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Madison-VA-1 -- John Madison II

Mangum-NC-1 -- Willie Person Mangum II

Marbury-RI-1 -- Anne Marbury (Hutchinson)

Marchant-RI-1 -- Henry Marchant

Marshall-IN-1 -- Thomas Riley Marshall

Marshall-VA-1 -- John Marshall

Mather-MA-1 -- Increase Mather

Mathews-SC-1 -- Mathews, John

Mathias-CA-1 -- Robert Bruce Mathias

McCain-AZ-1 -- John Sidney McCain IV

McCardle-TN-1 -- Eliza McCardle (Johnson)

McCarthy-MN-1 -- Eugene Joseph McCarthy

McClellan-NJ-1 -- George Brinton McClellan II

McClintock-CT-1 -- Barbara McClintock

McCormick-IL-1 -- Cyrus Hall McCormick II

McDonnell-VA-1 -- Robert Francis "Bob" McDonnell

McGovern-SD-1 -- George Stanley McGovern

McHenry-MD-1 -- James McHenry

McKean-PA-1 -- Thomas McKean & Samuel McKean

McKinley-OH-1 -- William James McKinley II

McLean-CT-1 -- George Payne McLean

McNary-OR-1 -- Charles Linza McNary

Mead-CT-1 -- Andrea Bario Mead (Lawrence)

Meade-PA-1 George Gordon Meade

Meaney-NY-1 -- William George Meaney

Meek-FL-1 -- Kendrick Brett Meek

Melancon-LA-1 -- Charles Joseph Melancon

Melville-NY-1 -- Herman Melville

Merrill-NY-1 -- Charles Edward Merrill II

Michelson-IL-1 -- Albert Abraham Michelson

Middleton-SC-1 -- Arthur Middleton (1681-1737), Arthur Middleton (1742-87), & Henry Middleton

Mifflin-PA-1 -- Thomas Mifflin

Miles-MA-1 -- Nelson Appleton Miles

Miller-NY-7 -- William Edward Miller

Minthorne-NY-1--Hannah Minthorne (Tompkins)

Mitchell-FL-1 -- Henry Laurens Mitchell

Mitchell-IL-1 -- John Mitchell

Minor-CT-1 -- William Thomas Minor

Mitchell-CT-1 -- Stephen Mix Mitchell

Mohun-MD-1 -- Richard Dorsey Mohun II

Mondale-MN-1 -- Walter Frederick "Fritz" Mondale

Mongiardo-KY-1 -- Daniel Mongiardo

Monroe-VA-1 -- James Monroe

Moran-KS-1 -- James P. Moran

Morgan-NY-1 -- John Pierpont Morgan I

Morgan-OH-1--Eliza C. Morgan (Hendricks)

Morgan-VA-2 -- Daniel Morgan

Morris-NY-1 -- Lewis Morris I & Lewis Morris III

Morris-NY-2 -- Robert Hunter Morris & Gouverneur Morris I

Morris-PA-1 -- Robert Morris II

Morrison-IA-1 -- John Wayne (born Marion Michael Morrison; changed to Marion Robert Morrison)

Morse-NY-1 -- Samuel Finley Breese Morse

Morton-NY-1 -- Levi Parsons Morton

Morton-PA-1 -- John Morton II

Moses-OH-1 -- Edwin Corley Moses

Muhlenberg-PA-1 -- John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg