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Gable-OH-1 -- William Clark Gable II

Gardiner-NY-1 -- Julia Gardiner (Tyler)

Garfield-OH-1 -- James Abram Garfield I & James Rudolph Garfield II

Garner-TX-1 -- John Nance Garner III

Garrett-MD-1 -- Robert S. Garrett

Gates-KS-1 -- Robert Michael Gates

Gates-NY-1 -- Horatio Gates

Gates-WA-1 -- William Henry “Bill" Gates IV

Geithner-NY-1 -- Timothy Franz Geithner

Gerry-MA-1 -- Elbridge Gerry I & Peter Goelet Gerry

Gholson-WA-1 -- Gholson, Richard Dickerson

Giannoulias-IL-1 -- Alexi Giannoulia II

Gillett-NY-1 -- King Camp Gillett

Gillette-CT-1 -- Francis Gillette

Gilligan-OH-1 -- John Joyce Gilligan & Kathryn Gilligan (Sibelius) of KS/OH

Gilman-NH-1 -- John Taylor Gilman & Nicholas Gilman II

Giuliani-NY-1 -- Rudolph William Louis "Rudi" Giuliani

Goddard-MA-1 -- Robert Hutchings Goddard

Goeppert-CA-1 -- Maria Gertrude Kate Goeppert

Goldstein-IL-1 -- Bettye Naomi Goldstein (Friedan)

Goldwater-AZ-1 -- Barry Morris Goldwater II

Gompers-NY-1 -- Samuel Gompers I

Goodhue-MA-1 -- Grace Ann Goodhue (Coolidge)

Goodrich-CT-1 -- Chauncey Goodrich

Goodyear-CT-1 -- Charles Goodyear

Gore-OK-1 -- Thomas Pryor Gore II

Gore-TN-1 -- Albert Arnold Gore I & Albert Arnold Gore II

Gorham-MA-1 -- Nathaniel Gorham II

Graham-NC-1 -- William Alexander Graham I

Graham-NC-3 -- William Franklin “Billy” Graham III

Granger-NY-1 -- Francis P. Granger

Grant-OH-1 -- (Hiram Ulysses) Ulysses Simpson Grant

Gravel-AK-1 -- Maurice Robert "Mike" Gravel

Grayson-KY-1 -- Charles Merwin Grayson III

Greeley-NY-1 -- Horace Greeley

Green-KY-1--Letitia Barbour Green (Stevenson)

Gregg-NH-1 -- Judd Alan Gregg

Griswold-CT-2 -- Matthew Griswold & Roger Griswold

Guggenheim-CO-1 -- Meyer Guggenheim

Gwinnett-GA-1 -- Button Gwinnett