Tasker I, Benjamin of MD
Tasker II, Benjamin of MD
Tattnall II, Josiah of GA
Tawes, John Millard of MD
Tayler, John of NY
Tayloe (Ross), Nellie of WY
Taylor, Alfred Alexander of TN
Taylor, George of PA
Taylor, Glen Hearst of ID
Taylor, John of SC
Taylor, John of VA
Taylor, John W. of NY
Taylor, Robert Love of TN
Taylor, Ryan Marshall of ND
Taylor, Waller IN/VA
Taylor II, William Robert of WI
Taylor, William S. of KY
Taylor, Zachary of VA
Tazewell, Henry of VA
Tazewell, Littleton Waller of VA
Teasdale, Joseph Patrick of MO
Telfair, Edward of GA
Teller, Henry Moore of CO
Temple, William of DE
Templeton, Charles Augustus of CT
Tener, John Kinley of PA
Ten Eyck, John Conover of NJ
Terral, Thomas Jefferson of AR
Terrell, Joseph Meriwether of GA
Terry II, Charles Laymen of DE
Tester, Jon of MT
Tharp, William of DE
Thayer, Eli of MA
Thayer, John Milton of NE
Thayer, William Wallace of OR
Thibodaux, Henry Schuyler of LA
Thomas, Arthur Lloyd of UT
Thomas II, Charles of DE
Thomas, Charles Spalding of CO
Thomas, Clarence of GA
Thomas II, Craig Lyle of WY
Thomas, Elbert Duncan of UT
Thomas, Francis of MD
Thomas II, George of PA
Thomas, James of MD
Thomas, Jesse Burgess of IL
Thomas, John W. of ID/UT/KS
Thomas, John William Elmer of OK
Thomas, Philip Francis of MD
Thompson, David Preston of OR/ID
Thompson, Fountain Land of ND
Thompson, Fred Dalton of TN
Thompson, Hugh Smith of SC
Thompson, Jacob of MS
Thompson II, James Robert of IL
Thompson, John Burton of KY
Thompson, Melvin Ernest of GA
Thompson, Richard Wigginton of IN
Thompson, Smith of NY
Thompson II, Thomas Weston of NH
Thompson, Tommy George of WI
Thompson, William Henry of NE
Thompson, William Howard of KS
Thomson, John Renshaw of NJ
Thomson II, Meldrim Ernest of NH
Thomson, Vernon Wallace of WI
Thone, Charles of NE
Thornburgh, Richard of PA
Thornton, Daniel Isaac J. of CO
Thornton, John Randolph of LA
Thornton, Matthew of NH
Thornton, William Taylor of NM
Throckmorton, James Webb of TX
Throop, Enos Thompson of NY
Thruston, Buckner of KY
Thune, John Randolph of SD
Thurman, Allen Granberry of OH
Thurmond I, James Strom of SC
Thurston, John Mellen of NE
Thye, Edward John of MN
Tichenor, Isaac of VT
Tiemann, Norbert Theodore of NE
Tiffin, Edward of OH
Tilden, Samuel Jones of NY
Tillerson, Rex Wayne of TX
Tillis III, Thomas Roland of NC
Tillman II, Benjamin Ryan of SC
Timmerman II, George Bell of SC
Tingley, Clyde Kindle of NM
Tipton, John of IN
Tipton, Thomas Weston of NE
Tobey, Charles William of NH
Tobin, Maurice Joseph of MA
Tod, David of OH
Todd (Whitman), Christine of NJ
Todd, Thomas of KY
Tomblin II, Earl Ray of WV
Tomlinson, Gideon of CT
Tompkins, Daniel D. of NY
Toombs II, Robert Augustus of GA
Torricelli, Robert Guy of NJ
Toucey, Isaac of CT
Toole, Joseph Kemp of MT
Toomey II, Patrick Joseph of PA
Tower, John Goodwin of TX
Towne II, Charles Arnette of MN
Towner, Horace Mann of IA/PR
Towns, George Washington Bonaparte of GA
Townsend, Charles Elroy of MI
Townsend II, John Gillis of DE
Townsend, Maurice Clifford of IN
Tracy II, Benjamin Franklin of NY
Tracy, Uriah of CT
Train, Russell Errol of MA
Trammell, Park Monroe of FL
Trapp, Martin Edwin of OK
Treadwell, John of CT
Treat, Robert of CT
Treutlen, John Adam of GA
Tribbitt II, Sherman Willard of DE
Trible II, Paul Seward of VA
Trimble, Allen of OH
Trimble, Robert of KY
Trinkle, Elbert Lee of VA
Tritle, Frederick Augustus of AZ
Trotter, James Fisher of MS
Troup, George Michael of GA
Trousdale, William of TN
Trowbridge III, Alexander Buel of NJ/MA
Troy, John Weir of AK
Truitt, George of DE
Truman, Harry S. of MO
Trumbull, John Harper of CT
Trumbull I, Jonathan of CT
Trumbull II, Jonathan of CT
Trumbull, Joseph of CT
Trumbull, Lyman of IL
Trump, Donald John of NY
Tryon, William of NC/NY
Tsongas, Paul Efthemios of MA
Tucker II, James Guy of AR
Tucker, Tilghman of MS
Tuck, William M. of VA
Tugwell, Rexford Guy of NY
Tunnell, Ebe Walter of DE
Tunnell, James Miller of DE
Tunney, John Varick of CA
Turley II, Thomas Battle of TN
Turner, Daniel Webster of IA
Turner, George of WA
Turner, James of NC
Turner, Roy Joseph of OK
Turner, Thomas Goodwin of RI
Turney, Hopkins Lacey of TN
Turney, Peter of TN
Turpie, David of IN
Tuttle, Hiram Americus of NH
Tydings, Joseph Davies of MD/NC
Tydings II, Millard Evelyn of MD
Tyler, James Hoge of VA
Tyler III, John of VA
Tyler IV, John of VA
Tyner, James Noble of IN
Tynte, Edward of SC
Tyson, Lawrence Davis of TN

Udall, Mark Emery of CO
Udall, Stewart Lee of AZ
Udall, Thomas of NM
Umstead, William Bradley of NC
Underwood, Cecil Harland of WV
Underwood, Joseph Rogers of KY
Underwood, Oscar Wilder of AL
Underwood, Thomas Rust of KY
Upham, William of VT
Upham, William Henry of WI
Upshur, Abel Parker of VA
Upton, Robert William of NH
Usery II, Willie Julian of GA
Usher, John of NH
Usher, John Palmer of IN
Utter II, George Herbert of RI

Van Buren, Martin of NY
Vance, Cyrus Roberts of WV
Vance, Joseph of OH
Vance, Zebulon Baird of NC
Van Dam, Rip of NY
Vandenberg, Arthur Hendrick of MI
Vanderbilt, William Henry of RI
Vanderhoof, John Dennis of CO
Vander Horst, Arnoldus of SC
Van Devanter, Willis of WY
Vandiver II, Samuel Ernest of GA
Van Dyck, Goeran (Governor of New Netherlands but not New Amsterdam) 1657-1658
Van Dyke III, Nicholas of DE
Van Dyke IV, Nicholas of DE
Vane, Henry of MA
Van Hollen II, Christopher of MD
Van Ness, Cornelius Peter of VT
Van Nuys, Frederick Rollin of IN
Van Sant, Samuel Rinnah of MN
Van Twiller, Wouter of NN
Van Wagoner, Murray Delos of MI
Van Winkle II, Peter Goodwin of WV
Van Wyck, Charles Henry of NE/NY
Van Zandt, Charles Collins of RI
Vardaman, James Kimble of MS
Vare, William Scott of PA
Varnum, Joseph Bradley of MA
Vaughan, George of NH
Vaughan, Vernon Henry of UT
Veazey, Thomas W. of MD
Venable, Abraham Bedford of VA
Veneman, Ann Margaret of CA
Ventura, Jesse (born James George Janos) of MN
Verhulst, William of NS
Verity II, Calvin William of OH
Vessey, Robert Scadden of SD
Vest, George Graham of MO
Vickers, George of MD
Vilas, William Freeman of WI
Villeré, Jacques Phillipe of LA
Vilsack, Thomas James of IA
Vining II, John Middleton of DE
Vinson, Frederick Moore of KY
Vitter, David Bruce of LA
Vivian II, John Charles of CO
Voinovich II, George Victor of OH
Volpe, John Anthony of MA
Voorhees, Daniel Wolsey of IN
Voorhees, Foster MacGowen of NJ
Vroom II, Peter Dumont of NJ

Wade, Benjamin Franklin of OH
Wadleigh, Bainbridge of NH
Waggaman, George Augustus of LA
Waihee III, John David of HI
Waite, Davis Hanson of CO
Waite, Morrison Remick of OH
Walcott, Frederic Collin of CT
Waldron I, Richard of NH
Wales, John of DE
Walker, Clifford Mitchell of GA
Walker, Daniel of IL
Walker II, David Shelby of FL
Walker, Frank Comerford of MT
Walker II, Freeman of GA
Walker II, George of KY
Walker, Gilbert C. of VA
Walker, Henderson of NC
Walker, Isaac Pigeon of WI
Walker, James David of AR
Walker, John of VA
Walker, John Williams of AL
Walker, Joseph Marshall of LA
Walker, LeRoy Pope of AL
Walker, Robert John of MS/KS
Walker, Scott K. of WI
Walker, Walter of CO
Wall, Garret Dorset of NJ
Wall, James Walter of NJ
Wallace, David of IN
Wallace IV, George Corley of AL
Wallace III, Henry Agard of IA
Wallace II, Henry Cantwell of IA
Wallace, Lewis of IN/NM
Wallace, Lurleen Burns of AL
Wallace (Ferguson), Miriam Amanda of TX
Wallace, William Andrew of PA
Wallace, William Henson of IN/WA/ID
Waller, Thomas McDonald of CT
Waller, William Lowe of MS
Wallgren, Monrad Charles of WA
Wallop, Malcolm of WY
Walsh, Arthur of NJ
Walsh, David Ignatius of MA
Walsh, Hugh Sleight of KS
Walsh III, John E. of MT
Walsh, Patrick of GA
Walsh, Thomas James of MT
Walter, David Lee of OK
Walters, Herbert Sanford of TN
Walthall, Edward Cary of MS
Walton I, George of GA
Walton, John of GA
Walton, John Callaway of OK
Wanamaker III, John Nelson of PA
Wanton, Gideon of RI
Wanton, John of RI
Wanton, Joseph of RI
Wanton, William of RI
Ward I, Artemus of MA
Ward, Marcus Lawrence of NJ
Ward II, Matthias of TX
Ward, Richard of RI
Ward I, Samuel of RI
Ware, Nicholas of GA
Warfield, Edwin of MD
Warmouth, Henry Clay of LA
Warner, Frederick Maltby of MI
Warner II, John William of VA
Warner, Mark Robert of VA
Warner II, Willard of AL
Warner, William of MO
Warren, Earl of CA
Warren, Francis Emory of WY
Warren, Fuller of FL
Warren III, Joseph of MA
Washburn, Cadwallader Colden of WI
Washburne, Elihu Benjamin of IL
Washburn, Emory of MA
Washburn II, Israel of ME
Washburn, Peter Thatcher of VT
Washburn, William Barrett of MA
Washburn I, William Drew of MN
Washington, Bushrod of VA
Washington, George of VA
Waterman, Charles Winfield of CO
Waterman, Robert Whitney of CA
Watkins II, Arthur Vivian of UT
Watkins, James David of CA
Watson, Clarence Wayland of WV
Watson, James of NY
Watson, James Eli of IN
Watson, Thomas Edward of GA
Watson II, William Marvin of TX
Watson, William Tharp of DE
Watt, James Gaius of WY
Watts, Thomas Hill of AL
Wayne, Anthony of PA/GA
Wayne, James Moore of GA
Weare, Meshech of NH
Weaver, Arthur J. of NE
Weaver, Robert Clifton of NY
Webb, James Edwin of NC
Webb II, James Henry of VA
Webb, William Robert of TN
Webster, Daniel of NH/MA
Webster, John of CT
Weed, Edward Thurlow of NY
Weeks, Charles Sinclair of MA
Weeks, Frank Bentley of CT
Weeks, John Eliakim of VT
Weeks, John Wingate of MA
Weicker II, Lowell Palmer of CT
Weinberger, Caspar Willard of CA
Welch, Adonijah Strong of FL
Weld, William Floyd of MA
Welford, Walter of ND
Welker, Herman of ID
Weller, John B. of OH/CA
Weller, Ovington Eugene of MD
Welles, Gideon of CT
Welles, Thomas of CT
Wellington, George Louis of MD
Wells, George of GA
Wells, Heber Manning of UT
Wells, Henry H. of VA
Wells III, Humphrey of GA
Wells, James Madison of LA
Wells, John Sullivan of NH
Wells, Samuel of ME
Wells, William Hill of DE
Wellstone I, Paul David of MN
Welsh II, Matthew Empson of IN
Wentworth, Benning of NH
Wentworth, John of IL
Wentworth, John of NH
Wentworth, Sir John of NH
Wentworth II, John of NH
Wereat, John of GA
Werts, George Theodore of NJ
West, 3rd Baron De La Warr, Thomas of VA
West, Caleb Walton of UT/KY
West, Francis of VA
West, John of VA
West, John Carl of SC
West, Joseph of SC
West, Joseph Rodman of LA
West, Oswald of OR
West, Roy Owen of IL
West II, Togo Dennis of NC
West, William Stanley of GA
Westcott II, James Diament of FL
Weston, James Adams of NH
Wetherby, Lawrence Winchester of KY
Wetmore, George Peabody of RI
Wharton, Jesse of TN
Wharton, Thomas of PA
Wheeler, Burton Kendall of MT
Wheeler, William A. of NY
Wheelwright, John of NH
Wherry, Kenneth Spicer of NE
Whipple II, William of NH
Whitcomb, Edgar Doud of IN
Whitcomb, James of IN
White, Albert Blakeslee of WV
White, Albert Smith of IN
White II, Benjamin Franklin of MT
White, Byron Raymond of CO
White I, Edward Douglass of LA
White II, Edward Douglass of LA
White, Fayette/Francis Shelley of AL
White, Frank of ND
White, Frank Durward of AR
White, George A.W. of OH
White III, Horace of NY
White, Hugh Lawson of MS
White, Hugh Lawson of TN
White, John of KY
White II, Mark Wells of TX
White, Samuel of DE
White, Stephen Mallory of CA
White II, Wallace Humphrey of ME
Whiteaker II, John of OR
Whitehouse, Sheldon of RI
Whiteside, Jenkin of TN
Whitfield, Henry Lewis of MS
Whitfield, James of MS
Whiting III, William Fairfield
Whitney, Eli of NY
Whitney I, William Collins of NY
Whittaker II, Charles Evans of MO
Whitthorne, Washington Curran of TN
Whyte, William Pinkney of MD
Wickard, Claude Raymond of IN
Wicker, Roger Frederick of MS
Wickersham, George Woodward of NY
Wickliffe, Charles of KY
Wickliffe, Robert C. of LA
Wigfall, Louis Trezevant of TX
Wiggin, Thomas of NH
Wilbour, Isaac of RI
Wilbur, Curtis Dwight of CA
Wilbur, Ray Lyman of CA
Wilcox, Leonard of NH
ilder, L. Douglas of VA
Wiley II, Alexander of WI
Wilfley, Xenophon Pierce of MO
Wilkins, William of PA
Wilkinson, Henry of NC
Wilkinson, James of LA
Wilkinson, Morton Smith of MN
Wilkinson, Wallace Glenn of KY
Willard, Ashbel Parsons of IN
Willey, Calvin of CT
Willey, Norman Bushnell of ID
Willey, Waitman Thomas of VA
Williams, Abraham Jefferson of MO
Williams, Abram Pease of CA
Williams, Arnold of ID
Williams, Benjamin of NC
Williams, Charles Kilbourne of VT
Williams, David Rogerson of SC
Williams, Gerhard Mennen of MI
Williams, George Henry of OR
Williams, George Howard of MO
Williams II, Harrison Arlington of NJ
Williams, James Douglas of IN
Williams, Jared Warner of NH
Williams, John Richard "Jack" of AZ
Williams, John Sharpe of MS
Williams, John Stuart of KY
Williams VI, John of NC
Williams I, John of TN
Williams, John Bell of MS
Williams, John James of DE
Williams, Joseph Hartwell of ME
Williams, Ransome Judson of SC
Williams, Reuel of ME
Williams, Robert of NC/MS
Williams, Robert Lee of OK
Williams, Roger of RI
Williams, Thomas Hickman of MS
Williams, Thomas Hill of MS
Williams, William of CT
Williamson, Ben Mitchell of KY
Williamson, Hugh of NC
Williamson, Isaac H. of NJ
Williamson, William Durkee of ME
Willis (Richards), Dorothy Ann of TX
Willis, Frank B. of OH
Willis, Raymond Eugene of IN
Willis, Simeon S. of KY
Wills, William Henry of VT
Willson, Augustus Everett of KY
Wilmot, David of PA
Wilson, Charles Erwin of OH
Wilson, Emanuel Willis of WV
Wilson II, Ephraim King of MD
Wilson, George Allinson of IA
Wilson, Heather Ann of NM
Wilson, Henry of MA
Wilson, James of IA
Wilson, James of PA
Wilson, James Falconer of IA
Wilson, John Lockwood of WA
Wilson, John Lyde of SC
Wilson, Roger B. of MO
Wilson, Robert of MO
Wilson, Stanley Calef of VT
Wilson, Thomas Woodrow of NJ
Wilson, William Bauchop of PA
Wilson, William Lyne of WV
Wiltz, Louis Alfred of LA
Winans, Edwin Baruch of MI
Winant, John Gilbert of NH
Winder, Levin of MD
Windom, William of MN
Wingate II, Paine of NH
Wingfield, Edward Maria of VA
Winship, Blanton Cortelyou of GA
Winslow, Edward of MA
Winslow, John Flack of NY
Winslow, Josiah of MA
Winslow, Warren of NC
Winston, John A. of AL
Winter VII, William Forrest of MS
Winthrop, Beekman of MA/PR
Winthrop, Fitz-John of CT
Winthrop I, John of MA
Winthrop II, John of CT
Winthrop I, Robert Charles of MA
Wirt, William of VA
Wirth, Timothy Endicott of CO
Wirtz III, William Willard
Wise, Henry A. of VA
Wise II, Robert Ellsworth of WV
Wisner II, Moses of MI
Withers, Garrett Lee of KY
Withers, Robert Enoch of VA
Witherspoon, John of NJ
Withycombe, James of OR
Wofford II, Harris Llewellyn of PA
Wofford, Thomas Albert of SC
Wolcott, Edward Oliver of CO
Wolcott, Josiah Oliver of DE
Wolcott I, Oliver of CT
Wolcott II, Oliver of CT
Wolcott, Roger of CT
Wolcott, Roger of MA
Wolf, Dale Edward of DE
Wolf, George of PA
Wolf, Thomas Westerman of PA
Wolfley, Lewis of AZ
Wollman, Harvey L. of SD
Wood, George Thomas of GA/TX
Wood, James of VA
Wood, John of IL
Wood, Leonard of NH
Wood, Reuben of OH
Wood, Robert Coldwell of MA
Woodbridge, William of MI
Woodbury, Levi of NH
Woodbury, Urban Andrian of VT
Woodin, William Hartman of NY
Woodring, Harry Hines of KS
Woodruff, Rollin Simmons of CT
Woods, George Lemuel of OR/UT
Woods, William Burnham of OH
Woodson, Daniel of KS
Woodson, Silas of MO
Work, Hubert of CO
Works, John Downey of CA
Worth, Jonathan of NC
Worthington, Thomas of OH
Wray, Christopher Asher of NY
Wright, Fielding Lewis of MS
Wright, George Grover of IA/IN
Wright, James of GA
Wright II, James Claude of TX
Wright, Joseph Albert of IN
Wright, Luke Edward of TN
Wright, Robert of MD
Wright, Silas of NY
Wright II, William of NJ
Wyatt, Francis of VA
Wyatt (Caraway), Harriett "Hattie" of AR
Wyden, Ronald Lee of OR
Wyllys, George of CT
Wyman III, Louis Crosby of NH
Wynne, Robert John of NY
Wythe, George of VA


Yager, Arthur of KY
Yancey, William Lowndes of AL
Yarborough, Ralph Webster of TX
Yates, Joseph Christopher of NY
Yates I, Richard of IL
Yates II, Richard of IL
Yeamans, Sir John of SC
Yeardley, George of VA
Yeater, Charles Emmett of MO
Yell, Archibald of AR
Yeutter, Clayton Keith of NE
Young, Brigham of UT
Young, Clement Calhoun of CA
Young, John of NY
Young, Lafayette of IA
Young, Milton Ruben of ND
Young, Richard Montgomery of IL
Young, Stephen Marvin of OH
Young, Thomas Lowry of OH
Young, Todd Christopher of IN
Youngdahl, Luther Wallace of MN
Yulee, David Levy of FL



Zimmerman, Frederick Robert of WI
Zinke,Ryan K. of MT
Zoellick, Robert Bruce of IL
Zorinsky, Edward F. of NE
Zulick, Conrad Meyer of AZ
Zwick, Charles J. of CT