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Lafollette-WI-1 -- Robert Marion LaFollette I, Robert Marion LaFollette II, & Philip Fox LaFollette

Land-CT-1 -- Edwin Herbert Land

Landon-KS-1 -- Alfred Mossman Landon

Landrith-TN-1 -- Ira Landrith

Lane-IA-1 -- Carrie Lane (Chapman) (Catt)

Lane-OR-1 -- Joseph Lane

Langdon-NH-1 -- John Langdon II

Langworthy-GA-1 -- Edward Langworthy

Lanman-CT-1 -- James Lanman

Latimer-GA-1 -- Rebecca Ann Latimer (Felton)

Laurens-SC-1 -- Henry Laurens

Law-CT-1 -- Jonathan Law II

Lawrence-SD-1 -- Ernest Orlando Lawrence

Ledyard-CT-1 -- John Ledyard III

Lee-MA-1 -- Henry Lee

Lee-NY-1 -- Ann Lee

Lee-VA-1 -- Thomas Lee, Francis Lightfoot Lee, & Richard Henry Lee

LeeVA-2 -- Richard Lee I, Henry Lee III, Charles Lee, Robert Edward Lee, & Fitzhugh Lee

Leete-CT-1 -- William Leete

Lewis-IA-1 -- John Llewellyn Lewis

Lewis-MO-1 -- Francis Meriwether Lewis

Lewis-NY-1 -- Francis York Lewis II & Morgan Lewis

Lincoln-IL-1 -- Abraham Lincoln & Robert Todd Lincoln

Livingston-NJ-1 -- William Livingston & Henry Brockholst Livingston

Livingston-NY-3 -- Philip Livingston

Locke-WA-1 -- Gary Faye Lock

Lodge-MA-1 -- Henry Cabot Lodge

Logan-IL-1 -- John Alexander Logan

Long-LA-2 -- Earl Kemp Long, Huey Pierce Long II, & Russell Billiu Long

Louganis-CA-1 -- Gregory Efthimios Louganis

Lovell-MA-1 -- James Lovell I

Lowell-MA-1 -- Francis Cabot Lowell & James Russell Lowell

Longfellow-ME-1 -- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Luce-CT-1 -- Henry Robinson Luce II

Lynch-SC-1 -- Thomas Lynch III

Lyon-MA-1 -- Mary Lyon