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Links Between Files Are NOT Active; File Name and Person Name are combined for convenience; most current family trees available on our PoliticalFamilyTree.com members site


Daggett-CT-1 -- David Daggett

D'Alesandro-MD-1 -- Nancy D'Alesandro (Pelosi)

Dallas-PA-1 -- Alexander James Dallas & George Mifflin Dallas

Dana-MA-1 – Samuel Whittlesey Dana & Francis Dana

Dandridge-VA-1 -- Martha Dandridge (Washington)

Daschle-SD-1 -- Thomas Andrew Daschle

Davenport-CT-1 -- John Davenport I

Davis-WV-2 -- Henry Gassaway Davis

Dawes-OH-1 -- Charles Gates Dawes

Day-AZ-1 -- Sandra Day (O’Connor)

Dayton-NJ-1 -- Jonathan Dayton & William Lewis Dayton I

Debs-IN-1 -- Eugene Victor Debs

Deeds-VA-1 -- Robert Creigh Deeds III

Deere-IL-1 -- John Deere

De Forest-IA-1 -- Lee De Forest

Delbruck-CA-1 -- Max Ludwick Henning Delbruck

DeMille-NC-1 -- Cecil Blount DeMille

Dent-MD-2 -- Julia Boggs Dent (Grant)

Dewey-NY-1 -- Thomas Edmund Dewey

Dickinson-MA-1 -- Emily Dickinson

Dickinson-NJ-1 -- John Dickinson & Philemon Dickinson

Didrikson-TX-1 -- (Zaharias), Mildred Ella “Babe” Didrikson (Zaharias)

Dixon-CT-1 -- James Dixon

Dodd-CT-1 -- Thomas Joseph Dodd II & Christopher John Dodd

Dole-HI-1 -- Sanford Ballard Dole

Dole-KS-1 -- Robert Joseph Dole

Donelson-TN-1 -- Andrew Jackson Donelson & Rachel Donelson (Robards) (Jackson)

Donnelly-MN-1 -- Ignatius Loyola Donnelly

Doud-CO-1 -- Mary Geneva “Mamie” Doud (Eisenhower)

Douglas-IL-1 -- Stephen Arnold Douglas II

Drayton-SC-1 – William Drayton I, William Drayton II, William Henry Drayton, & John Drayton

Duane-NY-1 -- James Duane I

Duer-NY-1 -- William Duer

Dukakis-MA-1 -- Dukakis, Michael Stanley

Duncan-IL-3 -- Arne Duncan

Dunham-KS-1 -- Stanley Ann Dunham (mother of Barack Hussein Obama II

Du Pont-DE-2 -- Eleuthere Irenee du Pont

Dutton-CT-1 -- Henry Dutton

Duval-FL-1 -- John Pope Duval & William Pope Duval II