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Links Between Files Are NOT Active; File Name and Person Name are combined for convenience; most current family trees available on our PoliticalFamilyTree.com members site


Taft-OH-1 -- Alphonso Taft, William Howard Taft, Kingsley Arter Taft, Robert Alphonso Taft I, Robert Taft II, & Robert Alphonso Taft III

Talcott-CT-1 -- Joseph Talcott

Tambussi-CT-1 -- Ella Giovanna Oliva Tambussi (Grasso)

Taney-MD-1 -- Roger Brooke Taney

Tappen-NY-1--Cornelia Tappen (Clinton)

Tarkanian-NV-1 -- Daniel John Tarkanian

Taussig-MA-1 -- Helen Brooke Taussig

Tayloe-WY-1 -- Nellie Davis Tayloe (Ross)

Taylor-PA-1 -- George Taylor

Taylor-PA-2 -- Frederick Winslow Taylor

Taylor-VA-1 -- Zachary Taylor

Taylor-VA-2 -- Claudia Althea “Lady Bird” Taylor (Johnson)

Telfair-GA-1 -- Edward Telfair

Teller-CA-1 -- Edward Teller

Temple-CA-1 -- Shirley Jane Temple (Agar) Black)

Thayer-OR-1 -- William Wallace Thayer

Thompson-NY-3--Ann Thompson (Gerry)

Thompson-TN-1 -- Fred Dalton Thompson

Thompson-WI-1 -- Tommy George Thompson

Thoreau-MA-1 -- Henry David Thoreau

Thornton-NH-1 -- Matthew Thornton

Thorpe-OK-1 -- Jacobus Franciscus "Jim" Thorpe

Thurman-OH-1 -- Allen Granberry Thurman

Thurmond-SC-1 -- James Strom Thurmond I

Tiahrt-KS-1 -- William Todd Tiahrt

Tilden-NY-1 -- Samuel Jones Tilden

Todd-KY-2 -- Mary Ann Todd (Lincoln)

Tomlinson-CT-1 -- Gideon Tomlinson

Tompkins-NY-1 -- Daniel D. Tompkins

Toomey-PA- 1 -- Patrick Joseph Toomey II

Toucey-CT-1 -- Isaac Toucey

Tracy-CT-1 -- Uriah Tracy

Treadwell-CT-1 -- John Treadwell

Treat-CT-1 -- Robert Treat

Truman-MO-1 -- Harry S. Truman

Trumbull-CT-1 -- Jonathan Trumbull I, Jonathan Trumbull I, & Joseph Trumbull

Trumbull-CT-2 -- John Harper Trumbull

Tucker-IN-1--Marilyn Tucker (Quayle)

Tyler-VA-1 -- John Tyler III, John Tyler IV, & James Hoge Tyler