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Hale-NH-2 -- John Parker Hale II

Hall-CT-1 -- Lyman Hall & Eunice Hall (Andrews)

Hamilton-NY-1 -- Alexander John Hamilton

Hamlin-ME-1 -- Hannibal Hamlin I

Hancock-MA-1 -- John Hancock III

Hancock-PA-1 -- Winfield Scott Hancock

Hanly-IN-1 -- John Franklin Hanly

Hanna-ND-1 -- Louis Benjamin Hanna

Hanson-MD-1 -- John Hanson & Alexander Contee Hanson II

Harding-OH-1 -- Warren Gamaliel Harding

Harding-UT-1 -- Stephen Selwyn Harding

Harnett-NC-1 -- Cornelius Harnett II

Harrison-CT-1 -- Henry Baldwin Harrison

Harrison-IN-1 -- Benjamin Harrison V, William Henry Harrison, & Benjamin Harrison

Hart-CT-1 -- Emma Hart (Willard) (Yates)

Hart-NJ-1 -- John Hart

Harvie-VA-1 -- John Harvie II

Hawley-CT-1 -- Joseph Roswell Hawley

Hawthorne-MA-1 -- Nathaniel Hawthorne

Hayes-OH-1 -- Rutherford Birchard Hayes III

Haynes-CT-1 -- John Haynes II

Haywood-UT-1 -- William Dudley Haywood II

Heath-AK-1 -- Sarah Louise Heath (Palin)

Heinz-PA-1 -- Henry John Heinz

Hendricks-IN-1 -- William Hendricks & Thomas Andrew Hendricks

Henry-CA-1 -- Lou Henry (Harding)

Herndon-VA-1 -- Ellen Lewis “Nell” Herndon (Arthur) & William Lewis Herndon)

Herron-OH-1 -- Helen Herron (Taft)

Hewes-NC-1 -- Joseph Hewes

Heyward-SC-1 -- Thomas Heyward & Duncan Clinch Heyward

Hillhouse-CT-1 -- James Hillhouse

Hilton-NM-1 -- Conrad Nicholas Hilton

Hobart-NJ-1 -- Garret Augustus Hobart

Hodes-NH-1 -- Paul William Hodes

Hoes-NY-1 -- Hannah Hoes (Van Buren)

Hoffa-MI-1 -- James Riddle Hoffa II

Holcomb-CT-1 -- Marcus Hersey Holcomb

Holder-NY-1 -- Eric Himpton Holder II

Holley-CT-1 -- Alexander Hamilton Holley I

Holten-MA-1 -- Samuel Holten II

Hooper-NC-1 -- William Hooper II

Hoover-IA-1 -- Herbert Clark Hoover

Hope-OH-1 -- Leslie/Lester Townes "Bob" Hope

Hopkins-CT-1 -- Edward Hopkins II

Hopkins-RI-1 -- Stephen Hopkins

Hopkinson-NJ-1 -- Francis Hopkinson

Hosmer-CT-1 -- Titus Hosmer

Howard-MD-1 -- John Eager Howard

Howe-MA-1--Harriet Melvina Howe (Wilson)

Hubbard-CT-1 -- Richard Dudley Hubbard

Hubbard-NE-1 -- Lafayette Ron Hubbard

Hubble-CA-1 -- Edwin Powell Hubble

Huckabee-AR-1 -- Mike Huckabee

Hughes-NY-1 -- Charles Evans Hughes I

Humphrey-MN-1 -- Hubert Horatio Humphrey II

Hunter-CA-1 -- Duncan Lee Hunter I

Huntington-CT-2 -- Colis Potter Huntington

Huntington-CT-2 -- Jabez Williams Huntington

Huntington-CT-3 -- Samuel Huntington

Hutson-SC-1 -- Richard Hutson